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musl: Update to latest tip of trunk
Drop upstream patch This brings in following fixes * 3f701faa (upstream/master, origin/master) fix libc-internal signal blocking on mips archs * 0fbd7d66 fix broken struct shmid_ds on powerpc (32-bit) * 4f3d346b math: fix fmaf not to depend on FE_TOWARDZERO * 937822ab fix TZ parsing logic for identifying POSIX-form strings * 1f0c7cb1 riscv: rename __NR_fstatat __NR_newfstatat * d8cb888d remove return with expression in void function * b7a130e0 remove unnecessary cast for map_library return * bd3b9c4c add pthread_getname_np function * e1a51185 fix popen not to leak pipes from one child to another * e74acd59 remove spurious lock in popen * 9a40e842 define __STDC_UTF_{16,32}__ macros (From OE-Core rev: da8fcd0155f1cf3394d0886c940bee77669009d4) Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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