path: root/.gitignore
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-12.gitignore: ignore files generated by ToasterMichael Opdenacker
2021-03-12bitbake: gitignore: ignore runqueue-tests/bitbake-cookerdaemon.logPaul Gortmaker
2020-04-01scripts/install-buildtools: improvementsTim Orling
2018-10-29gitignore: Ignore repo tool directoryChristian Meusel
2018-03-28gitignore: ignore bitbake documentation build productsSascha Silbe
2018-01-06gitignore: ignore documentation build productsSascha Silbe
2016-03-26add !meta-poky to .gitignore fileBill Randle
2015-11-16gitignore: fix overzealous exclusionPaul Eggleton
2015-08-01bitbake: toaster tests: gitignore and use absolute path for log fileAlexandru DAMIAN
2015-03-20gitignore: exclude meta-selftest, drop meta-hobPaul Eggleton
2014-01-27bitbake: gitignore: Update for recent docs changesBill Traynor
2013-12-09.gitignore: Add meta-yocto-importedRichard Purdie
2013-01-15gitignore: only ignore meta- directoriesEric BĂ©nard
2013-01-09.gitignore: Git ignore pull requests and built manualsAlexandru DAMIAN
2012-12-14gitignore: Add hob-image-*.bbRichard Purdie
2012-10-11gitignore: Fix for poky repositoryRichard Purdie
2012-06-21gitignore: ignore build*/ entirelyRoss Burton
2012-06-11gitignore: add wildcard to match toplevel patch filesPaul Gortmaker
2012-05-11.gitignore: add /bitbake to the ignore list for external distributionsJason Wessel
2012-03-15.gitignore: expand ignoringLauri Hintsala
2011-10-04Update gitignore to ignore all meta-* directoriesMatthew McClintock
2011-07-22.gitignore: Update build ignores to have wildcardKumar Gala
2011-04-21Rename the remaining poky-* scripts to oe-* or runqemu-*Richard Purdie
2011-04-21.gitignore: Drop stale entriesRichard Purdie
2010-12-10poky/.gitignore: updated the lines for the kernel manualScott Rifenbark
2010-12-10poky/.git/.gitignore: added the yocto-project-kernel-manual.pdf fileScott Rifenbark
2010-12-10.git/.gitignore: Added files for the new kernel document.Scott Rifenbark
2010-11-18.gitignore: update for new bsp-guide locationSaul Wold
2010-11-14gitignore: ignore the default downloads directoryJoshua Lock
2010-11-06.gitignore: Update after documentation layout changesRichard Purdie
2010-10-15documentation: Complete poky-handbook -> poky-ref-manual renameRichard Purdie
2010-10-12Update gitignoreJoshua Lock
2010-10-02gitignore: Add meta-extras and meta-m2Richard Purdie
2010-06-08.gitignore: Ignore the built bsp-guideJoshua Lock
2010-03-26.gitignore: Add packaged staging directory to ignore listJoshua Lock
2010-03-23.gitignore: ignore bblayers.confJoshua Lock
2010-03-19.gitignore: Add handbook generated files to the ignore listRichard Purdie
2010-02-01Add *~ to .gitignoreRichard Purdie
2009-08-26Add poky-autobuilder to .gitignoreRichard Purdie
2008-12-17gitignore: Update entries to match various meta repositoriesRichard Purdie
2008-11-06.gitignore: Add extra entriesRichard Purdie
2008-11-04.gitignore: Add build/conf/local.confRichard Purdie
2008-11-03.gitignore: Fix directory reference issueRichard Purdie
2008-10-22Add meta-moblin-internal to gitignoreSamuel Ortiz
2008-10-17Update the ignore file so that it also includes VIM swap filesRobert Bradford
2008-10-17Add .gitignoreRobert Bradford