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poky-f8298d40148f2754414761a193f52e409ad2c434.tar.bz2 add exclusion list for intractable CVE's
The preferred methods for CVE resolution are: 1. Version upgrades where possible 2. Patches where not possible 3. Database updates where version info is incorrect 4. Exclusion from checking where it is determined that the CVE does not apply to our environment In some cases none of these methods are possible. For example the CVE may be decades old with no apparent resolution, and with broken links that make further research impractical. Some CVEs are vauge with no specific action the project can take too. This patch creates a mechanism for users to remove this type of CVE from the cve-check results via an optional include file. Based on an initial patch from Steve Sakoman <> but extended heavily by RP. (From OE-Core rev: 4a70af7b89d2ddff341b724a97cb96987874a3b0) Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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+# This file contains a list of CVE's where resolution has proven to be impractical
+# or there is no reasonable action the Yocto Project can take to resolve the issue.
+# It contains all the information we are aware of about an issue and analysis about
+# why we believe it can't be fixed/handled. Additional information is welcome through
+# patches to the file.
+# Include this file in your local.conf or distro.conf to exclude these CVE's
+# from the cve-check results or add to the bitbake command with:
+# -R conf/distro/include/
+# The file is not included by default since users should review this data to ensure
+# it matches their expectations and usage of the project.
+# We may also include "in-flight" information about current/ongoing CVE work with
+# the aim of sharing that work and ensuring we don't duplicate it.
+# strace
+# CVE is more than 20 years old with no resolution evident
+# broken links in CVE database references make resolution impractical
+# epiphany
+# The issue here is spoofing of domain names using characters from other character sets.
+# There has been much discussion amongst the epiphany and webkit developers and
+# whilst there are improvements about how domains are handled and displayed to the user
+# there is unlikely ever to be a single fix to webkit or epiphany which addresses this
+# problem. Whitelisted as there isn't any mitigation or fix or way to progress this further
+# we can seem to take.
+# glibc
+# Issue is memory exhaustion via glob() calls, e.g. from within an ftp server
+# Best discussion in
+# Upstream don't see it as a security issue, ftp servers shouldn't be passing
+# this to libc glob. Exclude as upstream have no plans to add BSD's GLOB_LIMIT or similar
+# go
+# go
+# The encoding/xml package in go can potentially be used for security exploits if not used correctly
+# CVE applies to a netapp product as well as flagging a general issue. We don't ship anything
+# exposing this interface in an exploitable way
+CVE_CHECK_WHITELIST += "CVE-2020-29509 CVE-2020-29511"