AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-16linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Do not clobber COMPATIBLE_MACHINEfidoNathan Rossi
2015-11-05linux/configs: Update 'xilinx-drivers-linux-xlnx.cfg'Nathan Rossi
2015-11-05linux/configs: Fix up xilinx-drivers-linux-xlnx.scc includeNathan Rossi
2015-11-04platform-init: v2014.4 is no longer on master branchManjukumar Matha
2015-09-16linux-xlnx_3.19: Add compatible for ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2015-09-16linux-xlnx_3.19: Update SRCREV to xilinx-v2015.2 tagNathan Rossi
2015-09-16linux-xilinx-machines.inc: Default COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to noneNathan Rossi
2015-09-16linux-xlnx: Add recipe for v3.19 Xilinx kernelNathan Rossi
2015-05-04machine-xilinx-board.inc: Fixup value for u-boot image fileNathan Rossi
2015-05-04COPYING.MIT: Re-add missing licenseNathan Rossi
2015-04-22qemuzynqmp: Drop this machineNathan Rossi
2015-04-22ep108-zynqmp: This machine/board is also modelled in QEMUNathan Rossi
2015-04-22qemu_zynqmp: Update SRCREV and PatchesNathan Rossi
2015-04-22ep108-zynqmp: Add ATF as additional machine dependencyNathan Rossi
2015-04-22arm-trusted-firmware: Add recipe for ATFNathan Rossi
2015-04-21zynq7-base.dtsi: Update bindings for PHYs attached to ethernet nodesNathan Rossi
2015-04-21u-boot-xlnx_2015.01: Add patches to fix MicroBlaze issuesNathan Rossi
2015-04-21tune-microblaze.inc: Update default U-Boot configNathan Rossi
2015-04-21u-boot-extra.inc: Rework MicroBlaze config.mk generationNathan Rossi
2015-04-21u-boot-xlnx_2015.01: Update SRCREVNathan Rossi
2015-04-21machine-xilinx-default.inc: Setup UBOOT_SUFFIX for ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2015-04-21machine-xilinx-default.inc: Use ??= for preferred providerNathan Rossi
2015-04-20linux-zynqmp-mainline_3.19: Refactor COMPATIBLE and KMACHINENathan Rossi
2015-04-20u-boot-zynqmp-mainline_2015.04: Update to final tagNathan Rossi
2015-04-20conf/machine/*zynqmp.conf: Update to use tune-zynqmp.incNathan Rossi
2015-04-20include/tune-zynqmp.inc: Add tune for ZynqMPNathan Rossi
2015-04-20machine-xilinx-default.inc: Clean-up device-tree RDEPENDSNathan Rossi
2015-04-20machine-xilinx-default.inc: Default MicroBlaze to linux-yocto providerNathan Rossi
2015-04-20machine-xilinx-default.inc: Update default linux-yocto to 3.19Nathan Rossi
2015-04-17conf/machine/*.conf: Update MACHINE_FEATURESNathan Rossi
2015-04-17machine-xilinx-default.inc: By default all machines have no RTCNathan Rossi
2015-04-17linux-xlnx_3.14: Disable USB PHY driverNathan Rossi
2015-04-17linux/configs: Add disable-usb-phy fragementNathan Rossi
2015-04-17boards/*-board.dtsi: Added USB PHY nodes for USB resetNathan Rossi
2015-04-17zynq7-base.dtsi: Update bindings for mainline USBNathan Rossi
2015-04-17linux/configs: Move disable-macb fragment into xilinx-baseNathan Rossi
2015-04-17recipes-microblaze: Move all MicroBlaze appendsNathan Rossi
2015-04-17README: Update supported boards and add ZynqMP to descriptionNathan Rossi
2015-04-17qemuzynq: Add fixed-clock to device tree for ethernetNathan Rossi
2015-04-14kc705-trd_2013.1: Add recipe for retrieveing KC705 TRD BitstreamNathan Rossi
2015-04-14picozed-zynq7: Add machine config and device trees for picoZed SOMNathan Rossi
2015-04-14platform-init: Add platform init files for picozed-zynq7Nathan Rossi
2015-04-14u-boot-xlnx: Add support for picoZedNathan Rossi
2015-04-14linux/configs: Add config fragment for debugging and verificationNathan Rossi
2015-04-14microzed-zynq7: Add machine and device trees for microZedNathan Rossi
2015-04-14zybo-zynq7: Add machine dependencies for boot.bin generationNathan Rossi
2015-04-14platform-init: Add recipe for local platform init filesNathan Rossi
2015-04-14zybo-zynq7: Add machine config and device trees for ZYBO boardNathan Rossi
2015-04-10linux/configs: Rework the rtc featureNathan Rossi
2015-04-10linux/configs: Update MicroBlaze fragmentsNathan Rossi