AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-11multilib.conf: Clean up file and add missing entries for various dependencies1.2_M2.rc11.2_M2.final1.2_M2Richard Purdie
2012-01-11binutils-cross-canadian: Clear BBCLASSEXTEND as a native version of this reci...Richard Purdie
2012-01-11python-native: RPROVIDE python-core-native since pycurl-native depends on itRichard Purdie
2012-01-11libxft: Drop BBCLASSEXTEND nativesdk since dependencies freetype and fontconf...Richard Purdie
2012-01-11lzo: Add BBCLASSEXTEND nativesdk so lzop nativesdk works (it depends on this)Richard Purdie
2012-01-11rpm: Fix magic file name magic -> magic.mgcSaul Wold
2012-01-11package.bbclass: per recipe PRSERV_HOST supportLianhao Lu
2012-01-11meta/PRService: Added export/import fuctions.Lianhao Lu
2012-01-11Incremental rpm image generation(Add config sample)Robert Yang
2012-01-11Incremental rpm image generationRobert Yang
2012-01-11bitbake: Automatically start local PR service.Lianhao Lu
2012-01-11bitbake/PRservice: Added no_hist mode and export/import.Lianhao Lu
2012-01-10Revert "site/common-uclibc: Cache gl_cv_func_wcwidth_works"Richard Purdie
2012-01-10distro_tracking: update manual check infoDongxiao Xu
2012-01-10license.bbclass base.bbclass: support for 'or' operand in LICENSE and for SPD...Andrei Gherzan
2012-01-10bitbake: Add BBHandledException exception classRichard Purdie
2012-01-10bitbake/knotty: Show summary of warning/error messages shownRichard Purdie
2012-01-10bitbake-layers: close files in apply_append()Paul Eggleton
2012-01-10bitbake-layers: flatten: warn the user if output structure is incorrectPaul Eggleton
2012-01-10bitbake-layers: flatten: allow specifying layers to flattenPaul Eggleton upgrade tcf-agentDexuan Cui
2012-01-10distro_tracking: Update Manual ChecksSaul Wold
2012-01-10task-core-tools: adapt to kexec-tools package splitAndrea Adami
2012-01-10kexec-tools: split packaging of kexec and kdumpAndrea Adami
2012-01-10util-linux: .pc files should go in the -dev packages for subpackagesColin Walters
2012-01-10util-linux: Enable fallocate and use CACHED_CONFIGUREVARSKhem Raj
2012-01-10findutils: Use CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS to specify cached configure varsKhem Raj
2012-01-10uclibc: Configure UCLIBC_HAS_WCHAR based on libc-posix-clang-wchar distro fea...Khem Raj
2012-01-10autotools.bbclass: Introduce CACHED_CONFIGUREVARSKhem Raj
2012-01-10libxml2: add shared library version info to libxml shared librariesMatthew McClintock
2012-01-10eglibc: Upgrade recipes 2.14 -> 2.15Khem Raj
2012-01-10update-modules: don't run if systemd is installedSteve Sakoman
2012-01-10gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: add -f option to gtk-update-icon-cache in postinstSteve Sakoman
2012-01-10dbus: change permissions of dbus-daemon-launch-helper to 4755Steve Sakoman
2012-01-10Remove last remnants of kernel26 MACHINE_FEATURESSteve Sakoman
2012-01-10libusb-compat: keep *.la in base_libdirAndreas Müller
2012-01-10libusb1: keep *.la in base_libdirAndreas Müller Fix build failureKhem Raj
2012-01-10site/common-uclibc: Cache gl_cv_func_wcwidth_worksKhem Raj
2012-01-10add sysroot support for meta-ide-support which is the toolchain within build ...Jessica Zhang
2012-01-10libxxf86dga: fix compilation with x32 toolchainNitin A Kamble add parseConfigurationFiles APIDongxiao Xu
2012-01-06bitbake: add a new option "--server-only"Dongxiao Xu
2012-01-06cooker: remove command import in cooker.pyDongxiao Xu
2012-01-06cooker: remove command import in cooker.pyDongxiao Xu
2012-01-06xmlrpc: Change BitbakeServerInfo init functionDongxiao Xu add initCooker APIDongxiao Xu
2012-01-06cooker: user to inject eventsDongxiao Xu Modify needcache value for certain functionsDongxiao Xu
2012-01-06base-files: filesystems: fix mount orderGary Thomas