AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-09python: Add bbappend to fix issue with MicroBlazeNathan Rossi
2015-03-31linux/config: Rework configsNathan Rossi
2015-03-31u-boot-xlnx: Use 'u-boot-dtb.img' for ZynqNathan Rossi
2015-03-31*-zynq7: Add the "virtual/boot-bin" dependency for U-Boot SPLNathan Rossi
2015-03-31u-boot-xlnx: Refactor SPL supportNathan Rossi
2015-03-31platform-init/fsbl-platform-init: Add recipeNathan Rossi
2015-03-31classes/zynq7-platform-paths.bbclass: Add class with path definesNathan Rossi
2015-03-31u-boot-xlnx: Update to 2015.01Nathan Rossi
2015-03-31linux-yocto: Add append for the 3.19 kernelNathan Rossi
2015-03-31linux-xlnx: Remove the 3.10 kernelNathan Rossi
2015-03-31linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Remove KMACHINE setupNathan Rossi
2015-03-31conf/machine/include/tune-zynq.inc: Remove the 'zynq' tuneNathan Rossi
2015-03-31device-tree.bb: Set S directory as WORKDIRNathan Rossi
2015-03-13external-xilinx-toolchain: Fix up toolchain flagsNathan Rossi
2015-03-05linux-zynqmp-mainline: Fix up commentNathan Rossi
2015-03-05Fix PREFERRED_PROVIDER comment in linux-xlnx-dev.bbRobert P. J. Day
2015-02-24README: Update READMENathan Rossi
2015-02-24linux-yocto: Remove 3.10 and 3.17 appendsNathan Rossi
2015-02-24qemuzynqmp: Add the QEMU ZynqMP machine configNathan Rossi
2015-02-24qemu: Create recipe for Zynq MP supported QEMUNathan Rossi
2015-02-23conf/layer.conf: Reduce Priority of layer to 5 (from 6)Nathan Rossi
2015-02-23ep108-zynqmp: Add the EP108 Machine configNathan Rossi
2015-02-23linux-zynqmp-mainline: Added recipe for ZynqMP LinuxNathan Rossi
2015-02-19u-boot-zynqmp-mainline: Recipe for ZynqMP U-BootNathan Rossi
2015-02-19u-boot-xlnx: Split ELF deploy into seperate include fileNathan Rossi
2015-02-19libaio: Remove patch, bbappend has already been removedNathan Rossi
2015-02-16openssl: Patches no longer requiredNathan Rossi
2015-02-13libaio: Remove MicroBlaze specific patchNathan Rossi
2015-02-12coreutils: MicroBlaze specific define no longer requiredNathan Rossi
2015-02-12gcc: Consolidate 4.8 bbappends into the new gcc-source recipeNathan Rossi
2014-12-30external-xilinx-toolchain: Fix version detection for gccDavid Holsgrove
2014-12-17gdb: Port gdb 7.7.1 recipes from oe-coreNathan Rossi
2014-12-05boards/*microblaze*: Override udev max-childrenNathan Rossi
2014-12-05microblaze/feature-microblaze-endian.inc: Fix MBPKGENDIANNathan Rossi
2014-12-05linux/config/xilinx-base: Refactor standard.cfgNathan Rossi
2014-12-05linux/configs: Update config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2014-12-03microblaze: Add USE_VT="" to microblaze machine configsNathan Rossi
2014-12-03Documentation UpdatesNathan Rossi
2014-12-03machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove ext2* from default IMAGE_FSTYPESNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-*: Add patch to resolve Zynq UART lockup issueNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-xlnx.inc: Dont add ${THISDIR}/config multiple timesNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-yocto_3.10: Move patches to a linux-yocto/3.10 subdirNathan Rossi
2014-11-26linux-xlnx_3.14: Move patches to linux-xlnx/3.14 subdirNathan Rossi
2014-11-18zc702 : Add files to support bootable image creation with wic.Philip Balister
2014-11-18zedboard : Add files to support bootable image creation with wic.Philip Balister
2014-11-18machine-xilinx-board.inc : Add definition of boot files for wic utility.Philip Balister
2014-11-18zedboard : Add files to build working boot.bin file.Philip Balister
2014-11-18zc702-zynq7 : Update uEnv.txt devicetree filename to match updates.Philip Balister
2014-11-17machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move UBOOT_SUFFIX definitionNathan Rossi
2014-11-17device-tree.bb: Set package arch to machine archNathan Rossi