BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dreyna/bitbake/ncurses_taskexp_14814bitbake: ncurses version of taskexp.pyDavid Reyna2 hours
kraj/poky-nextcore-image-ptest-all,core-image-ptest-fast: Depend on core-image classKhem Raj14 hours
masterlibxslt: Mark CVE-2022-29824 as not applyingRichard Purdie14 hours
stable/kirkstone-nutgcc: Upgrade to 11.3 releaseKhem Raj17 hours
rpurdie/t222libxslt: Mark CVE-2022-29824 as not applyingRichard Purdie22 hours
lucaceresoli/master-nextsystemd: Set RebootWatchdogSec to 60s as watchdogRobert Yang2 days
stable/dunfell-nutruby: Whitelist CVE-2021-28966 as this affects Windows OS onlyRanjitsinh Rathod3 days
lucaceresoli/master-next-successwic/plugins/images/direct: Allow changes in fstab on rootfsTobias Schmidl3 days
anujm/honisterlinux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield3 days
ross/picobuildsetuptools-scm: depend on packagingRoss Burton4 days
akanavin/package-version-updatesvalgrind: submit arm patches upstreamAlexander Kanavin5 days
naveen/master-devpciutils: avoid lspci conflict with busyboxNaveen Saini5 days
akanavin/package-version-updates-lateru-boot 2022.07 wipAlexander Kanavin6 days
rteller/do_not_overwrite_kernel_image_postinstkernel.bbclass: Do not overwrite recipe's custom postinstRaphael Teller6 days
ross/pysetuptools-scm: missing depends?Ross Burton9 days
zedd/kernellttng-modules: fix build against 5.18-rc7+Bruce Ashfield10 days
lucaceresoli/testingpython3: use built-in distutils for ptest, rather than setuptools' 'fork'Alexander Kanavin10 days
jackwang/setuid-before-git-opDo setuid before git operationsJack Wang2 weeks
lucaceresoli/master-next-no-gcc12yocto-bsps: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield3 weeks
ross/gitscripts/git: Ensure we don't have circular referencesRichard Purdie3 weeks
akanavin/transition-to-westonpoky.conf: remove wayland/opengl from distro features, as it is now oe-core d...Alexander Kanavin5 weeks
paule/4.0-releasemigration-guides: add release notes for 4.0Paul Eggleton5 weeks
abelloni/master-nextpoky: Use INIT_MANAGER in main distro configRichard Purdie6 weeks
anujm/hardknottqemu: fix CVE-2022-26354Sakib Sajal7 weeks
abelloni/testingkernel-devsrc: Check for before copying on riscvKhem Raj7 weeks
timo/honister/toaster-fixestoaster: fixtures replace gatesgarthTim Orling8 weeks
timo/hardknott/toaster-fixestoaster: fixtures: gatesgarth -> hardknottTim Orling8 weeks
ross/selftestoeqa/selftest: generalise test_devtool_virtual_kernel_modifyRoss Burton8 weeks
abelloni/master-next-successgo-target: Pass -trimpath to go linkerKhem Raj9 weeks
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/toaster_cummulative_03202022toaster: race condition for end-of-buildDavid Reyna2 months
dreyna/toaster/bitbake_crash_14085toaster: detect when bitbake crashedDavid Reyna2 months
dreyna/toaster/build_end_sync_14765toaster: race condition for end-of-buildDavid Reyna2 months
dreyna/toaster/imagepkglist_event_14763toaster: handle changes to "ImagePkgList" eventDavid Reyna2 months
jcosta/squashfs-toolsrecipes-devtools/squashfs-tools: Remove header noteJoao Marcos Costa2 months
timo/sphinxpython3-bable: Add recipe from meta-oe/meta-pythonRichard Purdie2 months
ross/sslsetuptools-rust-native: remove obsolete PIP_*Ross Burton2 months
pkj/dirs-cleanupgo: Remove three unnecessary paths from do_compile[dirs]Peter Kjellerstedt3 months
timo/ add python3-cryptographyTim Orling3 months
timo/toaster-updatestoaster: drop landing_not_managed templateTim Orling3 months
dreyna/toaster/fixture_files_14759toaster: automation to generate fixture filesDavid Reyna3 months
dreyna/toaster/kirkstone_14757Add 'Kirkstone', 'Honister', and 'Hardknott'. Remove 'Dunfell' and 'Gatesgarth'.David Reyna3 months
ross/py-installerpython_pep517: use installer instead of pipRoss Burton3 months
pkj/oe-pkgdata-utiloe-pkgdata-util: Adapt to the new variable override syntaxPeter Kjellerstedt3 months
ross/py-installdocumentation: remove PIP_INSTALL_PACKAGE and PYPA_WHEEL mentionsRoss Burton3 months
ross/py3pip_install_wheel: generate the wheels in directory we control outside of SRoss Burton3 months
pkj/ Unify quiet and non-quiet output for the running tasksPeter Kjellerstedt3 months
pkj/ Give the setscene tasks their own progress barPeter Kjellerstedt3 months
timo/toaster-fixestoaster: migratation for models.BigAutoFieldTim Orling3 months
ross/py-nextupdate docs a bitRoss Burton3 months
akanavin/gcc-arm-none-eabiOELAYOUT_ABI: bump, avoid tmp/ breakage by removing old cross manifestsAlexander Kanavin3 months
pkj/spdx-licensesbase.bbclass: Remove warnings used during developmentPeter Kjellerstedt3 months
timo/drop-distutils_14610selftest: drop distutils3 test from recipetoolTim Orling3 months
timo/pyprojecttoml_build_backend_check[WIP] setuptools3.bbclass: add check for pyproject.tomlTim Orling3 months
timo/bootstrap-wheelspython3-nose: drop recipeTim Orling3 months
ross/notestexportoeqa: remove oeqa.utils.decoratorsRoss Burton3 months
anujm/honister2uninative: Upgrade to 3.5Michael Halstead3 months
rpurdie/datastore-experimenttestRichard Purdie3 months
timo/pyprojecttoml[WIP] setuptools_build_meta.bbcclass: PYPA_WHEELTim Orling3 months
akanavin/skylakeqemux86-64: use skylake CPU emulation (wip)Alexander Kanavin3 months
sgw/skippoky-tiny: Use renamed SKIP_RECIPE varFlagSaul Wold4 months
pkj/package_debug_varspackage.bbclass: Pass dv (debug_vars) around instead of individual varsPeter Kjellerstedt4 months
jpew/cooker-worker-poolspdx: Add set helper for list propertiesJoshua Watt4 months
timo/perl-deps_13376perl-rdepends.txt: refreshTim Orling4 months
ross/layeryocto-check-layer: check for duplicate layers when finding layersRoss Burton4 months
akanavin/gst-1.20gst-devtools: 1.18.5 -> 1.20.0Claudius Heine4 months
timo/auh-upgrades-2022-01-24python3-pyparsing: upgrade 3.0.6 -> 3.0.7Tim Orling4 months
timo/maturinmaturin-native: add recipe for 0.12.6Tim Orling4 months
timo/pypa-packagingpython3-jsonschema: upgrade 3.2.0 -> 4.4.0Tim Orling4 months
timo/pypa-packaging-wippython3-nox: add recipe for 2022.1.7Tim Orling4 months
timo/ enable nativesdkTim Orling4 months
akanavin/gcc-arm-none-eabi-wipswap HOST/TARGET_SYS wipAlexander Kanavin4 months
timo/deprecate_distutils_14610_v2rootfs_rpm.bbclass: distutils -> sysconfig moduleTim Orling5 months
timo/docs/deprecate_distutils_14610ref-manual/classes.rst: add setuptools3-baseTim Orling5 months
zedd/kernel-yoctopoky: set default kernel to 5.15Bruce Ashfield5 months
ross/defconfigoeqa/selftest: add test that kernels build with defconfigRoss Burton5 months
rpurdie/t222zgcc newlib fix?Richard Purdie5 months
timo/load_module_14629bitbake/lib/bb/ refactor deprecated load_moduleTim Orling5 months
sgw/spdxpackage.bbclass: don't skip kernel and kernel modulesSaul Wold5 months
zedd/kernel-dunfelllinux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.167Bruce Ashfield5 months
akanavin/target-sdk-installtarget-sdk-install: add an example for an offline SDK install/packagingAlexander Kanavin5 months
ross/libtoolapmd: remove obsolete support for renamed libtoolRoss Burton6 months
timo/deprecate_distutils_14610rootfs_rpm.bbclass: distutils -> sysconfig moduleTim Orling6 months
zedd/kernel-pullperf: sort-pmuevents: allow for additional type qualifiers and storage classMax Krummenacher6 months
fabien/devtool-filesextrapath-fixdevtool: Fix devtool finish when multiple path in FILESEXTRAPATHS:prependFabien Micaelli6 months
ross/dtcdtc: fix mingw buildRoss Burton7 months
rbt/pyinotifylib/ Remove deprecated module asyncoreRobert Yang7 months
rbt/pyinotify.pylib/ Remove deprecated module asyncoreRobert Yang7 months
cheeyang/hardknott-CVEinetutils: fix CVE-2021-40491Yi Zhao7 months
ross/mesoninsane: remove unrecognised option check for MesonRoss Burton7 months
jpew/pyz-sdkBuild PYZJoshua Watt7 months
timo/nodistutils_14610buildhistory-diff: drop use of distutilsTim Orling7 months
stable/dunfell-vimvim: fix 2021-3796Minjae Kim7 months
yincheng/ runstrip adds new feature to modify the symbol tableyincheng7 months
paule/3.4-fixesmigration-3.4: add some extra packaging notesPaul Eggleton7 months
ross/oeqa-wipadd new arbitrary target loaderRoss Burton7 months
timo/recipe-upgrades-wip_2021-10-11python3-setuptools-scm: upgrade 6.0.1 -> 6.3.2Tim Orling7 months
ross/checkstatussstate: quietly handle fetcherror specifically, and error on other exceptionsRoss Burton7 months
ross/mutoe/utils: cap CPU count to 100Ross Burton8 months
timo/recipe-upgrade_20211011python3-pytest: upgrade 6.2.4 -> 6.2.5Tim Orling8 months
timo/recipe-upgrades_2021-10-11python3-pytest: upgrade 6.2.4 -> 6.2.5Tim Orling8 months
paule/migration-3.4migration: tweak introduction sectionPaul Eggleton8 months
rpurdie/sstate-for-rossAdd loggingRichard Purdie8 months
jpew/hashsever-diverging-report-racehashserv: Fix diverging report race conditionJoshua Watt8 months
ross/gitsmWIP testsRoss Burton8 months
akanavin/lttng-testslttng-tools: replace ad hoc ptest fixup with upstream fixesAlexander Kanavin9 months
sgw/sbom[WIP] create-spdx: create image sbom in single fileSaul Wold9 months
ross/oeqaoeqa/target/ssh: don't assume target_dumper is setRoss Burton9 months
ross/sbomcreate-spex: don't duplicate license texts in each packageRoss Burton9 months
anujm/gatesgarthkernel-devicetree: Fix interaction when packaging disabledRichard Purdie9 months
jpew/sbomscripts/sync-spdx-licenses.pyJoshua Watt9 months
rmacleod/librsvg-aug-27-2021adwaita-icon-theme: remove 3.34.3 and use 3.38.0 by defaultRandy MacLeod9 months
timo/rustc-print-cfg-fixrust-common.bbclass: export RUST_TARGET_PATHTim Orling9 months
ross/slibtoolRevert "sudo: fix build with slibtool"Ross Burton9 months
ross/uuidNew generic EFI wksRoss Burton9 months
ross/pkgconfuse pkgconfRoss Burton9 months
ross/rpmadd sqlite/bdbroRoss Burton9 months
ross/layerpathbb/utils: add layer_path() functionRoss Burton9 months
ross/ltpARGHRoss Burton9 months
ross/maynardmaynard: addRoss Burton9 months
ross/httpstesttestimage: test wget/curlRoss Burton9 months
ross/cgroupcheck for ftsRoss Burton9 months
ross/masterprservice: remove connection cachingScott Murray9 months
rmacleod/rust-redo-aug-21-2021-arust-cross*: ignore how some sstate sigs are computedRichard Purdie9 months
rmacleod/rust-redo-aug-17-2021-arust-cross*: ignore how some sstate sigs are computedRichard Purdie9 months
timo/python3-hypothesis-ptestpython3-ptyprocess: move from meta-pythonTim Orling9 months
timo/core-upgrades_20210818python3-hypothesis: upgrade 6.14.5 -> 6.14.8Tim Orling9 months
ross/dunfellovmf: build natively everywhereRoss Burton9 months
ross/hardknottgnutls: upgrade 3.7.1 -> 3.7.2wangmy9 months
ross/buildtoolsgcc: also relocate the musl loaderRoss Burton9 months
zedd/kernel-devkernel-devsrc: fix 5.14+ objtool compilationBruce Ashfield9 months
ross/tartar: ignore node-tar CVEsRoss Burton9 months
jpew/bitbake-venvclasses/cve-check: Move get_patches_cves to libraryJoshua Watt10 months
ross/flagsfortran?Ross Burton10 months
rmacleod/rust-redo-aug-10-2021-amaintainers: Add myself as maintainer for rust pkgsRandy MacLeod10 months
ross/insecurefetch2/wget: fetch securely by defaultRoss Burton10 months
ross/gatesgarthbitbake: providers: replace newly added logger.warn() with logger.warning()Denys Dmytriyenko10 months
rpurdie/t222111fixupRichard Purdie10 months
anujm/wiplibubootenv: Drop defulat-env RRECOMENDSRichard Purdie10 months
ross/efiWIPRoss Burton10 months
ross/bluezbluez WIPRoss Burton10 months
ross/checklayerchecklayer tweakRoss Burton10 months
timo/dunfell/libxml2libxml2: Update to 2.9.12Tony Tascioglu10 months
timo/dunfell/libxml2-2.9.12libxml2: Update to 2.9.12Tony Tascioglu10 months
rpurdie/overrides-convert-transitionpackage: Revert parts of conversion for pkgdata correctnessRichard Purdie10 months
rpurdie/overrides-convertTest conversion of metadataRichard Purdie10 months
ross/devtoolsublib/oe/recipeutils: allow patch_recipe_file() to be re-calledPaul Eggleton10 months
ross/tcltcl: fix race in interp.testRoss Burton11 months
ssajal/ add options and refactorSakib Sajal11 months
ssajal/failure_host_datafixSakib Sajal11 months
ssajal/data_collectiondebugSakib Sajal11 months
ross/glibglib-2.0: fix g-file-into modification time testRoss Burton11 months
timo/recipe-upgrades-20210705python3-zipp: upgrade 3.4.1 -> 3.5.0Tim Orling11 months
ross/utillinuxdisable chfn if not pamRoss Burton11 months
httpstesttestimage: test wget/curlRoss Burton11 months
devtoolsublib/oe/recipeutils: allow patch_recipe_file() to be re-calledPaul Eggleton11 months
utillinuxpretend util-linux is fastRoss Burton11 months
rpmadd sqlite/bdbroRoss Burton11 months
insecurefetch2/wget: fetch securely by defaultRoss Burton11 months
repocreaterepo-c: wipRoss Burton11 months
mutWIP layer_path functionRoss Burton11 months
pkgconfuse pkgconfRoss Burton11 months
flagsfortran?Ross Burton11 months
dunfellovmf: build natively everywhereRoss Burton11 months
buildtoolstest scriptRoss Burton11 months
checklayerchecklayer tweakRoss Burton11 months
hardknottkernel.bbclass: fix do_sizecheck() comparisonAndrea Adami11 months
timo/dunfell/python3-3.8.10powertop: fix aclocal error too many loopsTim Orling11 months
mgh/gatesgarth-mcbitbake: runqueue: fixup?Richard Purdie11 months
zedd/kernel-wiplibc-headers: update to 5.12Bruce Ashfield11 months
slibtoolsudo: fix build with slibtoolRoss Burton11 months
ptestutil-linux: ensure -ptest depends on all of util-linuxRoss Burton11 months
ross/ptestutil-linux: ensure -ptest depends on all of util-linuxRoss Burton11 months
ssajal/top_summarytestingSakib Sajal11 months
ross/networksystemd-conf: Prevent systemd-network from managing veth interfacesMatt Spencer11 months
ross/zsyncimage_types: add zsync conversionsRoss Burton12 months
timo/maynardagl-compositor: add 0.19Tim Orling12 months
ene-ilies/toaster/fix_on_parsing_layer_namestoaster: Filtering out erroneously empty bblayer names.Bogdan Ilies12 months
akuster/save_mkernel-features: add new classArmin Kuster12 months
ross/nocluttermeta-poky: remove clutterRoss Burton12 months
maynardAdd maynard to weston imageRoss Burton12 months
timo/dunfell/python3-scons-4.0.0python3-scons: upgrade 3.1.2 -> 4.0.0; simplifyTim Orling12 months
timo/python3-scons-4.1.0python3-scons: upgrade 3.1.2 -> 4.1.0; simplifyTim Orling12 months
ross/btigcc: enable branch protection by standardRoss Burton12 months
halstead/uni-3.2uninative: Upgrade to 3.2Michael Halstead12 months
ross/mteglibc: enable memory taggingRoss Burton12 months
ross/docref-manual: Ubuntu 20.04 is also LTSRoss Burton12 months
gatesgarthbitbake: bitbake: providers: selected version not available should be a warningRoss Burton13 months
akanavin/qemu-smpqemu: use 4 cores in qemu guestsAlexander Kanavin13 months
anujm/zeuscurl: Security fixes for CVE-2020-{8169/8177}Armin Kuster13 months
sgw/qmpqemurunner: Add support for qmp commandsSaul Wold13 months
akanavin/debuginfodelfutils: adjust ptests for correct debuginfod testingAlexander Kanavin13 months
paule/migration-3.3ref-manual: add mention of DISTUTILS_SETUP_PATHPaul Eggleton13 months
timo/python-tappython3-nose-tap: add recipe for 3.0Tim Orling14 months
naveen/mastergrub: upgrade 2.04 -> 2.06-rc1Naveen Saini14 months
ross/nextpoky-tiny: enable section removalSinan Kaya15 months
ross/libinputRevert "libinput: less parallism to increase chances the test suite works"Ross Burton15 months
zedd/kernel-nextlinux-yocto/5.10: fix SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM warningBruce Ashfield15 months
zedd/kernel-testlinux-yocto/5.10: fix SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM warningBruce Ashfield15 months
stable/dunfell-toxic-rpRevert "runqueue: Fix #456"Richard Purdie15 months
stable/dunfell-toxicfix?Richard Purdie15 months
rpurdie/t2221-dunfellfix?Richard Purdie15 months
rpurdie/t2221runqueue: potential fix?Richard Purdie15 months
ross/insanemake poison fatalRoss Burton15 months
timo/recipetool-perl-v3[WIP] recipetool: enable querying metacpan for dependenciesTim Orling15 months
ross/debuginfoddiffoscope: Ensure rpm is configured correctlyRichard Purdie15 months
rmacleod/librsvg-broken-wip-2021-02-16librsvg: Update from 2.40.20 to 2.50.1Randy MacLeod15 months
rmacleod/rust-wip-2021-02-16cargo/rust/rustfmt: exclude from worldRandy MacLeod15 months
akuster/bbclass_changescve-check.bbclass: don't skip scanning if file not foundArmin Kuster15 months
timo/qemu-gaqemu: add guest-agent PACKAGECONFIGsTim Orling15 months
ross/autoconf270autotools: no need to depend on gnu-configRoss Burton16 months
ross/autoconfautoconf: merge bb/incRoss Burton16 months
rmacleod/rust-wip-2021-02-02libgit2: upgrade 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1Andreas Müller16 months
halstead/armtestInvalidate SSTATEMichael Halstead16 months
devtooldevtool: support extracting multiple source treesPaul Eggleton16 months
ross/devtooldevtool: support extracting multiple source treesPaul Eggleton16 months
ross/pseudoInject coreutils-native dependencyRoss Burton17 months
ross/diffstatdiffstat: point the license checksum at the licenseRoss Burton17 months
akanavin/go-reprogo: enable reproducibility wipAlexander Kanavin17 months
ross/sdklocal.conf: add aarch64 to the SDKMACHINE example valuesRoss Burton17 months
paule/fitimage-docsref-manual: use consistent capitalisation of U-BootPaul Eggleton17 months
akanavin/glib-ptestRevert "glib ptest wip"Alexander Kanavin17 months
ross/bootloadersgcsections: add more suppressions for SDK buildsSinan Kaya17 months
