path: root/recipes-bsp/device-tree
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-31device-tree/microzed-zynq7.dts: Replace with kernel source versionmortyNathan Rossi
2016-12-04kc705-microblazeel: Update to 2016.3 Xilinx designManjukumar Matha
2016-11-19zybo-linux-bd-zynq7: Update the device-tree for linux-xlnx v4.6Nathan Rossi
2016-10-27qemu* -> *qemu-*: Rename QEMU machinesNathan Rossi
2016-10-11device-tree: Remove old runqemu compatibility outputsNathan Rossi
2016-09-28device-tree: Use deploy class to handle shared stateNathan Rossi
2016-05-13kc705-microblazeel.dts: Add KC705 dtsManjukumar Matha
2016-05-13kc705-trd-microblazeel: Remove kc705-trd filesManjukumar Matha
2016-05-07device-tree: Add include for dummy qspi nodeNathan Rossi
2016-05-03conf/machine: Add zybo-linux-bd-zynq7 machine supportJason Wu
2016-04-12device-tree.bb: Add deprecation warning for 'zynq7-base.dtsi'Nathan Rossi
2016-04-12device-tree.bb: Rework pre-processor and dtc flagsNathan Rossi
2016-04-12device-tree.bb: Update kernel include paths for zynq/zynqmpNathan Rossi
2016-04-12device-tree: Add C pre-process for dtsJason Wu
2016-04-12recipes-bsp:device-tree: Allow to reuse the dtses from kernel treeJason Wu
2016-03-31device-tree/kc705-trd-microblazeel: Update for u-boot supportNathan Rossi
2016-03-06picozed-zynq7: Rework device tree to use kernel source includeNathan Rossi
2016-03-06microzed-zynq7: Rework device tree to use kernel source includeNathan Rossi
2016-03-06kc705-trd-microblazeel: Move device tree to device-tree recipeNathan Rossi
2016-03-06qemuzynq: Rework device tree to use kernel source includeNathan Rossi
2016-03-06device-tree.bb: Move zynq7-base.dtsi into recipe sourceNathan Rossi
2016-03-06device-tree.bb: Add support to use kernel source tree includesNathan Rossi
2015-09-24qemumicroblaze: Remove device-tree usageNathan Rossi
2015-03-31device-tree.bb: Set S directory as WORKDIRNathan Rossi
2014-11-17device-tree.bb: Set package arch to machine archNathan Rossi
2014-10-27device-tree: Add recipe for creating device tree blobsNathan Rossi