BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextoeqa/ Check bitbake return statusPaulo Neves5 hours
masterbitbake: ConfHandler/BBHandler: Improve comment error messages and add testsRichard Purdie5 hours
kirkstonebuild-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revisionRichard Purdie6 days
dunfellmanuals: switch to the sstate mirror shared between all versionsMichael Opdenacker6 days
honisteryocto-bsps: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield5 weeks Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie2 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie2 months
kirkstone-nextlocal.conf.sample: Update for 4.0 in sstate urlRichard Purdie3 months
master-uninativegcc: upgrade 11.2 -> current 12 snapshotBernhard Rosenkränzer3 months
thudbitbake: fetch/git: Handle github dropping git:// supportRichard Purdie8 months
yocto-3.1.17poky-yocto-3.1.17.tar.gz  poky-yocto-3.1.17.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
dunfell-23.0.17poky-dunfell-23.0.17.tar.gz  poky-dunfell-23.0.17.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
4.1_M1poky-4.1_M1.tar.gz  poky-4.1_M1.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
yocto-4.0.1poky-yocto-4.0.1.tar.gz  poky-yocto-4.0.1.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee6 weeks
kirkstone-4.0.1poky-kirkstone-4.0.1.tar.gz  poky-kirkstone-4.0.1.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee6 weeks
honister-3.4.4poky-honister-3.4.4.tar.gz  poky-honister-3.4.4.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee8 weeks
yocto-3.4.4poky-yocto-3.4.4.tar.gz  poky-yocto-3.4.4.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee8 weeks
yocto-3.1.16poky-yocto-3.1.16.tar.gz  poky-yocto-3.1.16.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee2 months
dunfell-23.0.16poky-dunfell-23.0.16.tar.gz  poky-dunfell-23.0.16.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee2 months
yocto-3.3.6poky-yocto-3.3.6.tar.gz  poky-yocto-3.3.6.tar.bz2  Chee Yang Lee2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-05-12build-appliance-image: Update to fido head revisionyocto-1.8.2fido-13.0.2Richard Purdie
2016-05-12openssl: prevent ABI break from earlier fido releasesJoshua Lock
2016-05-12conf/local.conf.sample: comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED=libsdl-nativeRoss Burton
2016-05-11build-appliance-image: Update to fido head revisionRichard Purdie
2016-05-11openssl: 1.0.2d -> 1.0.2h (mainly for CVEs)Robert Yang
2016-05-09bitbake: tests/fetch: ensure fetch tests preserve current dirPaul Eggleton
2016-05-09bitbake: bb/tests/fetch: Update cups urlRichard Purdie
2016-05-09gtk+_2.24.25: backport a fix for building with newer host perlJoshua Lock
2016-05-09tzdata: update to 2016dArmin Kuster
2016-05-09tzcode: update to 2016dArmin Kuster