ross/syslinuxfixup! syslinux: rewrite recipe so only target code is x86-specificRoss Burton17 months
ross/syslinuxwipsyslinux: refactor recipe to build on non-IA hostsRoss Burton18 months
paule/devtool36aWIP fix for patch class functionality and git repo in repoPaul Eggleton18 months
timo/python3-updates-20201208python3-packaging: upgrade 20.4 -> 20.7Tim Orling18 months
timo/python3-updates-20201208-no-py3-packagingpython3-setuptools-scm: add python3-toml depTim Orling18 months
syslinuxwipsyslinux arhgghhghRoss Burton18 months
syslinuxconsolidate make flagsRoss Burton18 months
timo/python-pep-517python3-build: add recipe for 0.1.0Tim Orling18 months
reprodoeqa/selftest/containerimage: update for improved cleanupRoss Burton18 months
akuster/yocto_docs_recipeyocto-doc: add recipe to build yocto-docsArmin Kuster18 months
paule/rpurdie-license-experiments-oslspackage: Add license computation experimentRichard Purdie18 months
timo/numpy-pytestpython3-numpy: Add ldd runtime dependency on ptest packageKhem Raj18 months
timo/move-numpy-pytest-depspython3-hypothesis: upgrade 5.41.3 -> 5.41.4Tim Orling18 months
timo/move-pytest-to-corepython3-pytest: RDEPENDS on python3-tomlTim Orling18 months
selftestselftest: add test for pseudo/coreutils-nativeRoss Burton18 months
autoconf270fix sdl2Ross Burton19 months
nextwebkitgtk: fix build with ICU 68.1Ross Burton19 months
fedepell/bug14083openssl: Add c_rehash to misc package and add perl runtime dependencyFederico Pellegrin19 months
junitdetailed loggingRoss Burton19 months
abortmake errorsRoss Burton19 months
ross/rustrust: add aarch64 checksumsRoss Burton19 months
rustrust: add aarch64 checksumsRoss Burton19 months
paule/migration-3.2-fixupref-manual: add migration info about MLPREFIX changesPaul Eggleton19 months
paule/migration-3.2ref-manual: add migration section for 3.2Paul Eggleton19 months
alejandrohs/python39python3: upgrade to python 3.9.0Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego19 months
dreyna/toaster/doc_ulr_14092toaster: Update documentation links to new URLsDavid Reyna19 months
timo/debug-toasterbitbake/lib/toaster/toastermain/ WIP debug hacksTim Orling19 months
dreyna/toaster/gatesgarth_3_14086toaster: Enable Gatesgarth branch in place of ZeusDavid Reyna19 months
whauser/debugfs-symlinkpackage.bbclass: fix image_debugfs symlinksWilliam Hauser20 months
timo/ maxuiwait to 1200Tim Orling20 months
ross/pacgcc: enable branch protection for aarch64Ross Burton20 months
ross/envoeqa: adapt to new -e outputRoss Burton20 months
ross/armhostsubimage image fs testRoss Burton20 months
timo/devtool-shutil-copytree_13803oeqa/selftest/cases/ avoid .pyc raceTim Orling20 months
rewitt/rt-tests-upgradert-tests: Update recipes to use 1.8Randy Witt20 months
rmacleod/rust-wip-sept-5rust: use nativepython3 rather than host python3Randy MacLeod20 months
rmacleod/testREADME.poky: testing pushing to poky-contribRandy MacLeod20 months
ylanz/fixes-postinstpackage-management: postinst scripts are not installedYannick Lanz21 months
ross/interceptarghsupport intercepts in sdkRoss Burton21 months
ross/mkdirhsiggen: use os.makedirsRoss Burton21 months
ross/taskthreadsoeqa: update for BB_NUMBER_TASKTHREADSRoss Burton21 months
ross/newautoconfautotools: improve dep prependRoss Burton21 months
ross/ update no busybox casesKai Kang21 months
ross/nfsXXX nfs-ganesha: addRoss Burton21 months
ross/pidoflsbinitscripts: depend on procps for pidofRoss Burton21 months
ross/sysrootgtk-doc: fix sysrootRoss Burton21 months
ross/unsetXX fixup get_bb_varsRoss Burton21 months
ross/testnetXXX connman-conf: generaliseRoss Burton21 months
ross/tappycotap: upgrade to 1.2.1Ross Burton21 months
ross/siteinfoautotools: siteinfo in file-checksums BROKENRoss Burton21 months
ross/qa-stuffselftest/buildoptions: improve read only rootfs testRoss Burton21 months
ross/pycairoXXX pycairo upgrade, brokenRoss Burton21 months
ross/postinstWIP TESTRoss Burton21 months
ross/pigzdefault-providers: use pigz as gzipRoss Burton21 months
ross/cpuautotools: run configure locked to a random CPURoss Burton21 months
ross/binconfigtcl: clean up binconfig handlingRoss Burton21 months
ross/allarchallarch: don't reset baselibRoss Burton21 months
rpurdie/thudqemu: Replace stime() API with clock_settimeKhem Raj21 months
rbt/ get_file_layer(): Improve performanceRobert Yang21 months
rpurdie/warriorpython3-testtools: Avoid traceback2 module requirementRichard Purdie21 months
niecore/fix-bug-in-uninative-mirror-handleinguninative: handle url in `PREMIRRORS` with parameter correctlyNico Müller21 months
akanavin/fix-virglmeta-selftest: correct the virgl test for 5.8 kernelsAlexander Kanavin21 months
dreyna/toaster/django_3_13888toaster: Update to support Django-3David Reyna22 months
naveen/vulkan-upgradegstreamer1.0-pulgins-bad: disable vulkan for testingNaveen Saini22 months
stable/thud-nutrpm-native:createrepo_c: Update whitespace in native recipeJeremy A. Puhlman22 months
jpuhlman/pyrobuildtools-extended-tarball: add nativesdk-makeJeremy A. Puhlman22 months
rpurdie/pyroglibc: Update nativesdk locale relocation patchRichard Purdie22 months
timo/recipetool-fixesscripts/lib/recipetool/ fix regex stringsTim Orling23 months
jpuhlman/autobuilder-helper/thudUse buildtools with py2 added.Jeremy A. Puhlman23 months
timo/recipetool-perl-v2[WIP] recipetool: enable querying metacpan for dependenciesTim Orling23 months
timo/recipetool-perl[WIP] recipetool: enable querying metacpan for dependenciesTim Orling23 months
hchaumette/ext-module-depExample for ext kernel module dependency, slave moduleHubert CHAUMETTE23 months
akanavin/make-x-crashxserver-xorg: add a patch to aid debugging an intermittent AB failureAlexander Kanavin23 months
ross/icu-dumbicu: build less in make_icudataRoss Burton23 months
ross/icuicu: build testsRoss Burton23 months
jpew/sstate-hacksstate: Track sstate status persistentlyJoshua Watt23 months
jpew/mc-bbmaskwic: Fix --extra-space argument handlingJoshua Watt24 months
jpew/mc-bbmask-zeussstatesig: Account for all dataCaches being passedJoshua Watt24 months
jpew/mc-bbmask-dunfellsstatesig: Account for all dataCaches being passedJoshua Watt24 months
timo/zeus_toaster_migrationstoaster: add 0019 migrationTim Orling24 months
akanavin/qemu-split-virgl-gtkref-manual: add PACKAGE_ADD_METADATA documentationMichael Ho2 years
stable/warrior-nutcve-check: CPE version '-' as all versionLee Chee Yang2 years
timo/pypi_UPSTREAM_CHECK_URIpypi.bbclass: use new pypi UPSTREAM_CHECK_URITim Orling2 years
timo/a11y-upgrades_20200428at-spi2-core: upgrade 2.34.0 -> 2.36.0Upgrade Helper2 years
ross/indexautomatic package feed update on build complete classRoss Burton2 years
ross/binconfig-worktcl: cleanupRoss Burton2 years
sakoman/dunfell-nextsysroot test fixupRichard Purdie2 years
stable/zeus-nutbitbake: fetch2: Allow ${AUTOREV} to be used when BB_SRCREV_POLICY is "cache"Peter Kjellerstedt2 years
akuster/doc_restructuremega-manual: allow Bitbake patch to be overwritenArmin Kuster2 years
paule/doc-updates-3.1ref-manual: add migration section for 3.1Paul Eggleton2 years
mwillard/so-version-warninginsane.bbclass: Warning for so file version mismatchMike Willard2 years
timo/install-buildtools-py34scripts/install-buildtools: refactor for Python 3.4Tim Orling2 years
timo/install-buildtools_13832_v2sanity.bbclass: add test for gcc < 5.0Tim Orling2 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/toaster_cummulative_03272020toaster: fix for import build directory with var refs in BBLAYERSPaul Eggleton2 years
dreyna/toaster/django_2_2_13207toaster: migrate to Django-2.2David Reyna2 years
dreyna/toaster/manage_command_13170toaster: support environment-safe manage commandsDavid Reyna2 years
dreyna/toaster/revdeps_13717toaster: FieldError loading Reverse runtime dependenciesDavid Reyna2 years
timo/install-buildtools_13832scripts/install-buildtools: add helper script to install buildtoolsTim Orling2 years
rpurdie/devtoolreprowpewebkit testRichard Purdie2 years
jpew/loggingbitbake: Use python logging for all logging levelsJoshua Watt2 years
akuster/master-next_qemu_fixqemu: fix CVE-2020-7039Changqing Li2 years
happystudy-contrib/masterMerge branch 'happystudy-contrib/master' of Zhang2 years
meta-yocto/stable/zeus-nutmeta-poky: update to new mailing listsMark Asselstine2 years
halstead/sanityChange tested distros for Fedora 31 bringup.Michael Halstead2 years
zedd/kernel-ab-testyocto-bsps: drop 5.2 bbappendBruce Ashfield2 years
timo/a11y-upgradesat-spi2-atk: upgrade 2.32.0 -> 2.34.1Tim Orling2 years
jpew/reproducibleclasses/reproducible_build: Only whitlist SDE if not fixedJoshua Watt2 years
rpurdie/zeusRevert "bash: Fix CVE-2019-18276"Anuj Mittal2 years
rbt/closebitbake/lib/bb/ Remove duplicated ones from close matchesRobert Yang2 years
meta-yocto/stable/warrior-nutpoky.conf: Bump version for 2.7.3 warrior releaseArmin Kuster2 years
halstead/pokyMinor change.Michael Halstead2 years
kraj/pubusybox: Backport patches to support removal of __NR_clock_gettimeKhem Raj2 years
siva/masterpackage_ipk: Minor import tweak + ensure packages regeneratedRichard Purdie2 years
yocto-docs/stable/warrior-nut Documenation: Prepared for the 2.7.3 releaseArmin Kuster2 years
yocto-docs/stable/zeus-nextDocumentation: Prepared for 3.0.2 releaseArmin Kuster2 years
yocto-docs/stable/zeus-nutDocumentation: Prepared for 3.0.2 releaseArmin Kuster2 years
ross/systemdnativemore classesRoss Burton2 years
zedd/kernel-master-nextyocto-bsp: drop 4.19 bbappendBruce Ashfield2 years
jpew/reproducible-fixclasses/reproducible_build: Read SDE file laterJoshua Watt2 years
zedd/kernel-oekernel-devsrc: update to v5.4+Bruce Ashfield2 years
zedd/kernel-mips64yocto-bsp: drop 4.19 bbappendBruce Ashfield2 years
cpl/revrecordrevrecord.bbclass: simplify directory managementChris Laplante2 years
kraj/ppc64leqemu: Enable ppc64le support for qemu-usermodeKhem Raj2 years
kraj/glibc-2.31glibc: Upgrade to 2.31Khem Raj2 years
kraj/mips-gnu-hashmips: Enable gnu-hash-styleKhem Raj2 years
kraj/gcc10XXX: gcc10: Default back to -fcommonKhem Raj2 years
timo/buildtools-13714buildtools-extended-tarball: add recipe with build-essentialsTim Orling2 years
ross/elfadd risc to elf.pyRoss Burton2 years
paule/toaster-bblayers-var-fixWIP fix for Import build directory with var refs in BBLAYERSPaul Eggleton2 years
paule/qemu-slirpFix SLIRP + QEMUPaul Eggleton2 years
jpew/hashequiv-rebuild-coveredUncover previously covered tasksJoshua Watt2 years
paule/runqemu-fixesrunqemu: handle tap device creation failure properlyPaul Eggleton2 years
meta-yocto/stable/thud-nutlinux-yocto/4.14: update Yocto Bsps to 4.14.148Armin Kuster2 years
dreyna/toaster/testsuite_2_13669toaster: automation scripts for test suit 2yocto-hcl2 years
jpew/hash-equiv-fixupbitbake: Fix up equivalent hash reportingJoshua Watt2 years
rpurdie/ Prevent native sysroot from leaking into configargs.hNathan Rossi2 years
akuster/master_pkg_updategettext: fix failing ptestsAlexander Kanavin3 years
jpew/divergent-hasheshashserv: Merge divergent output hashesJoshua Watt3 years
dumanovskis/gattlibgattlib: add the recipeDaniels Umanovskis3 years
akuster/selftest_debugoeqa/selftest/runtime_test: split systemd and sysvinit tests outArmin Kuster3 years
ross/autopointtexi2html: removeRoss Burton3 years
ross/gettexttinygettext-tiny: fix recipes that don't use gnulib, such as partedRoss Burton3 years
paule/devtool-rb-fixdevtool: fix devtool upgrade with reproducible_builds classPaul Eggleton3 years
stable/thud-nmutlibgcrypt: CVE-2019-12904Shubham Agrawal3 years
stable/warrior-nmutfile: fix CVE-2019-18218Ross Burton3 years
akuster/qa_testingOEQA: remove crosstab test from manualArmin Kuster3 years
paule/loggingAdd logging to figure out server failurePaul Eggleton3 years
stable/zeus-nmutpseudo: Add statx support to fix fedora30 issuesRichard Purdie3 years
pkj/warrior_synclib/oe/lsb: Make sure the distro ID is always lowercasedPeter Kjellerstedt3 years
ross/mojotestupdate for mojotestRoss Burton3 years
jpew/ab-reproducible-testHACK: Enable saving of packagesJoshua Watt3 years
stable/warrior-debuglibdrm: Move amdgpu.ids file into libdrm-amdgpu package.Piotr Tworek3 years
rpurdie/forjpewRevert "HACK: Test hashserv on autobuilder"Richard Purdie3 years
cpl/bitbake-vimbitbake: contrib/vim: Add copyright and license noticeChris Laplante3 years
meta-yocto/stable/thud-nmutlinux-yocto/4.14: meta-yocto-bsp update to 143Armin Kuster3 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/zeus_13579toaster: Enable Zeus branch in place of ThudDavid Reyna3 years
dreyna/toaster/zues_13579toaster: Enable Zeus branch in place of ThudDavid Reyna3 years
jpew/hash-equivalencehashserve timeoutJoshua Watt3 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/toaster_cummulative_100119toaster: improve warnings when adding dependency to packagesDavid Reyna3 years
akuster/warrior_debuguseradd: Ensure do_populate_sysroot has dependency on useradd variablesRichard Purdie3 years
cpl/srcrev-cachebb/ make it clear that it's the nth attempt as opposed to nth server ...Chris Laplante3 years
kraj/master-nextstrace: Upgrade to 5.3Khem Raj3 years
ChenQi/etc-updatedsystemd: mark /etc as updated to avoid unnecessary services to runChen Qi3 years
rbt/runqueuerunqueue: validate_hashes(): currentcount should be a numberRobert Yang3 years
akuster/mutsystemd: upgrade to 243Scott Murray3 years
akuster/warrior_testbitbake: tests/fetch: Resolve fetch error in bitbake-selftestArmin Kuster3 years
ChenQi/gettext-qagettext: avoid useless RPATH QA issueChen Qi3 years
jpew/masterbitbake: respect force flag in runall and runonlyJoshua Watt3 years
ChenQi/ remove generation of recipe-depends.dotChen Qi3 years
rbt/cookerbitbake: cooker: Kill alive process before join itRobert Yang3 years
anujm/warriorpatch: backport fixesAnuj Mittal3 years
cpl/buildhistoryget rid of a debug printoutChris Laplante3 years
meta-yocto/stable/warrior-nextconf/poky: add Fedora 30 and Opensuse Leap 15.1 to supported distributionsRoss Burton3 years
ChenQi/dummy-multilibtarget-sdk-provides-dummy: extend packages for multilib caseChen Qi3 years
jpew/hashserve-statsbitbake: hashserv: Add more threadsJoshua Watt3 years
rbt/pythonbitbake: server/process: Handle BBHandledException to avoid unexpected except...Robert Yang3 years
rbt/keyknotty: Fix for the Second Keyboard InterruptRobert Yang3 years
ross/insane-libdirinsane: move check_libdir to QAPKGTESTRoss Burton3 years
anujm/thudpython3: fix CVE-2019-9740Anuj Mittal3 years
paule/pullrequestscripts/create-pull-request: improve handling forPaul Eggleton3 years
rpurdie/hashequiv2Enable hash equivalency adaptionRichard Purdie3 years
rpurdie/hashequivEnable hash equivalency adaptionRichard Purdie3 years
ChenQi/temp-cleandevtool: remove temp dir in upgradeChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/msmtp-lsbmsmtp: use alternatives to manage /usr/lib/sendmailChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/libunwind-ppclibunwind: mark as incomatible with powerpcChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ move test_rpm_query_nonroot test case to RpmBasicTestChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ fix race condition at qemu startupChen Qi3 years
rbt/ccachecache: Set packages for skipped recipesRobert Yang3 years
mazliana/kerneldevelopmentoeqa/kerneldevelopment: Able to apply a single patch to the LinuxMazliana3 years
paule/devtool35oe-selftest: devtool: add test for multiple source treesPaul Eggleton3 years
ChenQi/buildtools-xmlcatalogxmlcatalog: hold libxml2-native dependencyChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/sysstat-systemdsysstat: use service file from source codesChen Qi3 years
mazliana/kernel_devoeqa/selftest/kernel_dev:Adding two test cases to be automatedMazliana3 years
ChenQi/xmlcatalog-esdkxmlcatalog.bbclass: execute xmlcatalog only if it's availableChen Qi3 years
rbt/symlinkcache: Create a symlink for current cachefileRobert Yang3 years
ChenQi/grub-efi-multilibgrub-efi.bbclass: take into consideration of multilibChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ track to clean devtool.conf in test_create_workspaceChen Qi3 years
paule/devtool36devtool: reset: don't clean by defaultPaul Eggleton3 years
ChenQi/image-systemdimage.bbclass: fix systemd_preset_allChen Qi3 years
rbt/update-documentation-confupdate-documentation-conf: python2 -> python3Robert Yang3 years
rbt/devdevupstream.bbclass: Disable devupstream when multilib is enabledRobert Yang3 years
ChenQi/devtool-finishdevtool: error out when using base name provided by multiple layersChen Qi3 years
rbt/py3bitbake: toaster:tests: python -> python3Robert Yang3 years
ChenQi/target-sdk-perl-64target-sdk-provides-dummy: add 64bitChen Qi3 years
timo/devtool-perlrecipetool/ Add perl module recipe creation supportTim Orling3 years
ChenQi/oeqa-skip-classoeqa: avoid class setup method to run when skipping the whole classChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/target-sdk-perltarget-sdk-provides-dummy: add to DUMMY_PROVIDESChen Qi3 years
timo/perl-updates-12873libmodule-build-perl: upgrade 0.4224 -> 0.4229; enable ptestTim Orling3 years
ChenQi/ fix test_SDK_manifest_entriesChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/oeqa-pkgdatapkgdata: fix test_find_path to consider multilibChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ fix test_arch_work_dir_and_export_sourceChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ fix skipping functionChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ avoid error when cairo module is not availableChen Qi3 years
