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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-12qemu: Updated versionNathan Rossi
2014-07-29gcc: Updated GCC 4.8 MicroBlaze patchNathan Rossi
2014-07-18gdb: Update version specifier to use wildcardNathan Rossi
2014-06-10qemu: Fix axi-ethernet for newer kernelsNathan Rossi
2014-06-06qemu: Update qemu to version 2.0.0Nathan Rossi
2014-05-27gdb: Update gdb for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-05-20binutils: Updated patches against binutils for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-04-09qemu: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze ethernet phy issuesNathan Rossi
2014-02-11gdb: Upgrade recipes to newer 7.6.2Nathan Rossi
2014-02-03binutils-microblaze-2.24.inc: Fix file path errorNathan Rossi
2014-02-03binutils: Update for binutils 2.24Nathan Rossi
2014-01-21gcc: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze delay slot issuesNathan Rossi
2014-01-13qemu: Update qemu to version 1.7.0Nathan Rossi
2013-12-16gdb: Add MicroBlaze supportNathan Rossi
2013-12-16binutils: Update binutils patchesNathan Rossi
2013-12-11qemu: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze ethernet issuesNathan Rossi
2013-12-11qemu: Enabled required patchesNathan Rossi
2013-11-14recipes-devtools:qemu Update qemu recipe version to match upstream.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-11gcc: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze -mhard-float issueNathan Rossi
2013-07-08gcc: Added MicroBlaze specific patchesNathan Rossi
2013-07-08binutils: Added MicroBlaze specific patchesNathan Rossi
2013-06-19qemu: Added patches for Zynq work-aroundsNathan Rossi
2013-06-19qemu: Add MicroBlaze specific patches for QEMUNathan Rossi
2013-04-30gnu-config: Update for newer gnu-config in oe-coreNathan Rossi
2013-03-14strip out distro policy and workaroundsJohn Williams
2013-03-11RHEL 5 / glibc2.5 sync_file_range syscall workaroundJohn Williams
2013-03-11Remove -wno-vla to build on ancient RHELJohn Williams
2012-10-04gnu-config: Added patch to add "microblazeel" support to config.subNathan Rossi