AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-14machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove image_types_ubootpyroAlistair Francis
2017-08-27zynqmp-pmu.bbclass: Fix issues with zynqmp-pmu and multilibNathan Rossi
2017-08-27zynqmp-pmu-config.inc: Limit to specific recipesNathan Rossi
2017-07-11kernel-module-mali.bb: Update source locationBhargava Sreekantappa Gayathri
2017-06-20u-boot-zynq-uenv.bb: Enforce default load addressesNathan Rossi
2017-06-08zybo-linux-bd-zynq7: Change gem0 phy to match kernel definitionNathan Rossi
2017-06-03ep108-zynqmp: Re-enable 'qemuboot' image classNathan Rossi
2017-06-03u-boot-xlnx.inc: Remove redefinition of package archManjukumar Matha
2017-06-03xf86-video-armsoc_git.bb: Correct the dependency on libx11Manjukumar Matha
2017-06-03zcu102-zynqmp: Remove pinning of older kernel, u-boot and atf versionsNathan Rossi
2017-06-03zcu102-zynqmp: Setup the use of multiarch QEMUNathan Rossi
2017-06-03qemu-xilinx: Set the value of QEMU_TARGETS as opposed to defaultNathan Rossi
2017-06-03qemu-xilinx-multiarch-helper-native: Recipe to provide a helper scriptNathan Rossi
2017-06-03README.qemu.md: Add a README to detail PMU ROMNathan Rossi
2017-06-03qemu-devicetrees: Deploying of MULTI_ARCH device treesNathan Rossi
2017-06-03zcu102-zynqmp: Enable building of PMU recipes and build pmu firmwareNathan Rossi
2017-06-03classes/zynqmp-pmu.bbclass: Create a extender class for the ZynqMP PMUNathan Rossi
2017-06-03pmu-firmware: Create a recipe for the PMU firmware for PMU on ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2017-06-03libgloss_2.5.0: Add libgloss recipeNathan Rossi
2017-06-03newlib_2.5.0: Add recipe for the newlib libcNathan Rossi
2017-05-30machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove xserver-xorg-extension-glxManjukumar Matha
2017-05-30zcu102-zynqmp.conf: Remove mali as machine featureManjukumar Matha
2017-05-30arm-trusted-firmware: deploy versioned imagesManjukumar Matha
2017-05-30arm-trusted-firmware_git.bb: Make ATF machine independentManjukumar Matha
2017-05-30feature-microblaze-versions.inc: Simplify version formatting functionsNathan Rossi
2017-05-30arch-microblaze.inc: Invert how the 'reorder' feature is used for v8.30Nathan Rossi
2017-05-30zcu102-zynqmp: Enable all the zcu102 kernel device treesNathan Rossi
2017-05-30linux/config: Update zynqmp config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2017-05-30linux/config: Update zynq7 fragmentsNathan Rossi
2017-05-30*-zynq7: Change some boards to mainline U-Boot by defaultNathan Rossi
2017-05-15kernel-module-mali.bb: Update MALI kernel module to r7p0Manjukumar Matha
2017-05-15machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove version pinning for linux-xlnxNathan Rossi
2017-05-15zcu102-zynqmp: Pin to pre-v2017.1 versions of kernel, u-boot and atfNathan Rossi
2017-05-15arm-trusted-firmware: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 releaseNathan Rossi
2017-05-15arm-trusted-firmware_2016.3.bb: Rename the _git.bb to the actual releaseNathan Rossi
2017-05-15arm-trusted-firmware: Split common build/config into includeNathan Rossi
2017-05-15kc705-microblazeel: Pin to u-boot-xlnx at xilinx-v2016.4Nathan Rossi
2017-05-15u-boot-xlnx: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 releaseNathan Rossi
2017-05-15linux-xlnx: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 releaseNathan Rossi
2017-05-15qemu-xilinx-helper-native: Clean up preferred provider messageNathan Rossi
2017-05-15linux/config: Add debug-dyndbg kernel feature fragmentNathan Rossi
2017-05-15u-boot-xlnx_2016.4.bb: Add provided ZynqMP platform init configsNathan Rossi
2017-05-15u-boot-zynq-uenv.bb: Add recipe to generate uEnv.txt environmentNathan Rossi
2017-04-28zybo-linux-bd-zynq7: Update to use FORCE_PLATFORM_INITNathan Rossi
2017-04-28u-boot-spl-zynq-init.inc: Add support for ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2017-04-28platform-init.bb: Update to xilinx-platform-initNathan Rossi
2017-04-28zybo-linux-bd.bb: Update to use xilinx-platform-init.bbclassNathan Rossi
2017-04-28xilinx-platform-init.bbclass: Generic platform-init classNathan Rossi
2017-04-28zcu102-zynqmp: Update QB_MEM to 4GB to match boardNathan Rossi
2017-04-28qemu: Update to the 2017.1 releaseAlistair Francis