mazliana/iotgsmoketestoeqa/runtime/pcie: Enable tests for iotgMazliana3 years
ChenQi/util-linux-2.33.2util-linux: upgrade to 2.33.2Chen Qi3 years
dreyna/toaster/package_dep_warnings_13386toaster: improve warnings when adding dependency to packagesDavid Reyna3 years
dreyna/toaster/import_add_layer_13385toaster: issues in import layer when clicking 'add layer'David Reyna3 years
dreyna/toaster/thud_bitbake_2_7_13356toaster: Fix Thud Bitbake release for YP-2.7David Reyna3 years
dreyna/toaster/thud_bitbake_2_6_13356toaster: Fix Thud Bitbake release for YP-2.6David Reyna3 years
halstead/gpgmemgpg_sign/selftest: Fix secmem parameter handlingRichard Purdie3 years
paule/devtool-kerneldevtool: provide support for devtool menuconfig commandSai Hari Chandana Kalluri3 years
rpurdie/qemuarm64testqemuarm64 kvm testingRichard Purdie3 years
ChenQi/systemd-muslsystemd: avoid musl specific patches affect glibc systemsChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/libxfont2-cvelibxfont2: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
akuster/ptestruntime ptest: run each ptest separatelyArmin Kuster3 years
srifenbark/bb-manual-1.42bitbake-user-manual: Added npm to other fetcher list.Scott Rifenbark3 years
meta-yocto/stable/warrior-nmutoeqa/systemd_boot: Drop OETestIDRichard Purdie3 years
halstead/warriorInvalidate SSTATE for cluster performance benchmark.Michael Halstead3 years
ChenQi/cve_productssquashfs-tools: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ghostscript-cveghostscript: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
rbt/addtaskbitbake: tests/ Add testcase for addtask and deltaskRobert Yang3 years
ChenQi/dropbear-cvedropbear: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/libsdl-cvelibsdl: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/webkitgtk-cvewebkitgtk: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
rbt/ Print warning when checkstatus() failedRobert Yang3 years
rbt/sigsbb: siggen: Print more info when basehash are mis-matchedRobert Yang3 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/warrior_branch_13287toaster: update to WarriorDavid Reyna3 years
ChenQi/busybox-dcbusybox: fix ptest failure about 'dc'Chen Qi3 years
ChenQi/base-files-issuebase-files: move hostname operations out of issue file settingsChen Qi3 years
dreyna/toaster/warrior_branch_13287core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Try and keep image below 4GB limitRichard Purdie3 years
1.42poky.ent: Removed "ECLIPSE" entity variables.Scott Rifenbark3 years
ChenQi/qemu-tputrunqemu: do not check return code of tputChen Qi3 years
stable/sumo-nmutdevtool: Split tests into multiple classesRichard Purdie3 years
eyeoh7/resulttool-manualexecution-enhance-fix-refactorresulttool/manualexecution: Enable configuration options selectionYeoh Ee Peng3 years
pkj/arm-tuningsarm-tunes: Add armv8a to TUNE_FEATURES as appropriatePeter Kjellerstedt3 years
naveen/asciidocRevert "asciidoc: use Python 3 port"Naveen Saini3 years
xberger/deb_signpackage_manager: sign DEB package feedsXavier Berger3 years
ChenQi/nasm-cvenasm: add CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/xorg-cvexserver-xorg: set CVE_PRODUCTChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/binutils-pvbinutils: fix PV to respect upstream tag and also cve databaseChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/openssl-fixupopenssl: follow OE's rule for specifying CVE IDChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/libarchive-fixuplibarchive: fix up CVE IDs in patchesChen Qi3 years
rbt/premirrorfetch2: Use bb.utils.to_boolean() for BB_NO_NETWORKRobert Yang3 years
mazliana/resulttool-manualexecutionoeqa/manual/eclipse-plugin.json: Add missing "s" in expected_results keyMazliana3 years
rbt/mirrorfetch2: Add get_mirrorname()Robert Yang3 years
rbt/patterncooker: Fix bbfile_config_priorities when BBFILE_PATTERN is emptyRobert Yang3 years
rbt/fetch2fetch2: Add gitsm's method process_submodules()Robert Yang3 years
rpurdie/lttng-reproducebitbake: fetch2/wget: Remove pointless lambda functionRichard Purdie3 years
stable/sumo-nmut3dnf: default to disable systemd unitsChen Qi3 years
rpurdie/license-experiments-oslspackage: Add license computation experimentRichard Purdie3 years
ChenQi/systemd-one-moresystemd: backport one more patch to fix version.h parallel build failureChen Qi3 years
timo/python3-dogtail-v2[WIP] Add gui testing packagegroup and image featureTim Orling3 years
ChenQi/ return info after fallback methodsChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/systemd-parallelsystemd: backport patch to fix parallel build failureChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/efi-realpathsystemd: update efi PACKAGECONFIG to depend on coreutils-nativeChen Qi3 years
zedd/kernel-fullpoky/kernel: make default 5.0Bruce Ashfield3 years
stable/sumo-nmut2linux-yocto/4.14: configuration cleanupsBruce Ashfield3 years
ChenQi/systemd-241systemd-boot: upgrade to 241Chen Qi3 years
anujm/syslinuxsyslinux: upgrade to 6.04-pre2Anuj Mittal3 years
stable/sumo-testbitbake: utils: add optional callback to edit_bblayers_conf()Paul Eggleton3 years
ChenQi/PU-20190220tar: upgrade to 1.31Chen Qi3 years
timo/vulkan-splitvulkan-tools: add recipe for 1.1.97Tim Orling3 years
ChenQi/PU-20190219sudo: upgrade to 1.8.27Chen Qi3 years
mazliana/manualtestcasesoeqa/manual/bsp-hw.json: add non-IA testsMazliana3 years
kangkai/prefix-mapopenssl: update patch to fix buildpaths qa issue for -fmacro-prefix-mapKai Kang3 years
eyeoh7/resultstoolscripts/resulttool: enable manual execution and result creationMazliana3 years
srifenbark/1.42bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typoScott Rifenbark3 years
srifenbark/1.40bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typoScott Rifenbark3 years
srifenbark/1.38bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typoScott Rifenbark3 years
srifenbark/1.36bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typoScott Rifenbark3 years
extended-life/daisygmp: build fix for x86-64 with gcc 5Andre McCurdy3 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/thud_branch_13064toaster: correctly register the thud branchDavid Reyna3 years
dreyna/toaster/thud_branch_13064toaster: correctly register the thud branchDavid Reyna3 years
ChenQi/ avoid target-sdk-dummy-provides to mess things upChen Qi3 years
dziendzi/gcc-1gcc-shared-source: Fix devtool missing patch/unpack tasksTomasz Dziendzielski3 years
dziendzi/gccgcc-shared-source: Fix devtool missing patch/unpack tasksTomasz Dziendzielski3 years
dziendzi/patch-commentlib/oe/ Fix the function commentTomasz Dziendzielski3 years
dziendzi/patchlib/oe/ Fix applying a directory as a patchTomasz Dziendzielski3 years
rbt/confbitbake: ConfHandler: Don't strip leading spacesRobert Yang3 years
rbt/bbfilebitbake: cookerdata: Check duplicated BBFILE_COLLECTIONSRobert Yang3 years
ChenQi/ avoid error in tearDownClass due to race condistionChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/ unset BBPATH and BUILDDIR to avoid eSDK failureChen Qi3 years
mazliana/test-case-mgmt-store-report-revisedscripts/lib/testcasemgmt/ code based on pythonicMazliana3 years
CoRfr/libaionative-thudlibaio: Extend to nativePeter Kjellerstedt3 years
ChenQi/ remove fetch results from download directory to avoid failureChen Qi3 years
stable/thud-nmut2oeqa/runtime/cases: Improve test dependency informationRichard Purdie3 years
ChenQi/ whilelist one more amba error messageChen Qi3 years
rbt/siggenbb: siggen: Print more info when basehash are mis-matchedRobert Yang3 years
eyeoh7/test-case-mgmt-integratedtestcasemgmt/regression: enable regression analysis for test resultsYeoh Ee Peng3 years
ChenQi/target-dummytarget-sdk-provides-dummy: add more perl modules to avoid populate_sdk failureChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/etc-hostsnetbase/base-files: move /etc/hosts from netbase to base-filesChen Qi3 years
kangkai/systemdlocal.conf.sample: make systemd as default init managerKai Kang3 years
ChenQi/ use different STAMPS_DIR and SSTATE_DIRChen Qi3 years
akuster/master-wipnetbase: update to 5.5Armin Kuster3 years
sangeeta-tcmsscripts/test-case-mgmt: enable manual execution and result creationMazliana3 years
kangkai/testimagetestimage.bbclass: remove boot parameter systemd.log_targetKai Kang3 years
ChenQi/package_warnpackage.bbclass: fix python unclosed file ResourceWarningChen Qi3 years
halstead/masteryocto-uninative: Correct sha256sum for aarch64Michael Halstead3 years
paule/devtool32aman-pages: set CLEANBROKENPaul Eggleton3 years
aehs29/multiconfig_events_bugpoky-mctest: add a new distro to test out bug in multiconfigAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego3 years
ChenQi/selftest_logoeqa/selftest/context: ensure log directory existsChen Qi3 years
sangeeta/kernel_devCode for automation of kernel develpoment testcasesangeeta jain3 years
ChenQi/qemu_use_kvmoeqa: drop support of listing machines in QEMU_USE_KVMChen Qi3 years
ChenQi/PUat: upgrade to 3.1.23Chen Qi3 years
rbt/pyshbitbake: pysh: Improve error handling for shell codeRobert Yang3 years
mroussin/remove_cmake_versioncmake: remove version in directory structureMaxime Roussin-Bélanger3 years
rbt/appendcooker: simplify BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLYRobert Yang3 years
ChenQi/netbase-hostsnetbase: add entry to /etc/hosts according to /etc/hostnameChen Qi3 years
stable/rocko-nmutsocat: fix LICENSEPaul Eggleton4 years
stable/rocko-nextnpm.bbclass: Fix building node modules with npm@5Böszörményi Zoltán4 years
rbt/pybitbake: BBHandler: Check tab indentation for python codeRobert Yang4 years
cha/ddimage-fixesscripts/contrib/ddimage: remove readlink -f checksChin Huat Ang4 years
ChenQi/busybox-ptestbase-files: default hostname to localhostChen Qi4 years
rbt/uboot_sumouboot-sign.bbclass: fix signature and deploymentRobert Yang4 years
aehs29/multiconfig_providescooker: Fix multiconfig dependenciesAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
aehs29/py3-manifest-commentspython: Adds instructions to the manifest fileAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
timo/perl-cross-5.28.0-YP12501perl-sanityAlexander Kanavin4 years
timo/poky-ptest-runner-LAVA-WIP[WIP] ptest-runner: add patch to emit LAVA signalsTim Orling4 years
rbt/bb_improve_errorbitbake: BBHandler: Fix __python_func_regexp__ for comment linesRobert Yang4 years
halstead/yocto-autobuilder-helperconfig.json: Remove sstate, add oe-selftest, and replace beagleboneMichael Halstead4 years
ChenQi/systemd-CVEssystemd: fix CVE-2018-15688Chen Qi4 years
ChenQi/gdbm-ptestgdbm: fix ptest failureChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/go-depgo-dep: disable PTEST_ENABLED for mips and mips64Chen Qi4 years
ross/gettext-refactorgettext-runtime: add recipeRoss Burton4 years
ChenQi/udev-extraconfpackagegroup-core-lsb/-x11-sato: no udev-extraconf in case of systemdChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/libaio-nativesdklibaio: extend to nativesdkChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/systemd-alternativessystemd: add back alternatives for init utitiliesChen Qi4 years
rpurdie/metaoetoybox: Fix paths to match OE conventionsDan McGregor4 years
rpurdie/oecoreqemux86/gstreamer: Move kernel module recommendation to the machine configura...Richard Purdie4 years
ChenQi/python-cvepython: backport patch to fix CVE-2018-14647Chen Qi4 years
rpurdie/bitbaketest/data: Add new tests for task checksum changing/not changingRichard Purdie4 years
rpurdie/t223data: Ensure task checksums account for remove dataRichard Purdie4 years
timo/lava-ptest-runner2[WIP] Initial LAVA supportTim Orling4 years
ChenQi/bind-sysvinitbind: fix startup failure in sysvinitChen Qi4 years
stable/rocko-nmut2make: add missing Signed-off-byRoss Burton4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/toaster_cummulative_101418toaster: missing shutil importDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/shutil_import_12959toaster: missing shutil importDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/django_ver_12958toaster: bump django version to match build toolsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/distro_conf_12957toaster: bad link for distro conf fileDavid Reyna4 years
timo/perl-5.28.0perl-sanityAlexander Kanavin4 years
timo/python3.7[WIP] libmodulemd: add recipe for 1.6.4Tim Orling4 years
ChenQi/misc-fixnativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: add nativesdk-flexChen Qi4 years
anujm/sumolinux-yocto: update genericx86* SRCREV for 4.14Anuj Mittal4 years
ChenQi/util-linux-unshareutil-linux: fix alternatives setting for unshareChen Qi4 years
pankaj/toaster-ui-testcaseAdded automated script for toaster module testsuite1Yadav, PankajX4 years
dreyna/toaster/custom_image_protection_12887toaster: custom image enable layer add, protect pre-cloned layersDavid Reyna4 years
mazliana/qa-revamp-manualMerge branch 'eyeoh7/test-case-mgmt' into mazliana/qa-revamp-manualMazliana4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/toaster_cummulative_092918toaster: disable git remote check to allow for firewallsDavid Reyna4 years
cha/cmakeNativemeta-ide-support: add cmake-nativeChin Huat Ang4 years
dreyna/toaster/fix_bitbake_path_12942toaster: [Sumo] fix bitbake flexible path error from Bugzilla #12891Awais Belal4 years
ChenQi/webkitgtk-openglwebkitgtk: fix to build without openglChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/esdk-fixeslibsdl2: disable sndio explicitly to avoid inconsistent resultChen Qi4 years
kangkai/ML-sep29vala: update vapigen-wrapperKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/glibc-qemuppcglibc: refresh patch to also fix qemuppcChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/nativesdk-recipe-sysrootnativesdk.bbclass: set consistent staging dirs regardless of multilibChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/runqemu-fixrunqemu: fix handling of SIGTERM and the problem of line wrappingChen Qi4 years
rpurdie/mithrosanity2 exampleRichard Purdie4 years
kangkai/ML20libcheck: avoid multilib install file conflictKai Kang4 years
kangkai/ML0918os-release: fix install file conflict for multilibKai Kang4 years
maxin/connman-gtkconnman-gtk: add initial versionMaxin B. John4 years
kangkai/girvala: update vapigen-wrapperKai Kang4 years
rbt/ move it to oe-core/scriptsRobert Yang4 years
rbt/ add -t option for layer_typeRobert Yang4 years
ChenQi/autotools-cleanautotools: do more cleanup when in do_configureChen Qi4 years
kangkai/noarchV5target-sdk-provides-dummy: skip package_qa_multilib checkKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/ add clean option to 'devtool build' commandChen Qi4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/sumo_cummulative_082618bitbake: toaster: Fix comparison in recipe templateKarsten Strand4 years
btgoodwin/wic-imagerwic: Added support to list available imager pluginsThomas Goodwin4 years
aehs29/py3-manifest-fixespython3-manifest: Avoid duplicate modulesAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
ChenQi/autotools-indentationautotools.bbclass: adjust indentation for consistencyChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/busybox-alternativesbusybox: fix the alternatives logicChen Qi4 years
maxin/upgradesvulkan-demos: upgrade to latest versionMaxin B. John4 years
ChenQi/perms-confpackage.bbclass: warn if perms conf file does not existChen Qi4 years
kangkai/cveswebkitgtk: fix CVEsKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/oeqa-sdkoeqa/sdk: fixes related to hasPackage semanticsChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/staging-nativestaging.bbclass: avoid staging native components for target sysrootChen Qi4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_082618toaster: enable project import and merged Toaster settingsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/import_builds_12902toaster: enable project import and merged Toaster settingsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/alternate_pokydirname_12891toaster/layerdetails.js: don't hide local layer infoAwais Belal4 years
kangkai/allarch-enabled-V4multilib: fix install file conflictsKai Kang4 years
kangkai/allarch-enabled-V3multilib: fix install file conflictsKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/keyerrorutils.bbclass: fix KeyError exceptionChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/util-linux-2.32.1util-linux: upgrade 2.32 -> 2.32.1Chen Qi4 years
kangkai/allarch-enabledsstate.bbclass: update SSTATE_DUPWHITELISTKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/cmake-esdkcmake-native: fix to function correctly in case of eSDKChen Qi4 years
akuster/master_pkg_tstgnutls: Update to 3.6.3Armin Kuster4 years
ChenQi/ fix AttributeError in tearDownClassChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/libnss-dbglibc: re-package for libnss-dbChen Qi4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/project_specific_12785Toaster: Implement the project-specific feature and releated enhancements and...David Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/project_specific_12785Toaster: Implement the project-specific feature and releated enhancements and...David Reyna4 years
ChenQi/yocto12872man-db: rdepend on base-passwd to ensure installation orderChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/ output correct log locationChen Qi4 years
kangkai/disable-allarchallarch: disable allarch when multilib is usedKai Kang4 years
jpew/hash-equivalence-sumoalsa-lib: Cleanup packagingJoshua Watt4 years
