AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-24zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Remove the downstream "yocto" toolchainHEADmasterPeter Hoyes
2023-02-24zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Use the upstream "cross-compile" toolchainPeter Hoyes
2023-02-23zephyr-sdk: Upgrade to version 0.15.2Peter Hoyes
2023-02-23zephyr-kernel: Drop support for v3.1.0 and v3.2.0Peter Hoyes
2023-02-23zephyr-kernel: Add support for v3.3.0Peter Hoyes
2023-02-14zephyr-bsp/v2m-beetle: add supportJon Mason
2023-02-14CI: pin to kas 3.2 as 3.2.1 failsRoss Burton
2023-01-26zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Add ZEPHYR namespace to SRC_URI variablesPeter Hoyes
2023-01-05layer.conf: update LAYERSERIES_COMPAT for mickledoreNaveen Saini
2022-12-21zephyr-kernel/3.1: update to latest commitNaveen Saini
2022-12-19zephyr-core: Add addpylib declarationPeter Hoyes
2022-12-19zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Inhibit packaging steps with the Zephyr SDKPeter Hoyes
2022-12-19zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Use layer-relative require for version filePeter Hoyes
2022-12-19CI: add tags to all jobsPeter Hoyes
2022-12-19CI: Add variables needed for k8s runnersPeter Hoyes
2022-11-14CI/qemu-cortex-m0: remove zephyr-philosophers testJon Mason
2022-11-14newlib: add bbappendNaveen Saini
2022-11-14arc: drop obsolete recipes and bbappendsNaveen Saini
2022-11-14zephyr-sdk: upgrade 0.14.2 -> 0.15.1Naveen Saini
2022-11-14zephyr-kernel-src: drop support for v2.7.3Naveen Saini
2022-11-14zephyr-kernel-src: add support for v3.2.0Naveen Saini
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for v2m-musca-s1Jon Mason
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for v2m-musca-b1Jon Mason
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for mps3-an547Jon Mason
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for mps2-an521Jon Mason
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for mps2-an385Jon Mason
2022-10-11zephyr-bsp: add support for qemu-cortex-a9Jon Mason
2022-10-04zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Implement do_installPeter Hoyes
2022-10-04zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Refactor zephyr-image and zephyr-samplePeter Hoyes
2022-10-04zephyr-core/qemu: Remove bbappendPeter Hoyes
2022-10-04layers: add langdale compatibilityJon Mason
2022-10-04ci: add zephyr-openthread-rcp testJon Mason
2022-10-04zephyr-openthread-rcp: Support nrf52840-mdk-usb-dongle machinePhilippe Coval
2022-10-04frdm-kw41z.conf: Add new machine from NXPPhilippe Coval
2022-10-04qemuzephyrrunner: allow to pass QB_GRAPHICS to qemu cmdlineNaveen Saini
2022-09-28ci: add entry for nrf52840-mdk-usb-dongleJon Mason
2022-09-28nrf52840-mdk-usb-dongle.conf: Add new machine from makerdiaryPhilippe Coval
2022-09-28zephyr-openthread-rcp: Support nrf52840dk-nrf52840 machinePhilippe Coval
2022-09-21zephyr-bsp: update cortex-m4's to use new pathJon Mason
2022-09-21zephyr-bsp/qemu-cortex-m3: update to use new pathJon Mason
2022-09-21zephyr-bsp: remove unused tune fileJon Mason
2022-09-21zephyr-bsp: zephyr parameters updateJon Mason
2022-09-21zephyr-bsp/qemu-cortex-a53: run testimageJon Mason
2022-09-21zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Update dtc.patch Upstream-StatusPeter Hoyes
2022-09-21zephyr-core/classes: Remove West-based logic from zephyr.bbclassPeter Hoyes
2022-09-21zephyr-core/zephyr-kernel: Migrate to script-driven version filesPeter Hoyes
2022-09-21zephyr-core/scripts: Introduce script to generate new versionsPeter Hoyes
2022-09-21zephyr-kernel/2.7: update to zephyr v2.7.3Naveen Saini
2022-09-08zephyr-kernel: Add 'zephyr' toolchain variantPeter Hoyes
2022-09-08zephyr-sdk: Add recipe to download and build the Zephyr SDKPeter Hoyes