AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-07util-linux: 2.23.2 contains submitted patchNathan Rossi
2013-08-02meta-*: Remove deprecated sublayersNathan Rossi
2013-08-02linux-xlnx: Remove untested, Linux 3.6 versionNathan Rossi
2013-08-01machine-xilinx-default.inc: Refactored all non-tune configurationNathan Rossi
2013-08-01layer.conf: Change layer priority to match other BSP layersNathan Rossi
2013-08-01Refactored MACHINE_* usageNathan Rossi
2013-07-30linux-yocto: Fix compatiblity with base layer machinesNathan Rossi
2013-07-30linux-xlnx: Clean up Zynq defconfig useNathan Rossi
2013-07-30linux-xlnx: Split up MicroBlaze kernel configNathan Rossi
2013-07-30linux-xlnx: Split out common platform definitionsNathan Rossi
2013-07-30linux-xlnx: linux-machine-config.inc: Fixed dependency issuesNathan Rossi
2013-07-30Merge branch 'master' into nrossi/layer-refactorNathan Rossi
2013-07-26recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Add RTC fragment to ZC702.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-25recipes-kernel:linux-yocto-*: Modifications for microblazeSipke Vriend
2013-07-24recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Remove kernel features from zynq-standardSipke Vriend
2013-07-24recipes-kernel:linux-yocto-tiny: Remove a number of 'advanced' configSipke Vriend
2013-07-24recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Rearranged fragments for zynq-tiny into groups.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-24recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Add efi-ext.scc to zynq-standard.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-24linux-yocto: Rearranged fragments for zynq-standard into groupings.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-24recipes-kernel:linux-yocto Add some kernel configurations to Zynq.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-18linux-yocto: add kc705-trd as target machine.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-18linux-yocto-*: change linux-yocto recipe to target boards rather thanSipke Vriend
2013-07-15linux-xlnx: Split MACHINE_* handler into separate includeNathan Rossi
2013-07-15README: Clean up readmeNathan Rossi
2013-07-15docs: Improve documentation of Zynq and MicroBlaze boot flowsNathan Rossi
2013-07-15machine/kc702-trd-microblazeel: Added machine documentationNathan Rossi
2013-07-15machine/zedboard-zynq7: Fixed to use updated naming conventionNathan Rossi
2013-07-15machine/zc702-zynq7: Add ZC702 support to base layerNathan Rossi
2013-07-15zynq-7-base.dtsi: Added 'xlnx,zynq-7000' machine compatibilityNathan Rossi
2013-07-12Merge MicroBlaze Toolchain Enablement.Nathan Rossi
2013-07-11qemumicroblaze: Update TUNE_FEATURESNathan Rossi
2013-07-11gcc: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze -mhard-float issueNathan Rossi
2013-07-09linux-xlnx: Resolve Packaging QA errorNathan Rossi
2013-07-09linux-xlnx: Change 3.8 kernel to use .scc for patchesNathan Rossi
2013-07-08gcc: Added MicroBlaze specific patchesNathan Rossi
2013-07-08binutils: Added MicroBlaze specific patchesNathan Rossi
2013-07-08site/microblaze-common: Fix glib format configure valueNathan Rossi
2013-07-05u-boot: Add yocto u-boot plus patches.Sipke Vriend
2013-07-02Add linux-yocto 3.8 targetsSipke Vriend
2013-06-27linux-xlnx: Change COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to all 'microblaze'/'zynq'Nathan Rossi
2013-06-26machine/kc705-trd-microblazeel: Add kc705-trd support to base layerNathan Rossi
2013-06-26machine/zynq7-zedboard: Add zedboard configuration to base layerNathan Rossi
2013-06-26u-boot-xlnx: Changed MicroBlaze specific configureNathan Rossi
2013-06-26Rearranged location of board configuration filesNathan Rossi
2013-06-19qemu: Added patches for Zynq work-aroundsNathan Rossi
2013-06-19qemu: Add MicroBlaze specific patches for QEMUNathan Rossi
2013-06-19meta-zedboard: linux-xlnx: Refactored device treeNathan Rossi
2013-06-19meta-zc702: linux-xlnx: Added DTS fileNathan Rossi
2013-06-19linux-xlnx: Updated qemuzynq.dts to use dtsi fragmentNathan Rossi
2013-06-19linux-xlnx: Add the zynq-7-base.dtsi to SRC_URINathan Rossi