paule/argparsescripts: use argparse for command line parsingPaul Eggleton4 years
kangkai/allarch3allarch: disable allarch when multilib is usedKai Kang4 years
anujm/9338oeqa: add selftest for python pgoMarkus Lehtonen4 years
anujm/rockocryptodev: Fix build errors with v4.13+Daniel Schultz4 years
ChenQi/ fix for syslog-ngChen Qi4 years
kangkai/allarchlayer.conf: update SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPSKai Kang4 years
ChenQi/man-dbman-db: remove '--disable-cache-owner' optionChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/base-files-resizebase-files: fix handling of resizeChen Qi4 years
sumo-nextshadow: fix CVE-2017-2616Andrej Valek4 years
eyeoh7/result-test-logscripts/test-result-log: refactor and rename for easy read and maintainYeoh Ee Peng4 years
ChenQi/ increase default bus timeoutChen Qi4 years
paule/devtool-selftest-fix2oe-selftest: devtool: avoid parallel races by using temporary copy of corePaul Eggleton4 years
ChenQi/busybox-initbusybox: move init related configs to init.cfgChen Qi4 years
kraj/masterrunit-services: Add recipe for additional runit services from voidKhem Raj4 years
aehs29/mcdependsmulticonfig: Enable multiconfig dependencies on oe-coreAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
ChenQi/logging-warninglogging: use warning instead warnChen Qi4 years
akuster/mut-pkg-upbind: update to 9.11.4Armin Kuster4 years
ChenQi/systemd-239systemd-boot: upgrade to 239Chen Qi4 years
rbt/qipopulate_sdk_ext.bbclass: add SDK_CONF_MANIFEST_EXCLUDEChen Qi4 years
jpew/iaopsstate.bbclass: Base on Dependency IDJoshua Watt4 years
ChenQi/parselogs-westonoeqa/runtime/cases/ ignore a message from westonChen Qi4 years
jpew/yocto-12808diff backup contextJoshua Watt4 years
timo/python3-dogtail[WIP] Add gui testing packagegroup and image featureTim Orling4 years
aehs29/tiny-armlinux-yocto-tiny: Enable arm buildAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
stable/morty-nextlibnl: fix CVE-2017-0553Andre McCurdy4 years
stable/morty-nmutlibnl: fix CVE-2017-0553Andre McCurdy4 years
ArsalanHAwan/initrdscripts-init-liveinitrdscripts/ fix mounts w/ spaces fail to move to real rootfsArsalan H. Awan4 years
ChenQi/systemd-bus-timeoutoeqa/runtime/cases/ avoid timeout problemChen Qi4 years
ross/virtioqemu : always turn on virtio-vgaRoss Burton4 years
ChenQi/avahi-fixavahi: fix error at boot time for avahi-daemon.serviceChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/rpm_test_caseoeqa/runtime/cases/ change to use base-passwd-docChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/parselogs_failuresdnf: default to disable systemd unitsChen Qi4 years
maxin/upxdg-utils: upgrade to 1.1.3Maxin B. John4 years
ChenQi/rename_selftestoeqa/runtime/cases/ rename to _selftest.pyChen Qi4 years
bjarkefh/waf-fix-externalsrc-buildwaf: Fix building recipes with EXTERNALSRC definedBjarke Freund-Hansen4 years
ChenQi/runqemu-sigtermrunqemu-ifdown: ensure to clean up TAPChen Qi4 years
rpurdie/taarpm: Fix patch to ensure variables aren't used uninitialisedRichard Purdie4 years
akanavin/enable-doxygen(wip!) doxygen.bbclass: add a class to support generating doxygen-based API docsAlexander Kanavin4 years
ChenQi/testimage-autooeqa/core/target/ increase maximum read bytes from 1024 to 4096Chen Qi4 years
aehs29/newlibtclibc-newlib: Adds a new TCLIBC variant to build with newlib as C libraryAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/broken_customxml_threads_12751_patchbitbake: Toaster: fix shutdown and extra threadsDavid Reyna4 years
stable/pyro-mnutstaging.bbclass: use single quotes for path passed to file in is_elf()Andre McCurdy4 years
ChenQi/buildtools-libnss-nisbuildtools-tarball: add nativesdk-libnss-nisChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/sysklogd-typosysklogd: fix typo in RCONFLICTSChen Qi4 years
stable/pyro-nextlibnl: fix CVE-2017-0553Andre McCurdy4 years
ChenQi/buildgalculator-gettextoeqa/sdk/cases/ skip if gettext not availableChen Qi4 years
rpurdie/wip2Revert "dbus-native: Ensure we change the interpreter on dbus-deamon before w...Richard Purdie4 years
ChenQi/devtool-sdk-updatedevtool/ error out in case of downloading file failureChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/PU20180511sudo: upgrade to 1.8.23Chen Qi4 years
ChenQi/PU-20180511sudo: upgrade to 1.8.23Chen Qi4 years
ChenQi/devtool-upgrade-licensedevtool/upgrade: fix the order of license checksum representationChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/create-pull-request-fixcreate-pull-request: handle '/' in subject correctlyChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/testsdkext-multilib-cleanuptestsdkext: remove workspace/sources to avoid failure in case of multilibChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/improve-oe-depends-dotoe-depends-dot: print dependency chains for '--why' optionChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/testsdkext-speedtestsdk.bbclass: set PREMIRRORS for kernel to speed up testChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/sstate-obsolete-codessstate.bbclass: drop obsolete codesChen Qi4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/add_sumo_12713toaster: add 'Sumo' to release selectionDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/add_sumo_12713toaster: add 'Sumo' to release selectionDavid Reyna4 years
kangkai/gstreamer1.14gstreamer1.0: upgrade other packages to 1.14.0Kai Kang4 years
rebeccas/qa-revamp-manualmanual-test-helper: script to improve manual test execution processChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
malu/mtd-utils-testsmtd-utils: Add mtd-utils-tests packageMartin Lund4 years
jurob/reproducible-binaries-sumobash-ptest: improve reproducibilityJuro Bystricky4 years
rbt/ move layer validation to (Performance improve)Robert Yang4 years
ChenQi/multilib_headerslinux-libc-headers: multilib_header asm/kvm_para.h and asm/bpf_perf_event.hChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/recipe-sysroot-mlprefixmultilib/bitbake.conf: default to contain MLPREFIX in RECIPE_SYSROOTChen Qi4 years
vrajendran/externalsrc-debugsrcpackage.bbclass: copydebugsources: remove tabs and apply spaceVignesh Rajendran4 years
ChenQi/cross-canadian-mlprefixcross-canadian: fix do_configure failure when switching machine and multilibChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/man-db-groffman-db: add groff to RDEPENDSChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/valgrind-ptest-prelinkvalgrind: fix the shared object issue while prelink ptestZhixiong Chi4 years
jhuang0/d_patch_CVEs_180411_0patch: fix CVE-2018-1000156Jackie Huang4 years
maxin/updatesmachine: make inclusion of kernel-modules consistentMaxin B. John4 years
ChenQi/rpm-native-dbusrpm: build without dbus for rpm-nativeChen Qi4 years
abrindle/rocko_backportpackage.bbclass: replace rpm/debugedit with dwarfsrcfilesAlexander Kanavin4 years
abrindle/backportpackage.bbclass: replace rpm/debugedit with dwarfsrcfilesAlexander Kanavin4 years
abrindle/pyrodistcc: Change SRC_URIArmin Kuster4 years
akuster/stable/morty-nextlibvorbis: CVE-2018-5146Tanu Kaskinen4 years
mgh/task-accountingRevert " Add a list of active tasks to RunQueueStats"Mark Hatle4 years
rbt/ add an option --timeout for lockfileRobert Yang4 years
akuster/morty_sdk_fixingsdk: generate locale archive and remove packagesRoss Burton4 years
abrindle/rockolibvorbis: CVE-2018-5146Tanu Kaskinen4 years
aehs29/py3manifest-sqlitepython3: Fix do_create_manifest for python3-sqlite3Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
jpew/morty-fc27pseudo: Fix host contamination warningsJoshua Watt4 years
clsulliv/image-creation-imagetypesWIP use KERNEL_IMAGETYPES instead of KERNEL_IMAGETYPECalifornia Sullivan4 years
saung/bitbake-html5libfix html5lib fix to be the same as in the krogoth branchSoemoe Aung4 years
ChenQi/systemd-sulogin-typosystemd: fix typo in sulogin-path settingChen Qi4 years
abrindle/waf_errorwaf.bbclass: Throw error if waf doesn't existAmanda Brindle4 years
ChenQi/systemd-resolvedsystemd: change PACKAGECONFIG 'resolve' back to 'resolved'Chen Qi4 years
maxin/morty-nextgrub-efi: fix build failureMaxin B. John4 years
paule/poky-shell-py-removelib/bb/ dropPaul Eggleton4 years
abrindle/ Check if RPROVIDES changed orderAmanda Brindle4 years
rebeccas/12153-ovmfovmf: refresh patch and use shell variable in recipeChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
rpurdie/wip55uninative: Add compatiblity version checkRichard Purdie4 years
devarsht/matchbox-terminalmain.c: Add support to run user command inside the terminalDevarsh Thakkar4 years
ChenQi/systemd-journal-percentsystemd: add MaxUsePercent and KeepFreePercent support for journalChen Qi4 years
akanavin/fix-patch-fuzzmeta/lib/oe/ set the fuzz factor to zeroAlexander Kanavin4 years
ChenQi/btrfs-tools-rebuildbtrfs-tools: set CLEANBROKEN to 1 to avoid rebuild failureChen Qi4 years
ChenQi/systemd-237systemd-boot: upgrade to 237Chen Qi4 years
pamxdgpam-xdg-support: addRoss Burton4 years
jpew/pyroopenssh: Atomically generate host keysJoshua Watt4 years
stable-gcc-updates/jethrogcc4.9: Upgrade to 4.9.4Juro Bystricky4 years
stable-gcc-updates/mortygcc6: Upgrade to 6.4.0Juro Bystricky4 years
stable-gcc-updates/pyrogcc6: Upgrade to 6.4.0Juro Bystricky4 years
clsulliv/ add myself as -bootconf recipe maintainerCalifornia Sullivan4 years
ChenQi/systemd-236systemd-boot: upgrade to 236Chen Qi4 years
stable/jethro-nexttzdata: update to 2018cArmin Kuster4 years
paule/devtool33devtool: search: tweak help textPaul Eggleton4 years
stable-gcc-updates-pyrogcc5: Upgrade to 5.5.0Juro Bystricky4 years
kristi/bb-manualbitbake-user-manual: Updated BitBake help output due to runall command-line o...Kristi Rifenbark4 years
maxin/pkg-configlibrsvg: unset PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR for relative pathMaxin B. John4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_021518_patchToaster: fix shutdown and extra threadsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/shutdown_12555ster: fix shutdown and extra threadsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/custom_fixture_12554toaster: do not fail on optional 'custom.xml' fileDavid Reyna4 years
rpurdie/wipRevert "extra cache data experiments"Richard Purdie4 years
clsulliv/image-creation-exclude-pathWIP have init-install not use vmlinuzCalifornia Sullivan4 years
rebeccas/ptest-bmap-toolsbmap-tools: enable ptestChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
jurob/reproducible_build5xcb-proto: avoid timestamps in .pyc filesJuro Bystricky4 years
jpew/gold-mingwbinutils: Enable threading for gold in MinGWJoshua Watt4 years
rebeccas/ change ownership for bmap-tools and wic-toolsChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
ChenQi/coreutils-hostnamecoreutils: fix hostname conflict with other packagesChen Qi4 years
abrindle/ Check if RPROVIDES changed orderAmanda Brindle4 years
rbt/toasterbitbake: toaster: don't use git fetch --allRobert Yang4 years
abrindle/ Check if BUILDDIR or .devtoolbase existsAmanda Brindle4 years
arpallet/fix-iwlwifi-8000clinux-firmware: Add reference to iwlwifi-8000C firmwareAvinash Reddy Palleti4 years
hongxu/reproducekbd-ptest: improve reproducibilityHongxu Jia4 years
hongxu/upgrade-20180131apr: 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3Hongxu Jia4 years
jhuang0/d_e2fsprogs-ptest_180202_0e2fsprogs: fix the hardcoded paths for ptestJackie Huang4 years
rbt/inotifybitbake: cooker: improve inotify handlingRobert Yang4 years
aehs29/ninjaninja: Upgrade from 1.7.2 to major release 1.8.2Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego4 years
anelliot/bug12205wic: argparse now used for help functionality.anelliot4 years
akanavin/rpm-lmdbrpm: add and enable lmdb supportAlexander Kanavin4 years
jurob/gcc-7-branchgcc-7.2.1: add support for -static -pieJuro Bystricky4 years
maxin/newpackagesscreen: upgrade to version 4.6.2Maxin B. John4 years
rebeccas/ fix handling of unicode charactersChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
timo/image-creationWIP have init-install not use vmlinuzCalifornia Sullivan4 years
abrindle/rprovidesoe-pkgdata-util: Include colon when searching for variablesAmanda Brindle4 years
rebeccas/wic-devoeqa/sdkext: wic: add new test cases for eSDKChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
rbt/cacheparse: don't add attempted files to dependenciesRobert Yang4 years
jhuang0/d_feature_backfill_180117_0features_backfill: fix for multilibJackie Huang4 years
jhuang0/d_nscd_v3_180116_0glibc: re-package for libnss-dbJackie Huang4 years
joshuagl/failsquilt-native: always failJoshua Lock4 years
aehs29/pypack_rebase_finalpython3: Fix native compilation of gdbm module and manifestAlejandro Hernandez4 years
jhuang0/d_rpcbind_20180110_1rpcbind: Stop freeing a static pointerJackie Huang4 years
jhuang0/d_rpcbind_20180110_0rpcbind: Stop freeing a static pointerJackie Huang4 years
jurob/ experimentJuro Bystricky4 years
rebeccas/12177-wic-esdkwic: append bitbake executable file path in eSDK environmentChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
ChenQi/coreutils-8.29coreutils: upgrade to 8.29Chen Qi4 years
joshuagl/rocko-release-testpoky: simulate a 2.4.2 releaseJoshua Lock4 years
timo/rocko-12148python[3]-setuptools: inherit setuptoolsTim Orling4 years
timo/systemd-bootchartsystemd-bootchart: upgrade to v233; fix build with muslTim Orling4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_123117_patchtoaster: corrupted patch for bldcollector URL fileDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/repair_url_12459toaster: corrupted patch for bldcollector URL fileDavid Reyna4 years
rbt/ fetch repos parallellyRobert Yang4 years
rbt/ make sure oe-core is fetchedRobert Yang4 years
rebeccas/11683-sanitysanity.bbclass: remove obsolete bblayers.conf updater codeChang Rebecca Swee Fun4 years
paule/devtool32oe-selftest: devtool: add test for multiple source treesPaul Eggleton4 years
jurob/reproducible_binaries_4gcc-runtime: improve reproducibilityJuro Bystricky4 years
timo/pypi-v2python-scons: upgrade to 3.0.1; use pypi.bbclassTim Orling4 years
aehs29/pypack_rebasepython-scons: Remove python-importlib dependencyAlejandro Hernandez4 years
ChenQi/dbus-1.12.2dbus-test: upgrade to 1.12.2Chen Qi4 years
gportay/util-linux-create-nativesdk-lib-packagesutil-linux: create nativesdk lib packagesGaël PORTAY4 years
gportay/ fix opkg custom config pathGaël PORTAY4 years
gportay/deploy-real-fit-imagekernel: fitimage: deploy real fit-imageGaël PORTAY4 years
mgh/uninativeuninative.bbclass: Fix broken symlink issueMark Hatle4 years
rbt/ don't build gcc-runtime when --skip-compilationRobert Yang4 years
jhuang0/d_backfill_multilib_171207_0features_backfill: fix for multilibJackie Huang4 years
paule/testsizeAdd a task to test the size calculationsPaul Eggleton4 years
jairglez/ Add id to tests missing itJair Gonzalez4 years
ChenQi/PU-coreutils-pciutilscoreutils: add PACKAGECONFIG for single-binaryChen Qi4 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-isolationcore/ fix regex to include all available test casesLeonardo Sandoval4 years
paule/devtool31afixup kmeta reduxPaul Eggleton4 years
akuster/morty-nextnspr: Fix build error due to missing stdint.h> includeKhem Raj4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_112017_patch_rockotoaster: add 'nobuild' option to ToasterDavid Reyna4 years
jperez/bug10745-fulloeqa/selftest: Adds verification for the integrity compressed imagesJose Perez Carranza4 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_112017_patchtoaster: add 'nobuild' option to ToasterDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/splash_cmdline_12316toaster: landing page show cmdline captureDavid Reyna4 years
custom_git_env_12193toaster: enable custom env support for shell callsDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/recipes_no_packages_12204toaster: some recipe events do not include packagesDavid Reyna4 years
dreyna/toaster/django1_11_12192toaster: update Toaster for Django 1.11David Reyna4 years
unset_bbpath_12363toaster: unset BBPATH before starting bbserver for backwards compatibilityDavid Reyna4 years
jperez/bug-10744-dnfruntime/dnf: Add new dnf test casesJose Perez Carranza4 years
ChenQi/procps-two-fixesprocps: fix two small problemsChen Qi5 years
lsandov1/ runs oe-selftest in parallelLeonardo Sandoval5 years
ChenQi/bind-daemon-sysvinitbind: fix daemon startup failure on sysvinitChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/template-layer-conftemplates/layer.conf: remove backslash to enable bbappend settingChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/util-linux-rfkillutil-linux: fix register location for rfkill to avoid conflictChen Qi5 years
rpurdie/wipqueue5runqemu: Also specialcase resolution of '.' to the file's locationRichard Purdie5 years
abrindle/bbvars_tinfoil2scripts/contrib/ Remove dead codeAmanda Brindle5 years
nobuild_12315toaster: add 'nobuild' option to ToasterDavid Reyna5 years
splash_cmdline_12316toaster: landing page show cmdline captureDavid Reyna5 years
abrindle/bbvars_tinfoilscripts/contrib/ Rewrite to use tinfoilAmanda Brindle5 years
ChenQi/esdk_manifest_excludespopulate_sdk_ext.bbclass: add ESDK_MANIFEST_EXCLUDESChen Qi5 years
aehs29/genx86_master_kernellinux-yocto: Update genericx86* SRCREVs for linux-yocto 4.4Alejandro Hernandez5 years
jhuang0/d_consolekit_171113_1polkit: add consolekit only when x11 is enabledJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/autoconf-archive-allarchautoconf-archive: inherit allarch and fix package splittingChen Qi5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-parallel-debugscripts/oe-selftest: run all testsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
