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@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ in this variable it uses native recipes instead - a very different
approach. This has led to confusing errors when binaries are added
to the SDK but not relocated.
-To avoid these issues, a new ``TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_ESDK`` variable has
+To avoid these issues, a new :term:`TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_ESDK` variable has
been created. If you wish to extend what is installed in the host
portion of the eSDK then you will now need to set this variable.
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@@ -8158,6 +8158,15 @@ system and gives an overview of their function and contents.
information on setting up a cross-development environment, see the
:doc:`/sdk-manual/index` manual.
+ Note that this variable applies to building an SDK, not an eSDK,
+ in which case the term:`TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_ESDK` setting should be
+ used instead.
+ This variable allows to extend what is installed in the host
+ portion of an eSDK. This is similar to :term:`TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK`
+ applying to SDKs.
This variable defines the name used for the toolchain output. The
:ref:`populate_sdk_base <ref-classes-populate-sdk-*>` class sets