BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
honisterqemu: Move to latest in-progress development versionMark Hatle46 hours
masterqemu: Move to latest in-progress development versionMark Hatle46 hours
gatesgarthbinutils: Workaround for Microblaze 64 linking failureMark Hatle10 months
master-oldu-boot-xlnx.inc: Explicitly set builddir pathSai Hari Chandana Kalluri20 months
zeuslibmali-xlnx: Provide single shlib provider for libMali.so.9Sai Hari Chandana Kalluri2 years
thudxf86-video-armsoc: Remove the recipe for xf86-video-armsocMadhurkiran Harikrishnan2 years
warriormeta-xilinx-contrib: Fix drm patch for v4.19 kernelManjukumar Matha2 years
sumou-boot_%.bbappend: Fix the breakage on platform init filesManjukumar Matha3 years
rockogcc-source: Add all Xilinx MicroBlaze GCC 7.2 patchesNathan Rossi4 years
pyromachine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove image_types_ubootAlistair Francis4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-08u-boot_%.bbappend: Fix the breakage on platform init filessumoManjukumar Matha
2018-07-18picozed-zynq7.conf: fix the typo in the include fileNicholas Pillitteri
2018-06-25README.md: Update README to include the newer board supportManjukumar Matha
2018-06-25README.building.md: Update the README for building the layerManjukumar Matha
2018-06-25Update README with SD install steps for ZynqMPMartin Lund
2018-06-25libmali-xlnx.bb: Add recipe to support MALI 400 binariesManjukumar Matha
2018-06-21minized-zynq7: Add wireless supportClement Laigle
2018-06-21minized-zynq7.conf: Add support for MiniZed development boardClement Laigle
2018-06-21minized-zynq7: Add u-boot supportClement Laigle
2018-06-21minized-zynq7: Add device-treeClement Laigle