gportay/mastertestimage: Ensure full logs are shown for failuresRichard Purdie5 years
jhuang0/d_iscsi-openisns_171109_0iscsi-initiator-utils: check file existence before movingJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/PU-20171109gawk: upgrade to 4.2.0Chen Qi5 years
sgw/wic-for-rebeccawic: Subcommands now use a common verify_native_sysroot()Saul Wold5 years
paule/devtool31devtool: implement override handlingPaul Eggleton5 years
ChenQi/bug12266gcc: backport patch to fix miscompilation on mips64Chen Qi5 years
jairglez/oest_dup_logsQemuRunner: Remove extra handler to avoid duplicated log linesJair Gonzalez5 years
jhuang0/d_samba-ad-dc-v2_171107_0samba: fix for AD DC serviceJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/util-linux-2.31bash-completion: remove rfkill file that util-linux providesChen Qi5 years
akuster/pyro-nextruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-14064Armin Kuster5 years
joshuagl/runqemuscripts/runqemu: when qemu fails to start with kvm retry with kvm disabledJoshua Lock5 years
jhuang0/d_nscd_171102_0glibc/nscd: do not cache for netgroup by defaultJackie Huang5 years
wenzong/initscriptsinitscripts: disable for busybox initWenzong Fan5 years
jhuang0/d_nscd_171031_0glibc/nscd: do not cache for netgroup by defaultJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/hosttools_settingbitbake.conf: fix HOSTTOOLS setting related to image testingChen Qi5 years
jhuang0/d_consolekit_171113_0libreport: fix Nothing RPROVIDES 'lib32-python3-libreport'Hongxu Jia5 years
malik/fix-python-ctypes-runtime-dependencypython-ctypes: Add dependency to python-subprocessMalik Olivier Boussejra5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-own-directoryscripts/oe-selftest: oe-selftest-internal wrapper scripts that isolates execu...Leonardo Sandoval5 years
joshuagl/distrodatascripts/distro: generate csv files with descriptive column headersJoshua Lock5 years
malik/systemd-add-configssystemd: Add support to disable/enable tmpfilesMalik Olivier Boussejra5 years
jhuang0/d_samba-ad-dc_171024_0samba: fix for AD DC serviceJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/bug12227bitbake.conf: add ssh to HOSTTOOLS_NONFATALChen Qi5 years
sgw/sumowic: Use mmd from mtools instead of syslinuxSaul Wold5 years
joshuagl/alimon/oe_selftest_threadedoeqa/selftest/cases/devtool: no need to pre-build xz-nativeJoshua Lock5 years
lsandov1/perl-upgrade-5.26.1perl: upgrade to 5.26.1Leonardo Sandoval5 years
maxin/contribconnman-gtk: add initial versionMaxin B. John5 years
ChenQi/own-mirrorsown-mirrors.bbclass: allow other settings of PREMIRRORS have effectChen Qi5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/remove_prettify_12206toaster: remove prettifyDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/remove_prettify_12206toaster: remove prettifyDavid Reyna5 years
akuster/pyro-next-wipimage_types.bbclass: Make u-boot signed images more versatileTom Rini5 years
sgw/nextbitbake: README: new readme file including main aspects of the projectLeonardo Sandoval5 years
dreyna/toaster/lost_toasterconf_12194toaster: build missing toaster.conf settingsDavid Reyna5 years
joshuagl/testcaseslib/oeqa/selftest/cases/gotoolchain: add selftest for the Go toolchainJoshua Lock5 years
ChenQi/hosttools_testimagebitbake.conf: add tools required by testimage to HOSTTOOLS conditionallyChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/ffmpeg_3.3.4ffmpeg: upgrade to 3.3.4Chen Qi5 years
libby/ Adds testcases for dpkg package managerlibertad5 years
rpurdie/wipqueue8bintuils/gcc bbappend target optsRichard Purdie5 years
ChenQi/serialtty_allow_emptysystemd-serialtty: allow empty packageChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/ffmpeg-cvesffmpeg: backport patches to fix 12 CVEsChen Qi5 years
lsandov1/gpg-fixesselftest/cases/runtime_test: ignore removal errors when cleaning temporary gp...Leonardo Sandoval5 years
libby/ update testcase Ids.libertad5 years
paule/fixclasses: drop image dependencies on TOPDIR variablePaul Eggleton5 years
paule/pyro-initramfs-fiximage.bbclass: drop initramfs bundle related codeMing Liu5 years
hsalejandro/tinyx86linux-yocto-tiny: Enable qemux86-64 on linux-yocto-tiny 4.12Alejandro Hernandez5 years
jurob/ improve reproducibilityJuro Bystricky5 years
lsandov1/signingsigning: export GPG_TTY prior to gpg launchLeonardo Sandoval5 years
halstead/yocto-2.3.1Force full rebuild of 2.3.1 without SSTATE for timing data.Michael Halstead5 years
jhuang0/d_samhain_170915_0samhain: fix QA issue for GNU_HASHJackie Huang5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_140917_patchtoaster: allow dots in user path namesDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/dots_in_paths_10650toaster: allow dots in user path namesDavid Reyna5 years
hsalejandro/genx86_morty_kernellinux-yocto: Update genericx86* SRCREVs for linux-yocto 4.4Alejandro Hernandez5 years
dreyna/toaster/reserve_head_9924toaster: reserve HEAD from imported layersDavid Reyna5 years
hsalejandro/genx86_pyro_kernellinux-yocto: Update genericx86* SRCREVs for linux-yocto 4.10Alejandro Hernandez5 years
hsalejandro/tinywiccore-image-tiny-initramfs: initramfs recipes should not generate an actual im...Alejandro Hernandez5 years
lsandov1/test_signing_packagesgpp_sign: improve subprocess call when signing packagesLeonardo Sandoval5 years
wenzong/mgh-master-nextselinux-python: add setools to RDEPENDSWenzong Fan5 years
paule/devtool-extract-reworkserver/process: ensure log shown is only for current invocationPaul Eggleton5 years
zedd/fragmentskernel: make kernel configuration fragments available without kernel-yoctoBruce Ashfield5 years
armcc/daisymklibs-native: update SRC_URIAndre McCurdy5 years
jperez/devtool-kernel-no-topdirselftest/devtool: Avoid writing on TOPDIR on kernel test caseJose Perez Carranza5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_070917_patchtoaster: update pyro to rocko as stable releaseDavid Reyna5 years
jmcruzal/devtooldevtool/standard: set a preferred provider when adding a new recipe with devtoolJuan M Cruz Alcaraz5 years
dreyna/toaster/update_to_rocko_12037toaster: update pyro to rocko as stable releaseDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/build_exceptions_12056toaster: catch early git and server exceptionsDavid Reyna5 years
ChenQi/iputils-hangiputils: backport patch to fix arping hang problemChen Qi5 years
jku/piglit-rebasedcore-tools-testapps: Re-add piglitJussi Kukkonen5 years
ed/wipwic: run bmaptool with native Python3Ed Bartosh5 years
ChenQi/python3-nativesdkpython3-setuptools: extend to nativesdkChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/syslog-conflictssysklogd: conflict with other syslog daemonsChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/systemd-serialgettysystemd-serialgetty: remove systemd from RDEPENDSChen Qi5 years
wenzong/selinux-uprevselinux-python: add setools to RDEPENDSWenzong Fan5 years
kangkai/dbusdbus: fix ptest runtime failuresKai Kang5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_020917_patchtoaster: edit column list not sortedDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/recipe_links_12006toaster: recipe links broken for default layersDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/missing_ToasterSetting_12036ster: missing ToasterSetting importDavid Reyna5 years
paule/sigfixessiggen: move reset() definition to base SignatureGenerator classPaul Eggleton5 years
rebeccas/11505-wipwip: migrate sdk naming convention to esdkChang Rebecca Swee Fun5 years
dreyna/toaster/unsorted_edit_columns_12004toaster: edit column list not sortedDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_300817_patchtoaster: set default pokydirname if no external layersOlaf Mandel5 years
sgw/insaneinsane.bbclass: Warn if ${COREBASE}/LICENSE is usedSaul Wold5 years
khao/mastermeta-yocto-bsp: bump to the latest linux stable kernel for the non-x86 BSPsKevin Hao5 years
sgw/m3insane.bbclass: Warn if ${COREBASE}/LICENSE is usedSaul Wold5 years
dreyna/toaster/default_pokydirname_12015toaster: set default pokydirname if no external layersOlaf Mandel5 years
dreyna/toaster/debug_layer_list_12014toaster: debug message for lists layers missing separatorsOlaf Mandel5 years
dreyna/toaster/order_column_11040toaster: Order column in Tasks selectableAwais Belal5 years
dreyna/toaster/empty_fstypes_8126toaster: display error when the fstype select is emptyDavid Reyna5 years
paule/devtool29scriptutils: fix to use lowercase dummy recipe namePaul Eggleton5 years
pkj/setscene-errorssstate.bbclass: Do not cause build failures due to setscene errorsPeter Kjellerstedt5 years
pkj/setscene-errors-bitbakefetch2: Allow to warn instead of errorPeter Kjellerstedt5 years
jhuang0/d_corosync_170829_0corosync: add support for extra featuresJackie Huang5 years
lsandov1/sstate-nodistrosstatetests: use world instead of core-image-satoLeonardo Sandoval5 years
jku/mesa-without-openglxserver-xorg: Enable xwayland only with openglJussi Kukkonen5 years
jhuang0/r_up_python-beautifulsoup4_170825_0python-beautifulsoup4: add new recipe for both python2 and python3Jackie Huang5 years
alimon/oe_selftest_threadedoeqa/selftest/cases: systemd_boot enable threaded runsAníbal Limón5 years
alimon/simple_patchesbb/tinfoil: run_command handle busy status in bitbake serverAníbal Limón5 years
jperez/bug10745selftest/runtime_test: Add tests for images compression typesJose Perez Carranza5 years
hsalejandro/python_autopack_finalhwlatdetect: fix RDEPENDS to avoid QA failuresAlejandro Hernandez5 years
lsandov1/perl-5.26.0perl: partial upgrade from 5.24.1 to 5.26.0Leonardo Sandoval5 years
maxin/xattr-wipxattr.bbclass: add xattr classMaxin B. John5 years
lsandov1/tinfoil-exampletinfoil-example: example code that produce the EOFError exceptionLeonardo Sandoval5 years
cinlyooi/11596-bzip2bzip2: Create Makefile for run-ptestCinly Ooi5 years
jhuang0/d_debug-shell_170822_0systemd: add dependency on initscripts-sushell for selinuxJackie Huang5 years
wenzong/gdk-pixbuf-v2gdk-pixbuf: fix ptest RDEPENDS for multilib buildWenzong Fan5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/custom_layer_index_11957toaster: support custom Layer Index URL and fixture overrideDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/custom_layer_index_11957toaster: support custom Layer Index URL and fixture overrideDavid Reyna5 years
zedd/kernel-fragskernel-yocto: copy in tree defconfig if they are the sameBruce Ashfield5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_200817_patchToaster: custom start and stop actionsDavid Reyna5 years
ChenQi/runqemu_boot_errorqemu conf: replace deprecated option with new optionChen Qi5 years
jku/mesongst-player: Upgrade, rename to gst-examplesJussi Kukkonen5 years
hsalejandro/python_autopack2python: Restructure python packaging and replace it with autopackagingAlejandro Hernandez5 years
jhuang0/d_libsndfile1_CVE_170817_1libsndfile1: Fix CVE-2017-8363Jackie Huang5 years
jhuang0/d_libsndfile1_CVE_170817_0libsndfile1: Fix CVE-2017-8363Jackie Huang5 years
hsalejandro/python_autopackpython: Python AutoPackaging cleanup v2Alejandro Hernandez5 years
jairglez/bbevent_extendedbitbake: tests: Add event classes test classJair Gonzalez5 years
ChenQi/persistent-var-logpackage.bbclass: support persistent /var/logChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/CVE-2017-12424shadow: fix CVE-2017-12424Chen Qi5 years
paule/fixes3arecipetool: allow plugins to set LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUMPaul Eggleton5 years
dreyna/toaster/custom_start_actions_11938toaster: custom start and stop actionsDavid Reyna5 years
zedd/wipkernel-yocto: ensure that only valid BSPs are builtBruce Ashfield5 years
paule/fixes3recipetool: create: fix incorrect URL being fetchedPaul Eggleton5 years
jku/updatesgdk-pixbuf: Upgrade 2.36.6 -> 2.36.8Jussi Kukkonen5 years
dreyna/toaster/image_dependencies_11915toaster: custom image updates and original creationDavid Reyna5 years
ChenQi/sysstat_confsysstat: fix creating configuration file for /var/log/saChen Qi5 years
sgw/wip1WIP: create a more generic bootfs mechanismSaul Wold5 years
sgw/wip2kernel: Add support for multiple kernel packagesHaris Okanovic5 years
jku/libinputlibinput: Upgrade 1.7.3 -> 1.8.1Jussi Kukkonen5 years
sgw/multikernel: Add support for multiple kernel packagesHaris Okanovic5 years
lamego/test_8109-8108-2017Aug08-120154terminal: wait for terminal task to finish before proceddingLeonardo Sandoval5 years
rbt/bitbakebitbake: main: make observe-only work without --bindRobert Yang5 years
lsandov1/ convert long string values to a multiple line for r...Leonardo Sandoval5 years
humberto/ Added tests for qemuparamsHumberto Ibarra5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_280717_patchtoaster: move to new bitbake xmlrpc defaultDavid Reyna5 years
lsandov1/poky-launch-custom-qemurunqemu: return None in case the qb system is not foundLeonardo Sandoval5 years
yinthong/bugfixltp: remove uclibc supportChoong YinThong5 years
jhuang0/r_up_openl2tp_170728_0openl2tp: add init script and systemd supportJackie Huang5 years
default_xmlrpc_11851toaster: move to new bitbake xmlrpc defaultDavid Reyna5 years
humberto/ added testsuite for multiconfigHumberto Ibarra5 years
jperez/bug11435oeqa/runtime/ Add automatic target loadingMariano Lopez5 years
paule/bb-diffsigs-server-fixbitbake-diffsigs: fix regression after recent server changesPaul Eggleton5 years
timo/multikernelMore multikernel WIPTim Orling5 years
bavery/oe/rm_kernel-settings_from_qemu_and_x86meta: remove kernel settings from machine confsbrian avery5 years
bavery/yocto/rm_rest_kernel_settingsmeta-yocto-bsp: remove superflous kernel settingsbrian avery5 years
bavery/yocto/rm_linux-yocto_from_machineconfV2poky: Remove machine specific kernel overridesbrian avery5 years
lsandov1/python3-config-multilibpython-3.5-manifest: move python3.5-config script into the dev packageLeonardo Sandoval5 years
ChenQi/PU-20170724dbus/dbus-test: upgrade to 1.10.20Chen Qi5 years
weiteeng/initramfscore-image-minimal-initramfs: use initramfs-framework by defaultNg, Wei Tee5 years
bavery/mv_linux-yocto_into_machineconfpoky: Remove machine specific kernel overridesbrian avery5 years
paule/fixes2frecipetool: create: refactor code for ensuring npm is availablePaul Eggleton5 years
ChenQi/dhclient_servicedhcp: add dhclient.serviceChen Qi5 years
sweeaun/musl_x32_patch3libffi: Support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
paule/tinfoil-fixes-bb3fetch2: fire an event when there are missing checksumsPaul Eggleton5 years
json_api_builds_11794toaster: enable remote HTTP API for status aggregationDavid Reyna5 years
paule/fixes2erecipetool: reimplement fetching with normal fetch/unpack tasksPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/fixes2drecipetool: reimplement fetching with normal fetch/unpack tasksPaul Eggleton5 years
rbt/master-next-memresbb/ fix logic for --observe-onlyRobert Yang5 years
ChenQi/systemd_qemumips64_loginsystemd: workaround login failure on qemumips64 when 'pam' is enabledChen Qi5 years
weiteeng/initramfs-install-efiinitramfs-framework: include install-efi module in recipe for installationNg, Wei Tee5 years
jmcruzal/do-packagedo_package: sources are packaged separately from debug.Juan M Cruz Alcaraz5 years
jku/gnome-commongnome-common: Remove as deprecatedJussi Kukkonen5 years
ed/wic/wipselftest: fixed 5 wic test casesEd Bartosh5 years
jku/vulkanselftest: Add vulkan-demos to checkpkg exceptionsJussi Kukkonen5 years
rpurdie/wipqueue7workaround path too long issuesRichard Purdie5 years
rbt/rxvt-unicoderxvt-unicode: move it to BBFILESRobert Yang5 years
upstream-masterrxvt-unicode: move it to BBFILESRobert Yang5 years
weiteeng/initramfs-installinitramfs-framework: include install module in recipe for installationNg, Wei Tee5 years
weiteeng/initramfs-finalinitramfs-framework: module to support boot live imageNg, Wei Tee5 years
jku/khr-headersmesa-gl: Clean recipeJussi Kukkonen5 years
rbt/memresbitbake: check is presentRobert Yang5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_110717_patchtoaster: trim build target inputDavid Reyna5 years
jku/acpitestsacpitests: Remove as unmaintainedJussi Kukkonen5 years
stanley/openwrt-juci-v6[meta-openwrt] Juci: fix node_modules dependencies errorStanley Cheong Kwan, Phoong5 years
weiteeng/install-1initramfs-framework: include install module in recipe for installationNg, Wei Tee5 years
stanley/openwrt-juci-v5[meta-openwrt] Juciv5: fix for Juci to work on PokyStanley Cheong Kwan, Phoong5 years
lsandov1/selftest-use-tdselftest: wrapper get_bb_var functions to avoid bitbake callsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
ed/wic/generic-efioe-selftest: add wic tests for generic EFIEd Bartosh5 years
sweeaun/muslx32_patch2libffi: Support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
sweeaun/muslx32_patchlibffi: Support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
jperez/bug11713testimage: Use the renamed buildlzipKhem Raj5 years
lsandov1/selftest-use-td-debugselftest: debugging failures on sstate casesLeonardo Sandoval5 years
kangkai/ciphers-weakbind: disable ecdsa if openssl doesn't support itKai Kang5 years
sweeaun/musl_x32_supportlibffi: Support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
sweeaun/musl_x32_enablelibffi: Support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
