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committerNaveen Saini <naveen.kumar.saini@intel.com>2022-06-07 09:59:48 +0800
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zephyr-kernel/2.7: update to release tag Zephyr v2.7.2
6dd320f791 release: update v2.7.2 release notes ecac165d36 logging: shell: fix shell stats null pointer dereference 132d90d1bc tests/bluetooth/tester: Refactor Read UUID callback 58356313ac coredump: adjust mem_region find in gdbstub 99cfd3e4d7 Bluetooth: Controller: Fix per adv scheduling issue 780588bd33 edac: ibecc: Add support for EHL SKU13, SKU14, SKU15 38de9b0156 release: Zephyr 2.7.2 3a21dff459 doc: release: Update release notes with CVE b98ec9e0db x86: Initialise FPU regs during thread creation for eager FPU sharing 8f2d164674 release: Bump release to 2.7.2-rc1 6b61b219ea doc: Add link to J-Link virtual MSD disable for SMP 8822f85ef9 board: arm64: fvp_baser_aemv8r_smp: Increase CONFIG_MAX_THREAD_BYTES 0bc81c82ab board: arm64: fvp_baser_aemv8r: Update the version requirement 32c49d04b0 cmake: armfvp: Add FVP min version check 02c32316fc arm64: Fix booting issue with FVP V8R >= 11.16.16 9bf571808d net/tcp: Use highest priority for TCP internal work queue 4eec9d95ef test/net: Make sure the tls server socket is accepting before connect 32a593396d tests/net: Put the context down and not only the tcp part in tcp2 test 066dcd6119 tests/net: Switch k_msleep to k_yield for tcp packet scheduling ffcc1d3c92 tests/net: TLS test requires more RX PKT and buffers 2d49a4c8b9 net/context: Close TCP connection properly 9d229e0bb5 net/tcp: Stop TCP state machine breaking when sending locally 74c00d0b4e boards: bl654_usb: Fix non-mcuboot builds not limiting size 2a09d5e53f drivers: virt_ivshmem: Allow multiple instances of ivShMem devices. ad4e9934de samples: subsys: mgmt: smp_svr: Fix dupicate fs mgmt registration f133449cf5 boards: arm: stm32l562e_dk and nucleo_l552ze_q add openocd support 33318bfb45 doc: css: update code documentation directives style 3497031e3e doc: update requirements 57a1be33ff boards: nucleo_wb55rg: Add stm32cubeprogrammer runner 652eb37b4d scripts/pylib/twister: Add sn option to stm32cubeprogrgammer runner 9e4edaec21 tests/bluetooth/tester: Add support for auto connection establishment 9b18f4a730 net: gptp: Fix type mismatch calculation error in gptp_mi 3f958347c2 test: pm: device: Fix build options 041653662b pm: Remove unused fields in pm_device 6da71d7c2f ARC: nSIM: fix missing core numbers for mdb-hw runner args 52a68bec73 net: tcp: Verify accept callback before use 6324e997e1 net: sockets: Fix userspace accept() verification e9eed0015f subsys/mgmt/hawkbit: update http response handling a3e7047ad5 wifi: esp_at: claim net_context in rx 50a24d6782 net: sockets: Retry net_context_sendmsg if EAGAIN is reported 9c3be1212f tests/bluetooth/tester: Enable security validation for GATT subsciption e2c96814ce Bluetooth: Host: Validate security on GATT subscription 3c64ed4e77 drivers: spi_nrfx_spi: Fix compilation error e78a6ab2cd spi: nrfx_spi*: only run uninit if configured 6bbf1e7e7a Bluetooth: controller: Add missing NULL assign to df_cfg in ll_adv_set 063dbecb23 arch/x86: Fix MSI MAP destination a807fff085 arch/x86: Add a CPUID function to get initial APIC ID b4b474cb4b arch/x86: Have a dedicated place for CPUID related functions 175ae83c78 tests/bluetooth/tester: Allocate L2CAP channel only when needed 22ab715ad8 test/bluetooth/tester: Don't clear auth requirements on L2CAP server ..... Signed-off-by: Naveen Saini <naveen.kumar.saini@intel.com>
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