AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-27machine-xilinx-default.inc: Force dependence on device-treeNathan Rossi
2014-10-27device-tree: Add recipe for creating device tree blobsNathan Rossi
2014-10-27linux: Add support for linux-yocto config fragmentsNathan Rossi
2014-10-27u-boot-xlnx: Add support for building SPL for the zc702.Philip Balister
2014-10-27u-boot-xlnx.inc: Add support for building working SPLPhilip Balister
2014-09-22zc70*-zynq7-board.dtsi: Update binding for si570Nathan Rossi
2014-09-22zynq7-base.dtsi: Update bindingsNathan Rossi
2014-09-18conf/layer.conf: Add LAYERDEPENDSNathan Rossi
2014-09-09Buildfix due to eglibc -> glibcLiviu Gheorghisan
2014-08-25u-boot-xlnx: Rename "_git" to "-dev" for master-next tracking recipeNathan Rossi
2014-08-12qemu: Updated versionNathan Rossi
2014-08-01openssl: Fixup FILESEXTRAPATH usageNathan Rossi
2014-07-29gcc: Updated GCC 4.8 MicroBlaze patchNathan Rossi
2014-07-23common/linux/zynq/defconfig_3.14.cfg: Add configs for USBNathan Rossi
2014-07-18shadow: Update version to match generic wildcardNathan Rossi
2014-07-18gdb: Update version specifier to use wildcardNathan Rossi
2014-07-10external-xilinx-toolchain: Add libatomic and libssp packagesNathan Rossi
2014-06-19external-xilinx-toolchain: Enforce default hash styleNathan Rossi
2014-06-10qemu: Fix axi-ethernet for newer kernelsNathan Rossi
2014-06-06qemu: Update qemu to version 2.0.0Nathan Rossi
2014-05-30common/linux/*.cfg: Fix up new line at end of fileNathan Rossi
2014-05-27gdb: Update gdb for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-05-26zynq7-base.dtsi: Update bindingsNathan Rossi
2014-05-23linux-xlnx: Remove 3.8 kernelNathan Rossi
2014-05-22u-boot-xlnx: Remove older versionsNathan Rossi
2014-05-22zynq/defconfig_3.10.cfg: The macb driver is non-functional in 3.10Nathan Rossi
2014-05-21linux-xlnx-dev: Update recipeNathan Rossi
2014-05-21BOOT.tftp: UpdateNathan Rossi
2014-05-21machine-xilinx-default.inc: Update default versionsNathan Rossi
2014-05-21u-boot-xlnx_2014.01: Add 2014.01 u-bootNathan Rossi
2014-05-21zynq7-base.dtsi: Update for 3.14 kernelNathan Rossi
2014-05-21linux-xlnx_3.14: Add 3.14 kernelNathan Rossi
2014-05-21zynq7-mainline-gem.dtsi: RemoveNathan Rossi
2014-05-21zynq7-base.dtsi: Merge gem dts propertiesNathan Rossi
2014-05-20coreutils: Fix build for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-05-20binutils: Updated patches against binutils for microblazeNathan Rossi
2014-05-05machine-xilinx-default.inc: Add cpio.gz.u-boot as defaultNathan Rossi
2014-04-30machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move base dts includesNathan Rossi
2014-04-30machine/boards: Fix-up naming of common dtsi filesNathan Rossi
2014-04-14machine/boards: Fix up cfg fragment eof newlinesNathan Rossi
2014-04-14machine-xilinx-default.inc: Move defconfig setupNathan Rossi
2014-04-11linux/linux-machine-common.inc: Refactor defconfigsNathan Rossi
2014-04-11linux/linux-machine-kconfig.inc: Refactor out kconfig mergingNathan Rossi
2014-04-11u-boot-xlnx: Update license checksum for master-nextNathan Rossi
2014-04-09kc705-trd-microblazeel: Update dtsNathan Rossi
2014-04-09qemumicroblaze: Update dtsNathan Rossi
2014-04-09openssl: Update version number, use wildcardNathan Rossi
2014-04-09qemu: Add patch to resolve MicroBlaze ethernet phy issuesNathan Rossi
2014-04-08machine-xilinx-board.inc: Defines board specific configurationNathan Rossi
2014-04-07machine: Fix inclusion of dtsi's for *-yocto devicetreesNathan Rossi