AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-23external-xilinx-toochain: Created recipedylanNathan Rossi
2013-09-20libffi: Updated to use 3.0.13Nathan Rossi
2013-06-06meta-xilinx: tune-zynq: Corrected forced setting of IMAGE_FSTYPESSipke Vriend
2013-06-03recipes-bsp: clean up u-boot versions remove u-boot v2012.10 as it is not a y...Sipke Vriend
2013-06-03Remove linux-xlnx 3.6 kernel from dylan branch as it is not a yocto kernel ve...Sipke Vriend
2013-06-03linux-xlnx: Remove obsolete machine compatiblityNathan Rossi
2013-05-31recipes-bsp: remove redundant comment line from u-boot 2013.01 recipeSipke Vriend
2013-05-31conf/machine: Remove obsolete machinesNathan Rossi
2013-05-31Move include of 'soc-family.inc' into Tune definitionsNathan Rossi
2013-05-31README: Updated README files for meta-xilinx and BSPsNathan Rossi
2013-05-30meta-kc705: linux-xlnx: Add "EPOLL" to defconfigNathan Rossi
2013-05-30tune-microblaze: Fix default KERNEL_IMAGETYPE value for microblazeNathan Rossi
2013-05-30linux-xlnx: Add support for MicroBlaze 'linux.bin.ub' make targetNathan Rossi
2013-05-28meta-kc705: kc705-trd: Update configuration to match exact hardwareNathan Rossi
2013-05-23linux-xlnx: Fix DEPENDS for microblaze targetsNathan Rossi
2013-05-23meta-kc705: kc705-trd: Update configuration to match exact hardwareNathan Rossi
2013-05-23tune-microblaze: Add negative CCARGS definitionsNathan Rossi
2013-05-23microblaze: Set FPU_TARGET and add sanity checkingSipke Vriend
2013-05-22microblaze: Add v9.0 tune.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-22microblaze: Change version tune format.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-22Remove rootfs symlink generation.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-20Documentation correstions. Add zc702 README.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-17Add copyright and documentation.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-15Signed-off-by: Sipke Vriend <sipke.vriend@xilinx.com>Sipke Vriend
2013-05-15Add a README file for the meta-xilinx layer.meta-xilinx-bounces@yoctoproject.org
2013-05-13Adjust preferred zynq linux to 3.8 and uboot to v2013.01.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-08meta-kc705: linux-xlnx: Override for BSP configurationNathan Rossi
2013-05-08meta-kc705: u-boot-xlnx: Add overrides for BSPNathan Rossi
2013-05-08meta-kc705: Create 'kc705-trd' machineNathan Rossi
2013-05-08meta-kc705: Create KC705 BSP layerNathan Rossi
2013-05-08linux-xlnx: Add microblaze support and patchesNathan Rossi
2013-05-08u-boot-xlnx: Add microblaze specific configuration setupNathan Rossi
2013-05-08tune-microblaze: Refactor tune definitionNathan Rossi
2013-05-08tune-zynq: Refactor tune defintionNathan Rossi
2013-05-07u-boot-xlnx: Add patches for MicroBlaze initrd supportNathan Rossi
2013-05-07tune-microblaze.inc: Add Linux/u-boot build configurationNathan Rossi
2013-05-07tune-zynq.inc: Fix line-endingsNathan Rossi
2013-05-03Consolidate zynq fragments and move inclusion into board layers.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-02Move RTC config in kernel config to fragments.Sipke Vriend
2013-05-02Added meta-zc702 board layer.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-30linux-xlnx: Remove forced IMAGETYPE settingNathan Rossi
2013-04-30gettext: Remove non-required overrideNathan Rossi
2013-04-30util-linux: Updated for newer util-linux in oe-coreNathan Rossi
2013-04-30gnu-config: Update for newer gnu-config in oe-coreNathan Rossi
2013-04-29Add creation of symlink uramdisk.image.gz which is default name for uboot ram...Sipke Vriend
2013-04-26Add mkimage wrapped ext2.gz.u-boot root file system.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-23Moved defconfig to bsp/board layer.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-22Refactor zedboard machine. Move commone items into tune-zynq include file.Sipke Vriend
2013-04-22Branch to start enablement of bsps. Kernel recipes. Uboot recipes. Zedboard m...Sipke Vriend
2013-04-09sysvinit-inittab: Remove postinst package overrideNathan Rossi