clone_progress_off_11744toaster: set clone progress default to offDavid Reyna5 years
setscene_progress_9971toaster: include setscene in task progressDavid Reyna5 years
jperez/bug9949sleftest/bbtests: Create test case to verify bberror/waringJose Perez Carranza5 years
jhuang0/d_ssh-allow-empty_170630_0rootfs-postcommands: split ssh_allow_empty_passwordJackie Huang5 years
weiteeng/installationinitramfs-framework: include install module in recipeNg, Wei Tee5 years
sweeaun/musl_x32libffi: Add patch to support musl-x32 buildsweeaun5 years
jurob/reproducible_binariese2fsprogs-doc: binary reproducibleJuro Bystricky5 years
humberto/ Added testcase to track IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFSHumberto Ibarra5 years
bavery/core/11706scripts/oe-setup-rpmrepo: leverage oe-run-nativebrian avery5 years
lsandov1/devtool-import-export-selftestdevtool: include unit tests for export and import pluginsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
lsandov1/devtool-import-exportimport: new plugin to import the devtool workspaceLeonardo Sandoval5 years
trim_build_target_11727toaster: trim build target inputDavid Reyna5 years
mroussin/fix_cmake_find_cuda_not_androidcmake: Use find_program if find_host_program is not availableMaxime Roussin-Bélanger5 years
jku/gtklibepoxy: Upgrade 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3Jussi Kukkonen5 years
ed/testoe-selftest: wic: fix test_quemuEd Bartosh5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/cummulative_062017_patchtoaster: test 'commit' first in get_vcs_referenceDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/django110warnings_11684toaster: address Django-1.10 API deprecationsDavid Reyna5 years
jperez/bug11654[krogoth] selftest/signing: Create gpg temp dir for test casesJose Perez Carranza5 years
dreyna/toaster/large_package_set_11717toaster: large package set breaks sqlite queryDavid Reyna5 years
rbt/ delete layerbranch for non-existed branchRobert Yang5 years
jhuang0/r_up_rdate-rdist_170623_0rdist: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
hbruce/dockerimages: Add image for gui enabled OS buildHenry Bruce5 years
dreyna/toaster/clone_progress_9916toaster: git clone progress barDavid Reyna5 years
jperez/bug9770-marianoselftest/ Add test to check imports from other layersJose Perez Carranza5 years
lsandov1/command-strerr-own-pipeselftest/cases: use stderr data when querying for errorsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
lsandov1/bitbake-layers-create-layeraction: bitbake-layers new plugin to create a simple layerLeonardo Sandoval5 years
paule/bb-drob-hob-eventsevent: drop some unused eventsPaul Eggleton5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/noweb_db_11378toaster: noweb should init databaseDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/bdreyna/toaster/get_last_build_id_11570toaster: get_last_build_id not called correctlyDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/mockevent_11440toaster: add getMessage to MockEventDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/sub_layer_fail_11149toaster: fail on layers with sub-layerDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/build_menu_ids_11337toaster: add ID's to build menu linksDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/all_builds_ids_11335toaster: add ID's to navigation linksDavid Reyna5 years
jperez/systemd-bootselftest: Add Testopia ID to test casesJose Perez Carranza5 years
paule/bb-memres-fixes2cooker: ensure graceful exit after exception during BuildCompleted handlerPaul Eggleton5 years
jhuang0/r_up_microcode-v2_170614_0microcode-ctl: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/staging_typostaging.bbclass: fix typoChen Qi5 years
weiteeng/do-installinitramfs-framework: include installation scriptlet in recipeNg, Wei Tee5 years
stanley/openwrt-juci-v3meta-openwrt: WIP - Enabling Juci YOCTO #11451Stanley Cheong Kwan, Phoong5 years
jperez/dnf-correctionsruntime/dnf: Add new dnf test casesJose Perez Carranza5 years
fjpedraz/emptyManifestsoeqa/sdk/cases: Fix skip of buildgcalculator testAníbal Limón5 years
paule/bb-drob-hob-commandscommand / cooker: drop Hob support commands and functionsPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/fixes2cclasses/buildhistory: use BB_CMDLINE to get bitbake command linePaul Eggleton5 years
paule/bb-memres-fixescooker: add BB_CMDLINE to enable access to UI command line with memresPaul Eggleton5 years
numpy-paralleldiffutils: prevent host path leaks, set pr pathJussi Kukkonen5 years
rbt/ delete layerbranch for non-existed branchRobert Yang5 years
jhuang0/r_up_agent-enscript-logwarn-microcode_170609_0microcode-ctl: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
jhuang0/r_up_python-django_170609_0python3-django: add python3 recipe and update to 1.11.2Jackie Huang5 years
lamego/AB_testrpm: run binary package generation via thread poolsAlexander Kanavin5 years
paule/bb-tinfoil-loggingknotty: prevent extra logger from being enabled for tinfoilPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/fixes2c-loggingknotty: prevent extra logger from being enabled for tinfoilPaul Eggleton5 years
ChenQi/PU-20170606util-linux: upgrade to 2.29.2Chen Qi5 years
fjpedraz/Compressed_Imagesoeqa/selftest: Adds verification for the integrity compressed imagesFrancisco Pedraza5 years
humberto/ Split different tests inside selftest.pyHumberto Ibarra5 years
jhuang0/r_up_umip_170602_0umip: fix EXTRA_OECONF and add RRECOMMENDSJackie Huang5 years
rbt/ delete layerbranch for non-existed branchRobert Yang5 years
jku/more-updatesxkeyboard-config: Upgrade 2.20 -> 2.21Jussi Kukkonen5 years
jairglez/bbevents4bitbake: event: remove mapping for deleted event handlersJair Gonzalez5 years
halstead/packetInvalidate SSTATEMichael Halstead5 years
jhuang0/d_siteinfo_170531_0siteinfo: fix siteinfo_get_files to work with RSSJackie Huang5 years
fjpedraz/CompressedImagesoeqa/selftest: Adds verification for the integrity compressed imagesFrancisco Pedraza5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-allow-buildhistoryselftest: allow buildhistory on selftest test case executionLeonardo Sandoval5 years
maxin/ptestcurl: add ptestMaxin B. John5 years
dreyna/toaster/get_last_build_id_11570toaster: get_last_build_id not called correctlyDavid Reyna5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-xf86-video-mga-ssiapi_170523_0ssiapi: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
tfoy/kernel-dev-kmeta-typokernel-dev: Fixed typo in Kernel Development ManualTom Foy5 years
lsandov1/ipk-packages-descriptionpackage_ipk: correct ipk descriptionsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
lsandov1/selftest-migrationoe-selftest: migrate script to support the new OEQA frameworkLeonardo Sandoval5 years
paule/fixes2bscriptutils: fix fetch_uri() to work with RSSPaul Eggleton5 years
marianp/janssonlibjansson: Initial supportMarian Pritsak5 years
paule/fixes2ascriptutils: fix fetch_uri() to work with RSSPaul Eggleton5 years
ed/wic/generic-EFI-10073grub-efi: fixed default value of GRUB_ROOTEd Bartosh5 years
paule/bb-typofixeslib/bb/fetch2: fix typo in conflicting revision messagePaul Eggleton5 years
epetmab/staging_kernel_dir_02multilib.bbclass: fix faulty redefinition of STAGING_KERNEL_DIRPetter Mabäcker5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-diameter-keepalived-vblade_170512_0vblade: update to version 22Jackie Huang5 years
jperez/dnf-updatesruntime/dnf: Add new dnf test casesJose Perez Carranza5 years
akuster/krogoth-nextbitbake: lib/bb/checksum: avoid exception on broken symlinksPaul Eggleton5 years
dreyna/toaster/mockevent_11440toaster: add getMessage to MockEventDavid Reyna5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-freeradius-v3_170510_0freeradius: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
bavery/chimera-2scripts/contrib: added scripts to aid chroot usebrian avery5 years
ChenQi/cve-check-warningcve-check.bbclass: make warning contain CVE IDsChen Qi5 years
paule/fixes2scriptutils: fix fetch_uri() to work with RSSPaul Eggleton5 years
ChenQi/cve-check-toolcve-check-tool: backport a patch to make CVE checking workChen Qi5 years
jperez/dnf-testcasesDNF test casesJose Perez Carranza5 years
jperez/devtool-kernel-defaultselftest/devtool: Modify test to use default configJose Perez Carranza5 years
jperez/devtool-kernel-qemux-64selftest/devtool: change write to append config in virtual_kernel_modifyAníbal Limón5 years
ed/oe-core/buildhistory-collect-srcrevs-10948change lz4 recipe to use AUTOREVEd Bartosh5 years
bavery/tcf-agent/10858tcf-agent: add -USR2 to stop/kill initscriptbrian avery5 years
jperez/selftest-toolNot touching sstates on linux-kernelJose Perez Carranza5 years
jperez/selftest-utilitiesSelftest utilities test suiteJose Perez Carranza5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-perl-ipmi-hpi_170426-1ipmitool: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
jku/gst-vaapi-fixgstreamer1.0-vaapi: Fix playback breaking bugJussi Kukkonen5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-perl-ipmi-hpi_170426-0ipmitool: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
dreyna/toaster/noweb_db_11378toaster: noweb should init databaseDavid Reyna5 years
jperez/selftest-imageSelftest suite: Only runinig image testsJose Perez Carranza5 years
sgw/demoLICENSE: Clarify what is meant by 'metadata'Saul Wold5 years
jperez/devtool-without-cleansstateTest without cleaning sstates for linux-yoctoJose Perez Carranza5 years
jhuang0/r_upstream-python-snimpy_170421_0python-snimpy: add new recipeJackie Huang5 years
bavery/testimage/11375_2testimage.bbclass: add additional dependencybrian avery5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/pyro_master_11377toaster: move release lookup from morty to pyroDavid Reyna5 years
paule/tinfoil-overrides2-bblib/bb/command: fix overrides in remote datastores where there is no defaultPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/tinfoil-overrides2lib/bb/command: fix overrides in remote datastores where there is no defaultPaul Eggleton5 years
bavery/poky/relpath_11375qemuboot.bbclass: save relative paths in conf filebrian avery5 years
dreyna/toaster/pyro_master_11377toaster: move release lookup from morty to pyroDavid Reyna5 years
rbt/rss_docdocumentation: update examples for oe-run-nativeRobert Yang5 years
pkj/verbose_postinstbase-passwd: Make the postinst function verbose if BB_VERBOSE_LOGS is setPeter Kjellerstedt5 years
dreyna/toaster/all_builds_ids_11335toaster: add ID's to navigation linksDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/build_menu_ids_11337toaster: add ID's to build menu linksDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/sub_layer_fail_11149toaster: fail on layers with sub-layerDavid Reyna5 years
bavery/ed/oe-core/rm_work-runqemu-baveryoe-run-native: explicitly use bashbrian avery5 years
ed/oe-core/rm_work-runqemu-edqemuboot: write native sysroot of qemu-helper into qemuboot.confEd Bartosh5 years
ed/oe-core/rm_work-runqemu-baveryoe-run-native: explicitly use bashbrian avery5 years
lsandov1/useradd-bug7724-scenariouseradd: useradd recipes with the scenario presented on bugzilla 7724Leonardo Sandoval5 years
ed/oe-core/rm_work-runqemuoe-run-native: explicitly use bashbrian avery5 years
bavery/ed/oe-core/rm_work-runqemuV2oe-run-native: explicitly use bashbrian avery5 years
paule/npm-fixesrecipetool: hide missing npm error when called from devtoolPaul Eggleton5 years
bavery/ed/oe-core/ add native sysrootbrian avery5 years
lsandov1/testsdkext-raceoeqa/core/runner: Append PID in the test result folder nameLeonardo Sandoval5 years
jku/native-distro-featuresnative/nativesdk: Use fixed DISTRO_FEATURESJussi Kukkonen5 years
jku/native-and-nativesdk-distro-featuresnative & nativesdk: Use fixed DISTRO_FEATURESJussi Kukkonen5 years
paule/bb-sigstuff-fixbitbake-diffsigs: fix traceback with no argumentsPaul Eggleton5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/filters_broken_11317toaster: Toaster filters are brokenDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/filters_broken_11317toaster: Toaster filters are brokenDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/add_layers_machine_11213toaster: fix add layer button for MachinesDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/dreyna/toaster/sdk_artifacts_10850toaster: fix SDK artifact captureDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/toaster/sdk_artifacts_10850toaster: fix SDK artifact captureDavid Reyna5 years
username/toaster/sdk_artifacts_10850toaster: fix SDK artifact captureDavid Reyna5 years
ChenQi/runqemu_rm_workrunqemu: make use of two new varsChen Qi5 years
paule/bb-sigstuffbitbake-diffsigs: colourise outputPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/sigstuffbitbake-diffsigs: colourise outputPaul Eggleton5 years
dreyna/toaster/add_layers_machine_11213toaster: fix add layer button for MachinesDavid Reyna5 years
dreyna/submit/libby/toaster/functional_tests_9808toaster:test:Create selenium tests for project dashboard pageDavid Reyna5 years
libby/toaster/functional_tests_9808toaster:test:Create selenium tests for project dashboard pageDavid Reyna5 years
mariano/bug10677v2package_ipk.bbclass: Replace empty lines in DESCRIPTION with '.'Mariano Lopez5 years
dreyna/submit/abelal/toaster/implement-machine-name-8721toaster: toastergui: implement machine name validationBelal, Awais5 years
bavery/esdk_sadqemu/bug11223devtool: point runqemu to correct native bindirbrian avery5 years
bavery/sadpseudo/bug11119meta-ide-support: exclude this recipe from rm_workbrian avery5 years
lsandov1/gpgme-python-distutilsgpgme: TO BE DEFINEDLeonardo Sandoval5 years
paule/bb-containscodeparser: add some commentsPaul Eggleton5 years
mariano/ab_targetWIP: Test oe-test in autobuildersMariano Lopez5 years
mariano/oeqa_migrationoeqa/runtime/cases: Migrate underscore casesMariano Lopez5 years
ChenQi/wic-error-msgwic: improve error messageChen Qi5 years
paule/tinfoil-noprovidertinfoil: improve get_recipe_file() exception textPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/codeparser-loglib/bb/codeparser: ensure BufferedLogger respects target logging levelPaul Eggleton5 years
pkj/atomic_symlinksfetch2: Create/replace symbolic links atomicallyPeter Kjellerstedt5 years
mariano/bug10980oeqa/core/ Do not import underscore modules by defaultMariano Lopez5 years
paule/tinfoil-fixes-bb2tinfoil: enable client-side logger handling by defaultPaul Eggleton5 years
mariano/oeqa_targetoeqa/runtime/ Add automatic target loadingMariano Lopez5 years
ChenQi/example-pathrunqemu-gen-tapdevs: fix file path in exampleChen Qi5 years
paule/bblayers-fixbitbake-layers: fix layerindex-fetch for Python 3Paul Eggleton5 years
paule/tinfoil-datastore-fixesdata_smart: implement missing remote datastore operationsPaul Eggleton5 years
bavery/changeCVSTestToCpioTestbitbake.conf: remove vi from HOSTTOOLS listbrian avery5 years
ed/oe-core/tap-networking-wic-10833bitbake.conf: add sudo to HOSTTOOLS_NONFATALEd Bartosh5 years
bavery/gen-sigs-linkfixgen-lockedsig-cache: catch errorbrian avery5 years
ed/oe-core/btrfs-too-small-11163image_types: increase filesystem size for BTRFSEd Bartosh5 years
jku/obsolete-patcheskexec-tools: Remove unused patchJussi Kukkonen5 years
paule/sigstuff-mortyclasses/buildhistory: save output file signatures for sstate tasksPaul Eggleton5 years
bavery/ add cmakebrian avery5 years
libby/PaaSYES toaster/toastergui/Libertad Cruz5 years
lamego/git-seriesgit-series: add the new series-pull-requestJose Lamego5 years
ChenQi/ create symlinks for gcov and gcov-toolChen Qi5 years
jperez/kernel-devtool-grepselftest/devtool: Add test to verify "modify virtual/kernel"Jose Perez Carranza5 years
ChenQi/procps-pidofprocps: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY to avoid conflictChen Qi5 years
ChenQi/opkg-utils-revopkg-utils: bump revisionChen Qi5 years
alimon/reproducible_buildsrecipes-support: Adds diffoscope recipeAníbal Limón5 years
ross/autoarghWIPRoss Burton5 years
bavery/toaster/submit/resolve-missing-native-sdk-prefixestoaster: resolve missing 'native[sdk]:' prefixesDavid Reyna5 years
ed/oe-core/atime-siginfo-mirror-10857sstate.bbclass: update .siginfo atimeEd Bartosh5 years
lsandov1/buildstats-forky-processbuildhistory.bbclass: strace -c every taskLeonardo Sandoval5 years
pkj/dummy_toolsbitbake.conf: Add ${COREBASE}/scripts/blacklisted to ${PATH}Peter Kjellerstedt5 years
lsandov1/include-sstate-mirrors-on-selftestselftest/base: Default YP shared-statesLeonardo Sandoval5 years
mariano/configWIP configMariano Lopez5 years
jurob/qemunios2runqemu: split network and rootfs setup.Juro Bystricky5 years
humberto/buildhistory_analysis_unittestoelib/ Add unittest for buildhistory_analysisHumberto Ibarra5 years
mariano/bug10978oeqa/core/ Avoid importing tests with built-ins nameMariano Lopez5 years
jku/waylandweston: Upgrade 1.11.1 -> 2.0.0, separate libwestonJussi Kukkonen5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_Compatibility_with_SDKoeqa/sdk/cases:Adds validation for SDK compatibility testsFrancisco Pedraza5 years
lsandov1/devtool-override-prefered-kerneldevtool/standard: set the new kernel recipe as virtual/kernel providerLeonardo Sandoval5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_Compatibility_SDKoeqa/sdk/cases:Adds validation for SDK compatibility testsFrancisco Pedraza5 years
jku/git-upgradesx264: Upgrade to stable branch headJussi Kukkonen5 years
