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2014-12-05linux/config/xilinx-base: Refactor standard.cfgNathan Rossi
2014-12-05linux/configs: Update config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-*: Add patch to resolve Zynq UART lockup issueNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-xlnx.inc: Dont add ${THISDIR}/config multiple timesNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-yocto_3.10: Move patches to a linux-yocto/3.10 subdirNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-xlnx_3.14: Move patches to linux-xlnx/3.14 subdirNathan Rossi
2014-11-14linux/configs: Add config fragment to increase /dev/ram sizeNathan Rossi
2014-11-04linux-xlnx_3.14: Add patch for USB PHY reset during probeNathan Rossi
2014-10-31linux/configs: Add additional configs for Zynq USBNathan Rossi
2014-10-31linux/configs: Add DMA configs to xilinx-ip.cfgNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-*_3.10: Disable the MACB driverNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux/configs: Add CONFIG_CPU_IDLE_ZYNQ=y for ZynqNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-yocto_3.10: Backport patches for MicroBlazeNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-xlnx: Fix up value of SRCREVNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-yocto: Add recipe for linux-yocto 3.17Nathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-xlnx: Rework linux-xlnx recipes to inherit linux-yoctoNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux-xlnx: Add config fragments for base configsNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux: Add config fragments for MicroBlaze machinesNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux: Add support for linux-yocto config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2014-05-23linux-xlnx: Remove 3.8 kernelNathan Rossi
2014-05-21linux-xlnx-dev: Update recipeNathan Rossi
2014-05-21linux-xlnx_3.14: Add 3.14 kernelNathan Rossi
2014-04-30machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move base dts includesNathan Rossi
2014-04-14machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move defconfig setupNathan Rossi
2014-04-11linux/linux-machine-common.inc: Refactor defconfigsNathan Rossi
2014-04-11linux/linux-machine-kconfig.inc: Refactor out kconfig mergingNathan Rossi
2014-04-01linux-yocto: Add recipe for linux-yocto 3.14Nathan Rossi
2014-03-25linux-xlnx: Update SRC_URI to use https instead of gitNathan Rossi
2014-03-13boards/common/zynq-7-mainline-gem.dtsi: Added includeNathan Rossi
2014-03-12linux-yocto-dev: Add support for MicroBlaze and ZynqNathan Rossi
2014-03-12linux-yocto: Add 3.10 support for MicroBlaze and ZynqNathan Rossi
2014-03-12boards/common: Re-organize defconfig pathsNathan Rossi
2014-03-12linux-yocto: Drop linux-yocto 3.8 supportNathan Rossi
2014-01-11Don't add the kernel modules to the kernel-base package. This breaks the kern...Andreas Galauner
2013-11-18linux-xlnx: Backport kernel change for traceeventNathan Rossi
2013-11-08recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Adjust xlnx_3.8 patch file.Sipke Vriend
2013-11-08recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Update SRCREV for linux-xlnx_3.8Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust SRCREV for linux-xlnx_3.10Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust SRCREV on xlnx_3.8 branch.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Adjust recipes and patches to match xlnx_3.8.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-28recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Remove a few redundant kc705 scc files.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-22recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust kernel to use xlnx_3.8 branchSipke Vriend
2013-10-08linux-yocto: Change SRCREV_externalcache to be staticNathan Rossi
2013-10-08linux-dtb.inc: Only append packages if not already in collectionNathan Rossi
2013-09-17linux-xlnx.inc: Remove use of "linux-yocto"Nathan Rossi
2013-09-17linux-dtb.inc: Fix-up PACKAGES variable for QA issuesNathan Rossi
2013-09-04linux-machine-config.inc: Refactored useful python functionsNathan Rossi
2013-09-03recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx Add recipe for linux-xlnx 3.10 and correspondingSipke Vriend
2013-08-21recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Move common items to include file.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-21linux : Use overrides to prevent global application of SRC_URI_appends.Philip Balister