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authorHe Zhe <zhe.he@windriver.com>2022-05-10 11:09:59 +0800
committerBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2022-05-18 13:56:43 -0400
commit449be3ca727c1e2b6df839d9b09aa0adb8caadd7 (patch)
parenta95a8cad4318ac6b4fd0e73ca91bb56be3631d2d (diff)
criu: Upgrade to 3.17 to fix restore and fix build
- To fix restore Segmentation fault criu restore -d -D checkpoint 8306: Error (criu/cr-restore.c:1480): 8331 killed by signal 11: Segmentation fault Error (criu/cr-restore.c:2447): Restoring FAILED. - Inherit pkgconfig to fix build warning pkg-config not found - Define PLUGINDIR when doing instll to fix build failure mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/lib/criu': Permission denied New commits since 3.16.1: 4f8f295e5 criu: Version 3.17 991f27c84 ci: skip new hugetlb maps09/maps10 tests for pre-dump 0c1f0256f kerndat: handle the case when hugetlb isn't supported 17a19676c zdtm: handle the case when hugetlb isn't supported c1380c077 ci: workaround race between sit module loading and bridge test 550eafc5d ci: print kernel modules list f635b61f4 test: install criu in /usr 2f0f12839 readme: Add badge links to workflows d14dbb8c7 sk-unix: rework bind_on_deleted() return codes 5b872c718 proc_parse: Fix parsing bpf map_extra d40b332ce bpf: update deprecated API f641e0c4b ci: print mountinfo instead of mount cmd output 5c0b4fbcd ci: criu-fault: skip inotify_irmap fault-injection on btrfs 7ac85cab8 scripts/ci: fix ZDTM_OPTS variable passing ead227994 zdtm: temporary disable rseq02 test db9ec1361 zdtm: add rseq02 transition test with NO_RESTART CS flag 1e0bed3d6 rseq: handle rseq/rseq_cs flags properly 13338dee5 Revert "test: disable rseq also on Archlinux" 064e9925a zdtm: add transition/rseq01 test for amd64 2d3354e7b cr-dump: fixup thread IP when inside rseq cs 4c7ece0bb compel: add helpers to get/set instruction pointer 441310c26 zdtm/static/rseq00: fix rseq test when linking with a fresh Glibc f70ddab24 pie/restorer: unregister (g)libc rseq before memory restoration e1799e530 include: add thread_pointer.h from Glibc 267c1fdad ci: add Fedora Rawhide based test on Cirrus 03aff7e82 Revert "ci: disable glibc rseq support" 51e0d3e29 zdtm: add basic static/rseq00 test for rseq C/R c5162cef5 rseq: fail dump if rseq is used but host doesn't support get_rseq_conf feature f81e3062c rseq: initial support bd9ee3255 cr-check: Add ptrace rseq conf dump feature ca54dfcac util: move fork_and_ptrace_attach helper from cr-check 8b3a76b64 kerndat: check for rseq syscall support de03eb435 compel: add rseq syscall into compel std plugin syscall tables 4adec8e8e cgroup: test for --manage-cgroups=ignore 2b6901707 cgroup: fix --manage-cgroups=ignore c71d4a54a cgroup: fix "unified" path 8ddd7f483 ci: add codespell to lint target e7b1c8579 Fix remaining codespell warnings 0194ed392 Fix some codespell warnings 3f1800477 Add .codespellrc f16976c03 test/zdtm.py: rename a var fab46c310 test/exhaustive/unix.py: rename a var 2a60b4974 Rename useable to usable c4bdde213 criu/mount.c: separate \t 51837a65e criu/files.c: some renames bd3a21e0b test/javaTests: rename ser to s 777ad1966 Nit: rename sie to se 716e56f37 Typo: mmaped -> mmapped d9411c948 test/zdtm/static: s/NODEL/NO_DEL/ 58d76cb16 test/zdtm/static/inotify_system.c: s/inot/infd/ 0cb8b9c04 test/zdtm/static: use param not parm 58b120b06 criu/pie/restorer.c: use param not parm 747ec75d9 criu/arch/s390/include/asm/restorer.h: fix comments 8bb05e3bf ci: Switch to non overlaysfs tests 45e048d77 criu: generate unique socket names 75064b742 mount: fix -Wunused-but-set-variable for Clang 15 46e4773c3 style: delete some redundant code 5109fccf8 apparmor: Fix -Wfortify-source for Clang 791651f1b criu-ns: add a helper to hold a pid namespace 805559c1d scripts/ci: mount test cgroups once ab6191ccd zdtm: use unique holder for cgroups 73a783ac1 mount: make error messages differ in different places 165d5a2cd mount-v2: make mount engine fallback messages loglevel debug 8867840c8 zdtm/mount-v2: disable pty-console test c8121ed74 test/jenkins: test for old mount engine 3c0e99ccf ci: make others/mnt_ext_dev also run for old mount engine 642abd133 zdtm/mount-v2: disable mnt_tracefs test f736d88c9 zdtm: add propagation group with mount flags to mount_complex_sharing ef53df471 zdtm: add mount_complex_sharing test 486e1fd85 zdtm: add new mnt_ext_sharing test for mount-v2 3db949d82 ci: run tests for old mount engine 8d6e2d044 zdtm: enable mounts compat mode on restore with --mntns-compat-mode option b35c842d0 mount: add new mounts-v2 engine c29675c9a mount: export global variables for mount-v2 972a59862 mount: export several functions for mount-v2 3229e7f58 mount: export common defines for