marquiz/fixes-11054lib/oe/gpg_sign: sign rpm packages in chunks of 100Markus Lehtonen5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_empty-manifest_needsmeta/classes/populate_sdk_base: Only execute write manifest when is populate_sdkFrancisco Pedraza5 years
mariano/selftest_esdkselftest/ Cleanup when there is an error in setUpClassMariano Lopez5 years
marquiz/dnf-rpm4lib/oe/package_manager: import rpm signing key to rpmdbMarkus Lehtonen5 years
jku/m3-upgradesgdk-pixbuf: Upgrade 2.36.1 -> 2.36.5Jussi Kukkonen5 years
jhuang0/d_debug-shell_170222_1systemd: add dependency on initscripts-sushell for selinuxJackie Huang5 years
jhuang0/d_debug-shell_170222_0systemd: add dependency on initscripts-sushell for selinuxJackie Huang5 years
ChenQi/PU-20170217util-linux: upgrade to 2.29.1Chen Qi5 years
mariano/insane_fixinsane.bbclass: Add missing dependenciesMariano Lopez5 years
mariano/bug10929selftest: Optimize get_bb_var useMariano Lopez5 years
mariano/fix_exportoeqa/runtime/ Fix use of getTarget() with testexportMariano Lopez5 years
jairglez/bbevents2bitbake: event: remove mapping for deleted event handlersJair Gonzalez5 years
hsalejandro/upgrade-eudeveudev: Upgrade to 3.2.1Alejandro Hernandez5 years
humberto/package_feedselftest/ Add test to check PACKAGE_FEED_URISHumberto Ibarra5 years
jhuang0/d_python-mock_170216_1python-mock: add RDEPENDS on python-pbr and python-funcsigsJackie Huang5 years
jhuang0/d_python-mock_170216python-mock: add RDEPENDS on python-pbr and python-funcsigsJackie Huang5 years
dreyna/sdk_event_resolve_10849toaster: resolve missing 'native[sdk]:' prefixesDavid Reyna5 years
jku/mesa17core-tools-testapps: Re-add piglitJussi Kukkonen5 years
nrossi/mingw-qemu-changesqemu: Move recipe version specific patches and features to recipeNathan Rossi5 years
besquive/bug-11012selftest: remove result file log awkward checkingBenjamin Esquivel5 years
jku/cve-checkcve-check-tool: Use CA cert bundle in correct sysrootJussi Kukkonen5 years
mariano/bug10979testimage.bbclass: Add check for empty test suiteMariano Lopez5 years
paule/tinfoil-pathtinfoil: ensure PATH includes bitbake's bin directoryPaul Eggleton5 years
ChenQi/BUG9540security_flags: enable string formatting check for console toolsChen Qi5 years
paule/npm-fixes-3classes/native: add ability to populate own sysrootPaul Eggleton5 years
bavery/toaster/9992-builddir-not-buildV5toaster: remove cut and paste cruftbrian avery5 years
mariano/selftestinsane.bbclass: Add prepare_recipe_sysroot dependency for package_qaMariano Lopez5 years
mariano/seltestJust testingMariano Lopez5 years
paule/bb-esdk-fixesfetch2/npm: fix handling of os fieldPaul Eggleton5 years
jku/missing-pkgconfigsqemu: Add missing 'inherit pkgconfig'Jussi Kukkonen5 years
mariano/varsWIP: bb_get_varMariano Lopez5 years
ed/wic/refactoring-10619wic: get rid of image_output_dir variableEd Bartosh5 years
bavery/toaster/9992-builddir-not-buildV4toaster: move sqlite database to TOASTER_DIRbrian avery5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-optimizationsselftest/archiver: invalidate stamps instead of removing TMPDIRLeonardo Sandoval5 years
jku/make_relative_symlinksstate: Fix make_relative_symlink() for RSSJussi Kukkonen5 years
jperez/postinst-reduc-timeSelftest/runtime-tests: Correct the write configuration processJose Perez Carranza5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_update_decoratorssdkext/cases oeqa/selftest: Updates decoratorsFrancisco Pedraza5 years
sujith/toaster-add-wic-bmap-extensionbitbake: toaster: add wic.bmap support to toasterSujith H5 years
mariano/bug10964oeqa/runtime/cases: Rename syslog module to oe_syslogAníbal Limón5 years
paule/tinfoil-env-1.32tinfoil: clean environment when starting up cookerPaul Eggleton5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-runtime-testruntime-test: using minimal instead of full-cmdline imageLeonardo Sandoval5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_sanity_testsoeqa/sdk: Updates sanity tests for minimal eSDKFrancisco Pedraza5 years
ed/wic/default-output-dir-10783selftest: wic: test default output directoryEd Bartosh5 years
jku/upgradesxserver-xorg: Upgrade 1.19.0 -> 1.19.1Jussi Kukkonen5 years
mariano/bug10677package_ipk.bbclass: Add check for empty lines in DESCRIPTIONMariano Lopez5 years
humberto/runtime-performancemeta-runtime-perf: New runtime performance layerHumberto Ibarra5 years
lsandov1/selftest-imagefeatures-sstatetest-distro-agnosticselftest: sstatetests: skip glibc-initial tests in case of non-glibc distroLeonardo Sandoval5 years
mariano/bug10935testimage.bbclass: Add systemd test automaticallyMariano Lopez5 years
jperez/devtool-kerneldevtool: Add test to verify "modify virtual/kernel"Jose Perez Carranza5 years
mariano/oeqa_runtime_migrationselftest/ Adapt test to use new runtime frameworkMariano Lopez5 years
paule/devtool-git-fixoe-selftest: devtool: remove use of git -CPaul Eggleton5 years
rewitt/contwipselftest/ Add container IMAGE_FSTYPES testRandy Witt5 years
jku/wip-rsskernel.bbclass: Add PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS for postinstJussi Kukkonen5 years
ed/wic/ add dependency to grub-efiEd Bartosh5 years
besquive/auto-meta-selftestselftest: automatically add the meta-selftest layerBenjamin Esquivel5 years
hsalejandro/tinymaster3boot-binary-artifacts: Add support for creating image artifacts onlyTom Zanussi5 years
rbt/pactch-gzdevtool-test-patch-gz: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURESRobert Yang5 years
rbt/patch-gzdevtool-test-patch-gz: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURESRobert Yang5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_sdk_updateoeqa/selftest: Adds test case for sdk-update eSDKFrancisco Pedraza5 years
pohly/mutbabeltrace: upgrade to 1.5.1Nathan Lynch5 years
lamego/bug8673python3-setuptools: Remove pth file creation at recipe levelJose Lamego5 years
paule/devtool-rss-fixdevtool: fix source extraction to work with recipe specific sysrootsPaul Eggleton5 years
ed/wic/dont-use-hddimg-10835selftest: wic: fix test_iso_image test caseEd Bartosh5 years
bavery/toaster-9252toaster: bin/toaster whitelist TOASTER_DIRbrian avery5 years
toaster-nexttoaster: bin/toaster whitelist TOASTER_DIRbrian avery5 years
ChenQi/PU-20161226coreutils: upgrade to 8.26Chen Qi5 years
fjpedraz/eSDK_updateoeqa/selftest: Adds test case for sdk-update eSDKFrancisco Pedraza5 years
jku/usrmerge-v2rootfs: Create symlinks when usrmerge in DISTRO_FEATURESJussi Kukkonen5 years
ChenQi/selftest-typoscripts/oe-selftest: fix typoChen Qi5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-cprofileselftest/base: cprofile selftestsLeonardo Sandoval5 years
ed/wic/exec_cmd-error-output-10816wic: _exec_cmd: produce error if exit code is not 0Ed Bartosh5 years
wenzong/refpolicy-2.20161023refpolicy-minimum: update patch fileWenzong Fan5 years
ChenQi/selftest-path-assumptionselftest/ fix path assumption for DEPLOY_DIR_SRCChen Qi5 years
ed/poky/ref-BSP-wic-8719genericx86: add genericx86.wksEd Bartosh5 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-distro-agnosticselftest: sstatetests: skip glibc-initial tests and use a more generic imageLeonardo Sandoval5 years
ChenQi/selftest-tmp_dirselftest/ do not hardcode 'tmp' for TMPDIRChen Qi5 years
lsandov1/meta-selftest-exclude-worldrecipes-test: exclude recipes from world targetLeonardo Sandoval5 years
hsalejandro/tinymaster2systemd-boot.bbclass: Fix SYSYTEMD_BOOT_CFG creationAlejandro Hernandez5 years
rewitt/image_typedepimage_types.bbclass: IMAGE_TYPEDEP_ now adds deps for conversion typesRandy Witt5 years
JosePerez/watchers_runqemueliminate test of postinstJose Perez Carranza5 years
runtime_rebruntime/cases/ Migrate smart testsMariano Lopez5 years
wenzong/selinux-2.6selinux_common: remove EXTRA_OEMAKE = "-e"Wenzong Fan5 years
ChenQi/eSDK-sstate_dirselftest/ fix sstate dir not found errorChen Qi5 years
ed/oe-core/ext_installer-10832populate_sdk_ext: whitelist do_package tasksEd Bartosh5 years
ChenQi/busybox-1.26.1busybox: upgrade to 1.26.1Chen Qi5 years
JosePerez/max_user_watches_failureTake out Tinfoil2 testJose Perez Carranza5 years
ChenQi/busybox-1.25.1busybox: upgrade to 1.25.1Chen Qi5 years
besquive/noprservDONOTUSE: PRSERV_HOST, PORT disabled from confBenjamin Esquivel5 years
besquive/singletestmaking oe-selftest to run a single testBenjamin Esquivel5 years
kravchuk/curlcurl: upgrade to 7.52.1Oleksandr Kravchuk5 years
hsalejandro/10826-noprservprserver: disable PR Server via branch, for testing purposesAlejandro Hernandez5 years
besquive/master-bug10826XXX: singletestBenjamin Esquivel5 years
jku/usrmergesystemd: support merged /usrJoshua Lock5 years
besquive/singletest-nokvmXXX: unset KVM no matter whatBenjamin Esquivel5 years
besquive/bug10826-hunterXXX: singletestBenjamin Esquivel5 years
besquive/bug10826aXXX: singletestBenjamin Esquivel5 years
jku/ppp-fix-for-mutppp: Add patch to fix build with musl and 4.9 headersJussi Kukkonen5 years
JosePerez/no-runqmeutestsCorrect identationJose Perez Carranza5 years
JosePerez/devtool_only_deployJust execute devtools testsJose Perez Carranza5 years
ed/patchtest/absolute-pathspatchtestdata: convert paths to absolute pathsEd Bartosh5 years
hsalejandro/gummiboot2wic: Remove gummiboot testAlejandro Hernandez5 years
juro/meta-zephyrCOPYING.MIT: Default licenseJuro Bystricky5 years
JosePerez/devtool_excludingExcluding deploy_target test on devtool moduleJose Perez Carranza5 years
paule/npm-fixes-2classes/sstate: fix file conflict messagePaul Eggleton5 years
patrick-UEFIovmf: build image which enrolls standard keysPatrick Ohly5 years
ed/wic/fix-parse-linewic: fix parsing of 'bitbake -e' outputEd Bartosh5 years
hsalejandro/tinymastercore-image-tiny-initramfs: Greet the user correctly after a successful bootAlejandro Hernandez5 years
jxzhang/bz10352-submission-1use multiple processes to dump signatures.Jianxun Zhang5 years
jxzhang/bz10352-submissionuse multiple processes to dump signatures.Jianxun Zhang5 years
JosePerez/devtool_deploy_tgttest failureJose Perez Carranza5 years
ed/oe-core/fix-git-import-10821oe-selftest: import git module only when neededEd Bartosh5 years
ed/wic/meta-wic-directory-for-wkswic: look for wks files in <layer>/wicEd Bartosh5 years
jku/gtk-etcmirrors.bbclass: Fix gnutls mirror directoryJussi Kukkonen5 years
paule/npm-os-fixfetch2/npm: fix handling of os fieldPaul Eggleton5 years
jxzhang/misc-sig-fixesUsing the computed when basehash mismatchJianxun Zhang5 years
jairglez/wictestselftest/wic: extending test coverage for WIC script optionsJair Gonzalez5 years
paule/setscene-enforce-dryrunrunqueue: dry-run real tasks when BB_SETSCENE_ENFORCE is setPaul Eggleton5 years
lsandov1/patchtest-series-consoles-checksysvinit-inittab: fix getty device removalLeonardo Sandoval5 years
paule/tinfoil2oe-selftest: add basic tinfoil testsPaul Eggleton5 years
paule/tinfoil2-bbserver/process: don't change UI process signal handler on terminatePaul Eggleton5 years
paule/bb-logger-accesslib/bb/build: enable access to logger within tasksPaul Eggleton5 years
jairglez/wicselftest/wic: extending test coverage for WIC script optionsJair Gonzalez5 years
jku/piglit-compress-testspiglit: Upgrade to current master headJussi Kukkonen5 years
ed/yocto/wic-image-type-docdev-manual: describe creation of wic images by oe build systemEd Bartosh5 years
ed/oe-core/uninative-gcc-version-10441uninative: rebuild uninative for gcc 4.8 and 4.9Ed Bartosh5 years
jku/xorg19xf86-input-libinput: Upgrade 0.22 -> 0.23Jussi Kukkonen5 years
jhuang0/d_ltp_161212-0ltp/posix: replace CWD with PWDJackie Huang5 years
petmab/staging_dir_kernel_fixmultilib.bbclass: fix faulty redefinition of STAGING_KERNEL_DIRPetter Mabäcker5 years
ed/oe-core/scripts-usage-10751oe-buildenv-internal: show usage outputEd Bartosh5 years
ed/yocto/bmaptool-doclinux-yocto: Update genericx86* SRCREVs for linux-yocto 4.8Alejandro Hernandez5 years
ed/poky-wic.bmap-10621edgerouter.conf: enable generation of wic.bmapEd Bartosh5 years
rbt/jethro-nextbuild-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionRobert Yang5 years
sujith/xmlrpc-cooker-fixbitbake: cooker: convert type which needs to be marshalledSujith H5 years
bavery/toaster/remoteContainerTestV2toaster: browser tests - add Selenium Docker container as driverbrian avery5 years
ed/oe-core/buildhistory-diff-directory-renames-10691buildhistory-diff: report directory renamesEd Bartosh6 years
JosePerez/postinstall-rootfs-bootpostinst: Add a test case to verify postinst scripts behaviorJose Perez Carranza6 years
fjpedraz/postinst-v4selftest: Verifies postinst script orderFrancisco Pedraza6 years
JosePerez/package-postinstspostinst: Add a test case to verify postinst scripts behaviorJose Perez Carranza6 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-distro-poky-agnosticselftest: skip tests for poky-tiny distro due to incompatible kernel machineLeonardo Sandoval6 years
ed/oe-core/qemux86-wksqemux86*.conf: set wic-related parametersEd Bartosh6 years
hsalejandro/gummibootRemove old gummiboot recipe, class and wks fileAlejandro Hernandez6 years
michaelw/toaster/patch_queue_22_11_16toaster: buildinfohelper Clarify log message for build historyMichael Wood6 years
lsandov1/postinstselftest: Test needed to verify postinst script orderFrancisco Pedraza6 years
fjpedraz/postinst-V3selftest: Firstboot postinst script orderFrancisco Pedraza6 years
jhuang0/d_xfce-x11_161122_0xfwm4: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURESJackie Huang6 years
bavery/toaster/krogoth-HOSTFIXbitbake: toaster: settings set ALLOWED_HOSTS to * in debug modebrian avery6 years
rbt/ runqueue: fix for "bitbake -g world"Richard Purdie6 years
akuster/jethro-nexttzdata: update to 2016iArmin Kuster6 years
jku/mesa-piglitlibdrm: Upgrade 2.4.71 -> 2.4.73Jussi Kukkonen6 years
sujith/toaster-use-custom-build-scriptsV2toaster: localhostbecontroller write toaster layers for project to toaster-bb...Sujith H6 years
rpurdie/wipqueue6data_smart: Default to expansion for getVar/getVarFlagsRichard Purdie6 years
jku/mesa-xorg-piglitxserver-xorg: Upgrade 1.18.4 -> 1.19.0Jussi Kukkonen6 years
dreyna/circular_dependencies_10631toaster: protect circular dependenciesDavid Reyna6 years
dreyna/missing_bracket_10631toaster: missing close bracketDavid Reyna6 years
lsandov1/buildstats-plotsbb-perf: create plots for all buildstatsLeonardo Sandoval6 years
paule/bb-npm-warningsfetch2: npm: conditionally hide NPM_LOCKDOWN / NPM_SHRINKWRAP warningsPaul Eggleton6 years
fjpedraza/postinstTest needed to verify postinst script order.Francisco Pedraza6 years
fjpedraz/postinst-V2Test needed to verify postinst script order.Francisco Pedraza6 years
lsandov1/buildstats-plotbb-perf: plot histograms base on buildstats dataLeonardo Sandoval6 years
j4nusxtesting python3-git and pyboject for python3 simultanuesllyEdwin Plauchu6 years
eplauchutest pyobjectEdwin Plauchu6 years
jku/x-init-refactorx11-common: Merge into xserver-nodm-initJussi Kukkonen6 years
lsandov1/test-edwintest commitLeonardo Sandoval6 years
fjpedraz/Postinstv2oeqa/selftest: Adds a test to verify firstbootFrancisco Pedraza6 years
bavery/submit/toaster/mw-masterproj-11-2016toaster: layerindex updater Take into account layers being predefinedMichael Wood6 years
paule/devtool23oe-selftest: devtool: test that updating a file with subdir= worksPaul Eggleton6 years
lsandov1/buildstatsscripts: Specify the stat to take into accountLeonardo Sandoval6 years
bavery/toaster/remoteContainerTesttoaster: browser tests - add Selenium Docker container as driverbrian avery6 years
bavery/toaster/submit/mw-buidinfohelper-ci-layertoaster: buildinfohelper toaster-custom-images layerMichael Wood6 years
bavery/toaster/submit/mw-masterFixFixturetoaster: orm/fixtures Add the master release and correct morty releaseMichael Wood6 years
fjpedraz/Linux-Kernel-DEV-YPThis test is intended to incluide QA tests for kernel-dev manual.Francisco Pedraza6 years
fjpedraz/verifyPostInstThis test is created in order to verify firstboot postinst script orderFrancisco Pedraza6 years
jku/10478run-postinsts: Use opkg/dpkg to configure when possibleJussi Kukkonen6 years
sujith/toaster-use-custom-build-scriptstoaster: accept custom init script for buildSujith H6 years
bavery/toaster/fixALLOWED_HOSTexclusionV2toaster: , set ALLOWED_HOSTS to *brian avery6 years
bavery/toaster/fixALLOWED_HOSTexclusiontoaster: , add * to ALLOWED_HOSTSbrian avery6 years
JosePerez/oe-tests-migrationMigrate tests from meta/lib/oe/test to meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/oe-testsJose Perez Carranza6 years
JosePerez/Kernel-TestsTest kernel on local autobuildersJose Perez Carranza6 years
kangkai/python3_and_dbuspython3: fix library search pathKai Kang6 years
bavery/toaster/addbackMasterReleasetoaster: Update default release to masterbrian avery6 years
jku/fixesdistcc: Don't remove users/groups in postrmJussi Kukkonen6 years
ed/oe-core/ add deprecation warning to the outputEd Bartosh6 years
ed/toaster/tests/eventreplaytoaster: add tests/eventreplay/READMEEd Bartosh6 years
paule/devtool22devtool: finish: warn if moving recipe to unconfigured destination layerPaul Eggleton6 years
ed/toaster/submit/michaelw/toaster/tests_fixes_and_clean_upstoaster: tests builds test_core_image_min Clean upsMichael Wood6 years
michaelw/toaster/tests_fixes_and_clean_upstoaster: tests builds test_core_image_min Clean upsMichael Wood6 years
jku/xorgxserver-xf86-config: Remove legacy drivers from xorg.confJussi Kukkonen6 years
bavery/krogoth/basefiles-ttyThis is a backport from master of 2 consecutive fixes.Jussi Kukkonen6 years
bavery/toaster/mentor-regex-layerV3toaster: buildinfohelperbrian avery6 years
