AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-11u-boot-xlnx-dev: Update the default revisionNathan Rossi
2016-10-11u-boot-spl-zynq-init.inc: Enable the FORCE_PS7INIT for new U-BootNathan Rossi
2016-10-11qemu: Add patch to fix XADC access on Zynq targetsNathan Rossi
2016-10-11recipes-{zynqmp -> devtools}: Move the QEMU appends to generic dirNathan Rossi
2016-10-11recipes-zynqmp/qemu: Update append to QEMU 2.7%Nathan Rossi
2016-10-11device-tree: Remove old runqemu compatibility outputsNathan Rossi
2016-10-11machine-xilinx-qemu.inc: Move common runqemu setup to includeNathan Rossi
2016-09-30qemumicroblaze-s3adsp1800: Add runqemu supportNathan Rossi
2016-09-30ep108-zynqmp, zcu102-zynqmp: Add runqemu supportNathan Rossi
2016-09-30qemuzynqmp: Remove this machineNathan Rossi
2016-09-30qemuzynq, qemumicroblaze: Improve runqemu supportNathan Rossi
2016-09-28conf/machine: update for new runqemuRobert Yang
2016-09-28device-tree: Use deploy class to handle shared stateNathan Rossi
2016-09-28kc705-bitstream: Use deploy class to handle shared stateNathan Rossi
2016-09-28zybo-linux-bd: Use deploy class to handle shared stateNathan Rossi
2016-09-28linux/config: Clean up soc/microblaze.cfgNathan Rossi
2016-09-28linux/config: CONFIG_VT is not broken for MicroBlaze anymoreNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: Update linux-xlnx config fragmentNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: When enabling USB_GADGET_XILINX also enable USB_GADGETNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux/config: Clean up common zynq7.cfgNathan Rossi
2016-09-20linux-yocto_4.8: Add appends for linux-yocto 4.8Nathan Rossi
2016-09-10platform-init: Replace files to file in LIC_FILES_CHKSUMSujith Haridasan
2016-09-01linux-xlnx: KCONFIG_MODE values have changed, update to 'alldefconfig'Nathan Rossi
2016-08-22gcc-source_6.%.bbappend: Rename to use a wildcard versionNathan Rossi
2016-08-17machine-xilinx-default.inc: Only recommend mali when machine has featureNathan Rossi
2016-08-17zcu102-zynqmp: Add the 'mali' machine featureNathan Rossi
2016-08-07machine-xilinx-default.inc: Only recommend mali module for linux-xlnxNathan Rossi
2016-08-07machine-xilinx-default.inc: Fix misspelled "kernel-module-mali"Mike Looijmans
2016-08-07Rename "mali-modules.bb" to "kernel-module-mali.bb"Mike Looijmans
2016-07-31zynqmp.cfg: Actually disable MALI in kernelMike Looijmans
2016-07-31board-common.cfg: Disable 4K sectors on QSPI NOR flashMike Looijmans
2016-07-31linux standard.cfg: Replace ext2/ext3 drivers with ext4Mike Looijmans
2016-07-23arm-trusted-firmware: Create and deploy the "atf.ub" fileMike Looijmans
2016-07-17gdb-7.7.1.inc: Setup the SRC_URI to point to a specific tarballNathan Rossi
2016-07-17gcc-source_6.1.bbappend: Include MB patchManjukumar Matha
2016-07-17Remove this patch as it is no longer requiredManjukumar Matha
2016-07-17Remove old references to GCC 4.9 and 5.3Manjukumar Matha
2016-07-17Add GCC6 patch for compiler-gcc6.h file missingManjukumar Matha
2016-07-16u-boot-xlnx_2016.01.bb: Add patch for GCC 6Manjukumar Matha
2016-07-16u-boot-xlnx_2016.01.bb: Update tag to v2016.2Manjukumar Matha
2016-07-16linux-xlnx_4.4.bb: Update kernel to v2016.2 tagManjukumar Matha
2016-07-16arm-trusted-firmware_git.bb: Update tag to v2016.2Manjukumar Matha
2016-06-22qemuzynmp: Add the qemuzynqmp machineAlistair Francis
2016-06-18recipes-zynqmp/qemu_2.6%: Disable EL3 for the A53sAlistair Francis
2016-06-16zynq7-platform-init.inc: Use the new SYSROOT_DIRS variableNathan Rossi
2016-06-16linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Do not clobber COMPATIBLE_MACHINENathan Rossi
2016-06-03README.md: Update co-maintainer for meta-xilinxManjukumar Matha
2016-05-26recipes-zynqmp/qemu_2.5%: Patches no longer requiredNathan Rossi
2016-05-26machine-xilinx-default.inc: Add MALI kernel moduleManjukumar Matha
2016-05-26mali-modules.bb: MALI kernel module recipeManjukumar Matha