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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-04external-xilinx-toolchain: Fix up RDEPENDS for ldd and tzcodeNathan Rossi
2014-09-09Buildfix due to eglibc -> glibcLiviu Gheorghisan
2014-07-10external-xilinx-toolchain: Add libatomic and libssp packagesNathan Rossi
2014-05-20coreutils: Fix build for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-01-07external-xilinx-toolchain: Update license checksumsNathan Rossi
2013-09-04external-xilinx-toolchain: Fix Parsing errorNathan Rossi
2013-09-03external-xilinx-toolchain: Created recipeNathan Rossi
2013-08-07util-linux: 2.23.2 contains submitted patchNathan Rossi
2013-06-17util-linux: Update to match oe-core versionNathan Rossi
2013-06-13util-linux: Replace local patch with submitted patchNathan Rossi
2013-06-04util-linux: Update to match oe-core versionNathan Rossi
2013-05-22Remove rootfs symlink generation.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-30gettext: Remove non-required overrideNathan Rossi
2013-04-30util-linux: Updated for newer util-linux in oe-coreNathan Rossi
2013-04-29Add creation of symlink uramdisk.image.gz which is default name for uboot ram...Sipke Vriend
2013-04-09sysvinit-inittab: Remove postinst package overrideNathan Rossi
2013-04-09ncurses: Remove recipe overrideNathan Rossi
2013-03-19glib-2.0: Overrides no longer requiredNathan Rossi
2013-03-19site/microblaze-common: Replaces manual overridesNathan Rossi
2013-03-18recipes: Updated recipes to match 'danny' versionsNathan Rossi
2013-03-14strip out distro policy and workaroundsJohn Williams
2012-11-01glib-2.0: Override microblaze(el) configurationNathan Rossi
2012-10-09util-linux: Added patch to fix microblaze supportNathan Rossi
2012-10-04ncurses: Added patch to add "microblazeel" support to config.subNathan Rossi
2012-09-27image-tiny: Created a core image which is smallerNathan Rossi
2012-09-27Added bbappends to fix gettext build issue.Nathan Rossi