AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-13zephyr-kernel-src: switch to main branch for hal_stm32 module repoNaveen Saini
2021-08-05layer.conf: add honister to LAYERSERIES_COMPATNaveen Saini
2021-08-05Convert to new override syntaxNaveen Saini
2021-07-27intel-x86-32.conf: drop machine configurationNaveen Saini
2021-07-16zephyr-openthread-echo-client: Add new echo-client variant for OpenThreadStefan Schmidt
2021-07-16zephyr-kernel-src.inc: Add backport patch for storage partitionStefan Schmidt
2021-07-08zephyr-kernel: install .efi image if availableNaveen Saini
2021-07-08zephyr-kernel/2.6.0: update to include latest commitsNaveen Saini
2021-06-23zephyr-coap-client: Add recipe for CoAP clientAmit Kucheria
2021-06-23zephyr-coap-server: Add recipe for CoAP serverAmit Kucheria
2021-06-15zephyr-kernel: Add OpenThread add module to buildStefan Schmidt
2021-06-15zephyr-blinky: add sample app recipeDavide Ricci
2021-06-15zephyr-flash-bossac.bbclass: Enable board flashing via bossacNagesh Shamnur
2021-06-15arduino-nano-33-ble.conf: Add Arduino Nano 33 BLE and BLE Sense supportNagesh Shamnur
2021-06-15zephyr-kernel: install .bin image if availableNagesh Shamnur
2021-06-15zephyr-kernel-test: fix Cortex-M tests failure with 2.6.0 kernelNagesh shamnur
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel-src: drop 2.4.0 supportNaveen Saini
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel-src-2.4.0.inc: add srcrev for mbedtls moduleNaveen Saini
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel-src-2.6.0.inc: add srcrev for mbedtls moduleNaveen Saini
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel-src set default preferred version to 2.6.0Wojciech Zmuda
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel-src: add 2.6.0 releaseWojciech Zmuda
2021-06-10zephyr-mqtt-publisher: Add recipe for mqtt publisherAmit Kucheria
2021-06-10zephyr-websocket-client: Add recipe for websocket clientAmit Kucheria
2021-06-10zephyr-http-client: Add recipe for http clientAmit Kucheria
2021-06-10zephyr-echo-client: Add recipe for echo clientAmit Kucheria
2021-06-10zephyr-kernel: Clone mbedtlsAmit Kucheria
2021-05-27zephyrtargetcontrol.py: fix testimage 'testimage_dump_monitor' argument issueNaveen Saini
2021-05-24qemu-x86: set new -machine value for QEMUNaveen Saini
2021-05-21qemuzephyrrunner.py: use existing qemu conf fileJon Mason
2021-05-21acrn.conf: drop acrn machine configurationNaveen Saini
2021-05-21intel-x86-32.conf: add common MACHINE for x86 (32-bit) BOARDSNaveen Saini
2021-05-21intel-x86-64.conf: add common MACHINE for x86 (64-bit) BOARDSNaveen Saini
2021-05-21zephyr-kernel-src: fix efi generation failure for x86 boardsNaveen Saini
2021-05-20nrf52840dk-nrf52840.conf: Add nRF52840 DK supportWojciech Zmuda
2021-05-20nrf52832.inc: Rename to nrf52.incWojciech Zmuda
2021-05-18zephyr-qemuboot.bbclass: Remove dependency on qemu-system-nativeAndrei Gherzan
2021-05-18zephyr-qemuboot.bbclass: Don't overwrite the entire elf dictionary keyAndrei Gherzan
2021-05-17zephyr-kernel-src: switch from master branch to mainNaveen Saini
2021-05-12zephyr-qemuboot.bbclass: Fix runqemu dependency on qemu native sysrootAndrei Gherzan
2021-04-27qemuzephyrrunner.py: add tmpfsdir supportJon Mason
2021-04-15zephyr-flash-pyocd.bbclass: Fix problems with flashing particular boardsZbigniew Bodek
2021-03-31zephyr-kernel-src.inc: Support samples from external layersAndrei Gherzan
2021-03-23layer.conf: add hardknott compatibilityJon Mason
2021-02-22zephyr-kernel-src.inc: set default preferred version to 2.5.0Naveen Saini
2021-02-22zephyr: upgrade 2.5.0-rc4 -> 2.5.0Naveen Saini
2021-02-17README.txt: Fix small typo in email subject prefixAndrei Gherzan
2021-02-17zephyr-kernel-src: Upgrade 2.5.0-rc3 to rc4Andrei Gherzan
2021-02-17zephyr-flash-pyocd.bbclass: Implement configurable probe IDs to programAndrei Gherzan
2021-02-17zephyr-flash-pyocd.bbclass: Handle import error for pyocd modulesAndrei Gherzan
2021-02-17zephyr-flash-pyocd.bbclass: Flash the first probe found with a timeoutAndrei Gherzan