ed/wic/systemd-bootdisk-PARTUUID-10485systemd-bootdisk.wks: use PARTUUIDEd Bartosh6 years
michaelw/toaster/fix_build_testsWIP fix the build test testsMichael Wood6 years
bavery/toaster/mentor-regex-layerV2toaster: buildinfohelperbrian avery6 years
timo/vala_0.34.1vala: upgrade to v0.34.1Tim Orling6 years
bavery/toaster/mentor-regex-layertoaster: buildinfohelperbrian avery6 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-non-poky-distros-pokyselftest: skip tests for poky-tiny distro due to incompatible kernel machineLeonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-non-poky-distrosselftest: skip wic test methods for poky-tiny distroLeonardo Sandoval6 years
jku/libxml-chmodlibxml2: Make tests non-executableJussi Kukkonen6 years
sujith/toaster/handle_layerdir_retoaster: fix issue due to path escap characterSujith H6 years
bavery/toaster/mortyFixturestoaster: Update default release to Mortybrian avery6 years
paule/krogoth-fixesdevtool: Use the wildcard flag in update_recipe_patchOla x Nilsson6 years
jhuang0/d_ppp-linux-4.8_161008-0ppp: fix building with linux-4.8Jackie Huang6 years
rbt/tinypoky-tiny.conf: set QB_DEFAULT_FSTYPE to IMAGE_FSTYPESRobert Yang6 years
lsandov1/oesdktest-profiling-2.2M2oeqa: include profiling on oeSDKTest class on 2.2 M2Leonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/oesdktest-profilingoeqa: include profiling on oeSDKTest classLeonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/oe-selftest-non-poky-distros-draftselftest: skip wic test methods for poky-tiny distroLeonardo Sandoval6 years
jku/vte-valavte: Avoid inheriting vala classJussi Kukkonen6 years
jku/depexp-valavte: Avoid inheriting vala when it's not neededJussi Kukkonen6 years
jku/m4-fixesdepexp: Close UI with error message on NoProvider eventJussi Kukkonen6 years
ed/wic/ produce EFI wic imageEd Bartosh6 years
jhuang0/d_net-tools-linux-4.8_161008-1net-tools: fix building with linux-4.8Jackie Huang6 years
jhuang0/d_net-tools-linux-4.8_161008-0net-tools: fix building with linux-4.8Jackie Huang6 years
besquive/such-cleanBBATOMICBOMB: use at your own riskBenjamin Esquivel6 years
michaelw/toaster/unidentified-layer-issue-wipwip fix unidentified layerMichael Wood6 years
libby/toaster_testsBug 9808 Testcases created for project detail pageLibertad Cruz6 years
paule/esdk-eclipse-fixesclasses/populate_sdk_ext: add symlinks and unfsd to support Eclipse pluginPaul Eggleton6 years
ed/wic/add-2new-testswic: selftest: add test for sdimage-bootpartEd Bartosh6 years
bavery/uninativeurllocal.conf.sample: Add UNINATIVE_URL commentbavery6 years
bavery/uninative-oeuninative: users can override download sitebavery6 years
bavery/submit/michaelw/toaster/pending_for_upstream_5_10_16toaster: Update tests to reflect front end changesMichael Wood6 years
michaelw/toaster/pending_for_upstream_5_10_16toaster: Update tests to reflect front end changesMichael Wood6 years
sujith/fix-error-message-piptoaster: fix the error message for pipSujith H6 years
lsandov1/yocto-bsp-update-4.8yocto-bsp: linux-yocto recipes update (4.4 to 4.8) for x86-64 archLeonardo Sandoval6 years
paule/esdk-revertbeaglebone.conf: produce wic images for BeagleboneEd Bartosh6 years
besquive/fetcher-errorselftest: fetcher error changed and test needs updateBenjamin Esquivel6 years
rmsc/bitbake_p3_fixesbitbake: lib/bb/process: explicitely decode stderr and stdout.Renato Caldas6 years
jku/xf86-video-intelRevert "gst-player: Disable visualizations"Jussi Kukkonen6 years
bavery/fontawesometoaster: add Font Awesome licensebavery6 years
lsandov1/yocto-bsp-update-4.4-to-4.8yocto-bsp: linux-yocto recipes update (4.4 to 4.8) for x86-64 archLeonardo Sandoval6 years
michaelw/toaster/layer_dep_button_9936toaster: importlayer Fix layer dependencies button state toggleMichael Wood6 years
jku/systraymatchbox-panel-2: Fix small systray icon drawingJussi Kukkonen6 years
ed/oe-core/nativescripts: add new script 'native'Ed Bartosh6 years
fjpedraz/qemurunneroeqa/utils: Add StreamHandler to loggerFrancisco Pedraza6 years
ed/wic/test_mksystemd_bootdiskwic: selftest: add test for mksystemd-bootdiskEd Bartosh6 years
QemuRunneroeqa/utils: Add StremHandler to loggerFrancisco Pedraza6 years
ed/oe-core/runqemu-set-image-formatrunqemu: explicitly set image formatEd Bartosh6 years
jku/gcalculatorlib/oeqa: Regenerate galculator configureJussi Kukkonen6 years
lsandov1/new-maintainersmaintainers: Change maintainers for python(3) modulesLeonardo Sandoval6 years
marquiz/debug/sqliteDEBUG drop sqlite version to 3.12.2Markus Lehtonen6 years
ed/submit/michaelw/toaster/delete_buttonstoaster: layerdetails Update implementation of delete imported layerMichael Wood6 years
jhuang0/r_add_boost_libs_160926-1boost: add support for additional boost libsJackie Huang6 years
jhuang0/r_add_boost_libs_160926-0boost: disable pch when build boost-mathJackie Huang6 years
ed/toaster/misc-fixes-toasteruitoaster: make error message more informativeEd Bartosh6 years
ed/wic/remove-partimageswic: remove partition imagesEd Bartosh6 years
paule/bb-progress-fix3knotty: ensure progress bar output is accounted for in displayPaul Eggleton6 years
michaelw/toaster/delete_buttonstoaster: layerdetails Update implementation of delete imported layerMichael Wood6 years
hsalejandro/krogothpy3Fixes several python3 dependenciesAlejandro Hernandez6 years
rbt/xcbxcb-proto: create blank .pyc files in xcbgenRobert Yang6 years
lamego/bug9390oeqa/selftest/base: backup and restore local configuration filesJose Lamego6 years
jhuang0/d_waf-pkgs_160921_1libtdb: fixes for deterministic buildsJackie Huang6 years
ed/wic/serial-consoledirectdisk*.wks: add serial console supportEd Bartosh6 years
jhuang0/d_waf-pkgs_160920_1libtdb: fixes for deterministic buildsJackie Huang6 years
bavery/submit/toaster/suj/sep-19-gittoaster: buildinfohelper local layer don't construct path using git infoMichael Wood6 years
jhuang0/d_waf-pkgs_160920_0openldap: fix CVE-2015-3276Li Wang6 years
rbt/ support boot by runqemuRobert Yang6 years
bavery/submit/toaster/mw/sep-18-migtoaster: Add tests to detect if we have missing db migrationsMichael Wood6 years
bavery/submit/toaster/belen/sep-18-uitoaster: Remove duplicate layer informationBelen Barros Pena6 years
paule/devtool21devtool: add: drop superfluous validation for recipe namePaul Eggleton6 years
ed/toaster/extra-do_build-10221cooker: check if target contains taskEd Bartosh6 years
ed/toaster/mixed-http-git-repos-10163toaster: fix checking of repository urlEd Bartosh6 years
lsandov1/ab-oe-selftest-poky-tinyDISTRO set to poky-tiny in local.confLeonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/ab-oe-selftest-poky-lsbDISTRO set to poky-lsb in local.confLeonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/ab-oe-selftest-poky-bleedingDISTRO set to poky-bleeding in local.confLeonardo Sandoval6 years
lsandov1/ab-oe-selftest-nodistroDISTRO set to nodistro in local.confLeonardo Sandoval6 years
ed/toaster/nopoll-queued-builds-8918toaster: unlock BuildEnvirnoment when build is doneEd Bartosh6 years
jku/after-m3libdrm: Explicitly disable cunit testsJussi Kukkonen6 years
paule/bb-npm-download-fixfetch2/npm: don't download same URL multiple timesPaul Eggleton6 years
paule/esdktestsoeqa/sdkext/devtool: use a smaller module to test node.js functionalityPaul Eggleton6 years
rbt/lsbpoky-lsb.conf: use kernel 4.8Robert Yang6 years
bavery/log-runqemuqemurunner: print out the runqemu commandbavery6 years
bavery/fix-createrepo-native-missingtestimage: add createrepo-native to testimage dependsbavery6 years
ed/bitbake/BBSERVER-sstate-10201bitbake.conf: Add BBSERVER to HASHBASE_WHITELISTEd Bartosh6 years
mariano/cpulimit2qemurunner: Add cpulimit callRichard Purdie6 years
jhuang0/d_samba_160909_0samba: restrict the blacklist to ARM onlyJackie Huang6 years
ed/bitbake/ output errors and warnings to stderrEd Bartosh6 years
rbt/sshd_logadd test logRobert Yang6 years
zedd/krogothscratch: demonstrate preempt-rt support for genericx86Bruce Ashfield6 years
paule/devtool20recipetool: create: avoid extra blank lines in output recipePaul Eggleton6 years
paule/bb-npm-fixes3lib/bb/utils: edit_metadata() comment tweaksPaul Eggleton6 years
rbt/2fixesgobject-introspection: set GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE for nativeRobert Yang6 years
lsandov1/pt-yocto-2.1ref-manual: Fixed small wording in PKGR in the glossaryScott Rifenbark6 years
ed/oe-core/artifacts-9869toaster: fire TaskArtifacts eventEd Bartosh6 years
joseperez/systemd_2ndTCchanges after mergeJose Perez Carranza6 years
jku/xserver-nodmx11-common: Remove Xserver scriptJussi Kukkonen6 years
ed/oe-core/artifacts-9869.v2toaster: fire TaskArtifacts eventEd Bartosh6 years
ed/toaster/kill-toaster-7973toaster: don't kill all runserver processesEd Bartosh6 years
paule/tinfoil-fixes-bbtinfoil: add a parse_recipe_file functionPaul Eggleton6 years
sujith/ui-fixes-for-non-gittoaster: fix layer branch and commit in recipe details pageSujith H6 years
hsalejandro/install-efiinit-install: Fixes the install script failing when not finding any mmcblk de...Alejandro Hernandez6 years
dreyna/varhist_layer_name_8188toaster: keep layer name in variable history pathDavid Reyna6 years
lsandov1/krogoth-patchtestref-manual: Fixed small wording in PKGR in the glossaryScott Rifenbark6 years
jhuang0/r_ipv6_160824-0inetutils: fixes for ipv6 featureJackie Huang6 years
dreyna/layer_dep_button_9936toaster: enable add dependent layer buttonDavid Reyna6 years
fjpedraz/esdk_tests/oeqa/sdkext Adds verification for devtool on eSDK.Francisco Pedraza6 years
ed/toaster/kill-toaster-pid-namespace-7973toaster: run builds in pid namespaceEd Bartosh6 years
elliot/toaster/10107-build_artifacts_not_showingbuildinfohelper: discover kernel artifacts correctlyElliot Smith6 years
ed/oe-core/rm_work-rootfs-timestamps-10159rm_work: don't remove timestamps of image tasksEd Bartosh6 years
jhuang0/r_ipv6_160822_0xhost: control ipv6 support based on DISTRO_FEATURESJackie Huang6 years
lsandov1/test2bitbake: siggen: Fix file variable typo in compare_sigfilesJonathan Liu6 years
michaelw/toaster/toaster-next-nexttoaster: localhostbecontroller Remove git assumptionMichael Wood6 years
sujith/switch-imported-dirs-and-git-repos-9913toaster: update api to include local_source_dirSujith H6 years
rbt/ update maintainers for DengkeRobert Yang6 years
gerasimov/meta-sotaImage class and u-boot recipe paired with changes in gerasimov/otaimg.Anton Gerasimov6 years
gerasimov/qemuotarunqemu: add OTA imageAnton Gerasimov6 years
bavery/toaster/9992-builddir-not-buildV3toaster: builddir for build environment changed to TOASTER_DIRbavery6 years
jhuang0/r_uprev_samba_160815_0samba: upgrade to 4.4.5Jackie Huang6 years
hsalejandro/gitpythonpython3-git: Fixes dependencies, avoiding to install python3-miscAlejandro Hernandez6 years
bavery/krogoth/eclipse-resize-fixupbase-files: restrict resize to run on serial consoles only in profile │·bavery6 years
elliot/submit/michaelw/toaster/review_queue_8_8_16buildinfohelper: prevent creation of bogus cli buildsElliot Smith6 years
paule/bb-progress-fixes2siggen: properly close files rather than opening them inlinePaul Eggleton6 years
bavery/eclipse/neon-masterorg.yocto.sdk.remotetools: SubProgressMonitor -> SubMonitorTim Orling6 years
michaelw/toaster/bitbake-review_queue_8_8_16toaster: buildinfohelper Add handling local layers (i.e. non-git) layersMichael Wood6 years
paule/extsdkfixes13classes/populate_sdk_ext: drop duplicated error messagePaul Eggleton6 years
bavery/toaster/9992-builddir-not-buildtoaster: builddir for build environment changed to TOASTER_DIRbavery6 years
michaelw/toaster/review_queue_8_8_16toaster: buildinfohelper Add handling local layers (i.e. non-git) layersMichael Wood6 years
bavery/eclipse-resize-fixupbase-files: restrict resize to run on serial consoles only in profile ...bavery6 years
jxzhang/fix-with-ro-rootfsWIP: Mount source of rootfs image as read-onlyJianxun Zhang6 years
michaelw/sujith/add-import-of-layers-pointing-dir-9911toaster: bldcontrol model BRLayer Add corresponding local_source_dirMichael Wood6 years
sujith/add-import-of-layers-pointing-dir-9911toaster: adapt xhr_import_layer test locally imported layerSujith H6 years
elliot/submit/9475-9631-9836-9952_combinedtoasterui: ensure that the Build object is always availableElliot Smith6 years
rbt/errlogepiphany's log.do_configureRobert Yang6 years
michaelw/toaster_replace_loadconftoaster: fixtures Add READMEMichael Wood6 years
jhuang0/d_gnome-disk-utility_160803_0Revert "gnome-disk-utility: blacklist because of avahi-ui"Jackie Huang6 years
sgw/rmclive-vm-common: Add check for valid RMC efi_providersSaul Wold6 years
hsalejandro/upgradesPython3: Upgrade from 3.5.1 to 3.5.2Alejandro Hernandez6 years
michaelw/submit/elliot/9475-9631-9836-9952_combinedtoaster-tests: add test for showing self-dependent taskElliot Smith6 years
timo/dnfdnf: add recipe for v1.1.9-1Tim Orling6 years
timo/neon-master-ui-tests-wiporg.yocto.sdk.ide.tests.ui: add skeleton from maven projectTim Orling6 years
elliot/toaster/9952-covered_tasks_no_showtoaster-tests: add test for showing self-dependent taskElliot Smith6 years
elliot/toaster/9475-new_custom_image_spinnertoaster: show loading spinner after creating custom imageElliot Smith6 years
elliot/toaster/9836-revert_sortingtoaster-tests: add tests for reverting to default sortElliot Smith6 years
elliot/toaster/9631-recent_builds_statestoaster-tests: fix erroneous message when test failsElliot Smith6 years
ed/oe-core/image-type-9076.v6image.bbclass: rename COMPRESS(ION) to CONVERSIONPatrick Ohly6 years
ed/oe-core/image-type-9076.v5image.bbclass: rename COMPRESS(ION) to CONVERSIONPatrick Ohly6 years
ed/oe-core/image-type-9076image.bbclass: prefer specialized image creation methods over chainingPatrick Ohly6 years
timo/krogoth-checkuri-10005at: use for SRC_URITim Orling6 years
timo/meta-qt4-master-nextqt4-native: inhibit strip for debug packagesTim Orling6 years
timo/meta-qt4-krogoth-nextqt4-native: inhibit strip for debug packagesTim Orling6 years
timo/tcf-agent_1.4_neontcf-agent: update to 1.4_neon_bugfix branchTim Orling6 years
jhuang0/r_uprev-libssh_160727_0libssh2: upgrade to 1.7.0Jackie Huang6 years
hsalejandro/initramfs-udevinitramfs-live-boot: Make sure we kill udev before switching root when live b...Alejandro Hernandez6 years
ed/oe-core/uncovered-9809uncovered: list uncovered python modulesEd Bartosh6 years
jhuang0/r_add_odbc_160718_0psqlodbc: Add the new recipeJackie Huang6 years
paule/bb-checksum-fixlib/bb/checksum: avoid exception on broken symlinksPaul Eggleton6 years
timo/neon-masterorg.yocto.sdk.remotetools: SubProgressMonitor -> SubMonitorTim Orling6 years
paule/bb-progress-fixeslib/bb/progress: avoid possibility of start event being reported twicePaul Eggleton6 years
bbarrosp/non-git-layers-uitoaster: import layer Hide the layer directory formBelen Barros Pena6 years
paule/extsdkfixes11classes/buildhistory: ensure eSDK sstate lists sorted secondarily by namePaul Eggleton6 years
besquive/XMLselftestoe-selftest: simplifying log filenamesBenjamin Esquivel6 years
besquive/XMLselftest-xxxxxxBenjamin Esquivel6 years
ed/submit/elliot/toaster/9833-remove_columnstoaster-tests: add tasks and recipes sub-page testsElliot Smith6 years
michaelw/toaster/database_clean_ups_v3toaster: loadconf Partially add back some of the layerSource parsingMichael Wood6 years
mariano/bug9770v3selftest/ Add test to check imports from other layersMariano Lopez6 years
ed/bitbake/resident-autoload-5534bitbake: implement idle timeout for xmlrpc serverEd Bartosh6 years
ed/bitbake/foregroundbitbake: implement --foreground command line optionEd Bartosh6 years
ed/oe-core/packages-split-9863ref-manual: Updated the "Recipe Logging Mechanisms" sectionScott Rifenbark6 years
elliot/toaster/9837-task_log_download_urltoaster: fix download URL for task logsElliot Smith6 years
jku/piglitpiglit: Add build fix patchJussi Kukkonen6 years
jku/graphicsxf86-input-libinput: Upgrade 0.16.0 -> 0.19.0Jussi Kukkonen6 years
elliot/toaster/9833-remove_columnstoaster-tests: add tasks and recipes sub-page testsElliot Smith6 years
rbt/sortlib/bb/ return sorted OrderedDict in explode_dep_versions2Robert Yang6 years
timo/krogoth-nss-nativenss: fix build for gcc-6Tim Orling6 years
elliot/toaster/9475-new_custom_image_loading_spinnertoaster: show loading spinner after creating custom imageElliot Smith6 years
jku/sato-scalingimage2libxsettings-client: Remove as unneededJussi Kukkonen6 years
paule/bb-progressfixknotty: avoid errors when fetching outside of a taskPaul Eggleton6 years
ed/wic/fix-test-bmapwic: oe-selftest: build bmap-tools-nativeEd Bartosh6 years
timo/krogoth-9897gcc-5.3: fix build for gcc-6Tim Orling6 years
mariano/bug9770v2selftest/ Add test to check imports from other layersMariano Lopez6 years
ed/toaster/python3-documentationtoaster-manual: splitted long lineEd Bartosh6 years
bavery/submit/elliot/toaster/8556-image_fstypesV2_foroetoaster.bbclass: only scan files-in-image.txt if it existsElliot Smith6 years
bavery/submit/elliot/toaster/8556-image_fstypesV2_forbbtoaster-tests: package count/size shouldn't show for non-image buildsElliot Smith6 years
bavery/submit/elliot/toaster/8556-image_fstypesV2toaster-tests: package count/size shouldn't show for non-image buildsElliot Smith6 years
paule/startupdevtool: add: support specifying a file as the local sourcePaul Eggleton6 years
mariano/bug9770selftest/ Add test to check imports from other layersMariano Lopez6 years
paule/devtool19devtool: add finish subcommand