BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextzvariant: Exclude from world for now to avoid reproducibility issuesRichard Purdie2 hours
mastertzdata: upgrade to 2023cRoss Burton21 hours
kirkstonesystemd: fix wrong nobody-group assignmentPiotr Łobacz3 days
dunfellbase-files: Drop localhost.localdomain from hosts fileRichard Purdie6 days
langdalesystemd: fix wrong nobody-group assignmentPiotr Łobacz6 days
honisteryocto-bsps: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield10 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie11 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie11 months
kirkstone-nextlocal.conf.sample: Update for 4.0 in sstate urlRichard Purdie12 months
master-uninativegcc: upgrade 11.2 -> current 12 snapshotBernhard Rosenkränzer12 months
yocto-3.1.24poky-yocto-3.1.24.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee10 days
dunfell-23.0.24poky-dunfell-23.0.24.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee10 days
yocto-4.1.3poky-yocto-4.1.3.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee2 weeks
langdale-4.1.3poky-langdale-4.1.3.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee2 weeks
yocto-4.0.8poky-yocto-4.0.8.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
kirkstone-4.0.8poky-kirkstone-4.0.8.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
4.2_M3poky-4.2_M3.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
yocto-3.1.23poky-yocto-3.1.23.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee5 weeks
dunfell-23.0.23poky-dunfell-23.0.23.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee5 weeks
yocto-4.0.7poky-yocto-4.0.7.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-09-05qemumips: fix keyboard entry in graphical boots1.5_M4.rc31.5_M4.final1.5_M4Bruce Ashfield
2013-09-05linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.10Bruce Ashfield
2013-09-05linux-yocto/3.10: fix YAFFS2 build issuesBruce Ashfield
2013-09-04bitbake: hob: remove PACKAGE_INSTALL variable setting from hobCristiana Voicu
2013-09-04bitbake: bitbake-worker: ensure BUILDNAME is available during executionPaul Eggleton
2013-09-04scripts/runqemu: Fix MACHINE regexMihai Prica
2013-09-04glib-2.0: fix a host contamination issueRobert Yang
2013-09-04bitbake.conf: Add SDKPKGSUFFIX to hash whitelistRichard Purdie
2013-09-04package.bbclass: Fix darwin shlib handlingRichard Purdie
2013-09-04flex: Only use create_wrapper for native and nativesdkOlof Johansson