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2017-02-02linux/config: Add "CONFIG_USB_ULPI" for zynq7Nathan Rossi
2016-12-27linux-yocto_4.8: Resolve CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA for ZynqNathan Rossi
2016-12-04kc705-microblazeel: Update to 2016.3 Xilinx designManjukumar Matha
2016-11-23linux-xlnx: Embed Xilinx Release Version in PV and EXTENSIONNathan Rossi
2016-11-19linux-xlnx_4.6: Update patches for zybo-linux-bd-zynq7 display supportNathan Rossi
2016-11-19linux-xlnx_4.4: Drop this version it is supersededNathan Rossi
2016-11-19linux/config: Update and improve config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2016-11-18linux-xlnx_4.6.bb: Update kernel to v2016.3 tagManjukumar Matha
2016-11-11linux/config: For Zynq hard disable CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATANathan Rossi
2016-10-29linux-yocto-tiny: Add support for building linux-yocto-tiny 4.8Nathan Rossi
2016-10-29linux/config: Add specific dependencies that are defaulted to yesNathan Rossi
2016-10-29linux/config: Add dependent configs for linux-xlnx ZynqMP featuresNathan Rossi
2016-10-27qemu* -> *qemu-*: Rename QEMU machinesNathan Rossi
2016-10-11linux-xlnx.inc: Use KBRANCH, setting it to "" for branchlessNathan Rossi
2016-10-11linux-xlnx-dev: Remove duplicate setupNathan Rossi
2016-10-11linux-xlnx-dev: Update kernel to current master version at 4.6+Nathan Rossi
2016-09-28linux/config: Clean up soc/microblaze.cfgNathan Rossi
2016-09-28linux/config: CONFIG_VT is not broken for MicroBlaze anymoreNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: Update linux-xlnx config fragmentNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: When enabling USB_GADGET_XILINX also enable USB_GADGETNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: Clean up common zynq7.cfgNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux-yocto_4.8: Add appends for linux-yocto 4.8Nathan Rossi
2016-09-01linux-xlnx: KCONFIG_MODE values have changed, update to 'alldefconfig'Nathan Rossi
2016-07-31zynqmp.cfg: Actually disable MALI in kernelMike Looijmans
2016-07-31board-common.cfg: Disable 4K sectors on QSPI NOR flashMike Looijmans
2016-07-31linux standard.cfg: Replace ext2/ext3 drivers with ext4Mike Looijmans
2016-07-16linux-xlnx_4.4.bb: Update kernel to v2016.2 tagManjukumar Matha
2016-06-16linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Do not clobber COMPATIBLE_MACHINENathan Rossi
2016-05-26zynqmp.cfg: Disable MALI in kernelManjukumar Matha
2016-05-15linux-xlnx.inc: Use kernel defconfig for ZynqMPManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13linux-xlnx_4.4.bb: Update to xilinx-v2016.1.01 tagManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Add KC705 cfg to kernelManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13xilinx.cfg: Enable CONFIG_XILINX_PHYManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13kc705-microblazeel.scc: Add KC705 linux configManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13kc705-trd-microblazeel: Remove kc705-trd filesManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Remove kc705-trdManjukumar Matha
2016-05-06linux-yocto_4.1: Fix up "amba" node label for Zynq includeNathan Rossi
2016-05-05linux/config: Clean up unused config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2016-05-05linux-xlnx_4.0: Drop this version is it supersededNathan Rossi
2016-05-03linux-xlnx_4.4: Add patch to resolve DPMS issuesNathan Rossi
2016-05-03linux/config: Add config fragments for Digilent DRM encoderJason Wu
2016-05-03linux-xlnx: Add Digilent encoder and axi dynclk driversJason Wu
2016-05-03linux/config: Add config fragment for enabling v4l2Jason Wu
2016-05-03linux/config: Add config fragments for Zybo sound supportJason Wu
2016-05-03linux-xlnx-dev: Update kernel version from 4.0+ to 4.4+Jason Wu
2016-05-03linux/config: Add keyboard gpio cfg and sccJason Wu
2016-05-03linux/config: Add config fragments for Xilinx DRMJason Wu
2016-05-03linux-xlnx_4.4.bb: Update to xilinx-v2016.1 tagManjukumar Matha
2016-04-07linux-yocto_4.4: Add ZYBO USB patchNathan Rossi
2016-02-26linux-xlnx_4.4: Xilinx linux v4.4 releaseManjukumar Matha