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2014-11-18zedboard : Add files to build working boot.bin file.Philip Balister
2014-11-18zc702-zynq7 : Update uEnv.txt devicetree filename to match updates.Philip Balister
2014-11-17machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move UBOOT_SUFFIX definitionNathan Rossi
2014-11-17device-tree.bb: Set package arch to machine archNathan Rossi
2014-11-05u-boot-xlnx : Add uEnv.txt for zc702 so it boots from SD card.Philip Balister
2014-10-27u-boot-xlnx: Rework ELF deployNathan Rossi
2014-10-27device-tree: Add recipe for creating device tree blobsNathan Rossi
2014-10-27u-boot-xlnx: Add support for building SPL for the zc702.Philip Balister
2014-10-27u-boot-xlnx.inc: Add support for building working SPLPhilip Balister
2014-08-25u-boot-xlnx: Rename "_git" to "-dev" for master-next tracking recipeNathan Rossi
2014-05-22u-boot-xlnx: Remove older versionsNathan Rossi
2014-05-21u-boot-xlnx_2014.01: Add 2014.01 u-bootNathan Rossi
2014-04-11u-boot-xlnx: Update license checksum for master-nextNathan Rossi
2014-03-25u-boot-xlnx: Update SRC_URI to use https instead of gitNathan Rossi
2013-10-29u-boot-xlnx_git.bb: Remove use of SRCPV in PVNathan Rossi
2013-09-12recipes-bsp:u-boot Remove u-boot 2013.01.01 target.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-05u-boot-xlnx: Add uEnv.txt supportNathan Rossi
2013-09-04u-boot-extra.inc: Refactored to use xilinx-utils functionsNathan Rossi
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot: Add u-boot-xlnx_2013.07 and bleeding edge recipe.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot-xlnx: Move patch files out of include file.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot-xlnx: Delete 2012.10 u-boot recipe.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-01Refactored MACHINE_* usageNathan Rossi
2013-07-30Merge branch 'master' into nrossi/layer-refactorNathan Rossi
2013-07-05u-boot: Add yocto u-boot plus patches.Sipke Vriend
2013-06-26u-boot-xlnx: Changed MicroBlaze specific configureNathan Rossi
2013-05-31recipes-bsp: remove redundant comment line from u-boot 2013.01 recipeSipke Vriend
2013-05-08u-boot-xlnx: Add microblaze specific configuration setupNathan Rossi
2013-05-07u-boot-xlnx: Add patches for MicroBlaze initrd supportNathan Rossi
2013-05-02Move RTC config in kernel config to fragments.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-23Moved defconfig to bsp/board layer.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-22Branch to start enablement of bsps. Kernel recipes. Uboot recipes. Zedboard m...Sipke Vriend