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README.building.md: Update regarding pmu-firmware patch for SPL flow
Update README to include the required pmu-firmware patch for SPL flow Signed-off-by: Manjukumar Matha <manjukumar.harthikote-matha@xilinx.com>
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@@ -32,6 +32,27 @@ Build the target file system image using `bitbake`:
Once complete the images for the target machine will be available in the output
directory `tmp/deploy/images/<machine name>/`.
+Using SPL flow to build ZU+
+The pmufw needs a "configuration object" to know what it should do, and it
+expects to receive it at runtime.
+With the U-Boot SPL workflow there's no FSBL, and passing a cfg obj to pmufw is
+just not implemented in U-Boot
+To work around this problem a small patch has been developed so that
+pm_cfg_obj.c is linked into pmufw and loaded directly, without waiting for it
+from the outside. Find the original patch on the meta-topic layer [1] and the
+patch updated for pmufw 2018.x here [2].
Using multiconfig to build ZU+
@@ -62,6 +83,7 @@ Workaround:
There is additional workaround required in u-boot-xlnx recipe. Add the below dependency
do_compile[mcdepends] = "multiconfig:zcu102:pmu:pmu-firmware:do_deploy"
Additional Information