mount-v2 0723d0cd9 mount: remove double ns_id declaration 1f4a9a531 files-reg: export parent dirs helpers for mount-v2 f032741cd mount: add plain mountpoints f2d1c7fab config/rpc: add new option --mntns-compat-mode for old mount engine f6b52c711 crtools: move check_options after kerndat_init and log_init 6a25420d3 util: add resolve_mountpoint helper cef8366f5 kerndat: check whether the openat2 syscall is supported 387f4652b compel: add open_tree syscall a946b946e kerndat: Check for MOVE_MOUNT_SET_GROUP availability 0ca89b99b files-reg: teach clean_one_remap to work with mount-v2 9a0918497 files-reg: teach create_ghost to work with mount-v2 169f95c39 files-reg: split create_ghost_dentry out of create_ghost 9fb3984a7 mount: add service_mountpoint getter for ->mountpoint 65967a84b mount: use ns_mountpoint instead of mountpoint where possible eedbc6f47 mount: use ns_mountpoint in mnt_depth ae0b218c3 mount: use ns_mountpoint in aufs_parse 7b968ceea mount: use ns_mountpoint in collect_mntinfo f2bf6597c path: simplify mnt_get_sibling_path via get_relative_path abbc70adc mount: use ns_mountpoint for children-overmount check c17695cb1 mount: use ns_mountpoint in root_path_from_parent 010295b8f mount: use ns_mountpoint in validate_children_collision 07eb01593 mount: skip root yard children from mnt_needs_remap check e8de10a4f mount: use ns_mountpoint in mnt_is_overmounted b954e5136 autofs: use ns_mountpoint in autofs_create_dentries 7a67949e5 mount: make general place for shared variables on mount-info on restore 0c41c1187 mount: fix broken remounted_rw check 718247045 mount: move root yard tree merge as early as possible 770cdbfb9 mount: prepare is_overmounted as early as possible 83bbf1b05 mount: add helper mnt_get_external_bind_nodev 0fd0e03a2 mount: do not override master_id to -1 for root binds 4f156f32b mount: put external slavery mounts to separate mnt_ext_slave list ef79912c1 mount: add can_receive_master_from_root helper b52fcb284 mount: replace CRTIME_MNT_ID with HELPER_MNT_ID 4736a7240 mount/restore: leave ns_mountpoint NULL for aux binfmt_misc mount 16085b5e6 mount/restore: create auxiliary binfmt_misc mount in the root yard a379d4d94 zdtm: add mntns_pivot_root_ro test 2a3d2bc28 mount: apply superblock flags to nested ns roots 77f67973f zdtm: add mntns_pivot_root test 2fdb4993a mount: allow nested mount namespaces with different roots cf6fe2d48 mount: add mnt_is_root_bind helper e50abbd3b zdtm: add mnt_ext_collision test a963ceb77 mount: restrict mp-external mount map to init container mntns only 007501f98 zdtm: add new mnt_ext_root test 4f9414934 mount: mount external mount before mounting it's binds d5cb7764e mount: show more info about why we can't mount 685a53eec mount: rework skipping external mounts in dump_one_mountpoint 3b2b80812 mount: split mnt_is_external(_bind) and can_receive_master_from_external c09bd8941 mount: add mnt_bind_pick helper to pick the desired bind 9d1f39f28 unittest: add some tests for get_relative_path helper 97bd9511c util: add get_relative_path helper 261b7a8fd mount: setup mnt_bind list before using it in mnt_is_external 30261a751 mount: skip fstype and source checks for external mounts in mounts_sb_equal 8d5300aa9 mount: mark mounts of external devices external e17c1cc12 mount: do not detect non-fsroot mounts as device-external eda1e5fdb mount: add mntinfo_add_list_before helper for adding to mntinfo list 9649356e3 zdtm: fix mnt_ext_master test to correspond to it's name 5a8fd343f uffd: fix __u64 print format specifier 9e7473516 sk-unix: fix e_str leak in unix_sk_id_add 87d373514 criu/plugin: Add support for criu image streamer 55370b720 criu/plugin: Store BO contents directly to file ecdf740fa criu/plugin: Add whitepaper document 99a2380fc criu/plugin: Dockerfile for amdgpu_plugin 2095de9f0 criu/plugin: Fix for FDs not allowed to mmap bd8333009 criu/plugin: Implement sDMA based buffer access 6d7926622 criu/plugin: Restore libhsakmt shared memory files a218fe0ba criu/plugin: Read and write BO contents in parallel ba9c62df2 criu/plugin: Add unit tests for GPU remapping 4856e0d4d criu/plugin: Add parameters to override mapping 72905c9c9 criu/plugin: Remap GPUs on checkpoint restore 6e99fea2f criu/plugin: Implement system topology parsing c4e3ac7fe criu/plugin: Adding check for kernel IOCTL version 55a5993bc criu/plugin: Support AMD ROCm Checkpoint Restore with KFD 71ff9cc04 criu/plugin: Initialize AMD KFD header 91157315b criu/plugin: Skip plugin vmas during premap 63e127fc8 criu/plugin: Add dedicated flag for plugins e04db0241 criu/files: Add function to return unused FD by pid 653eefea0 criu/plugin: Do not reopen vma fd for plugins 5b0a639a5 files: fix inh leak in inherit_fd_add 060567042 net: fix e_str leak in veth_pair_add 2856d06e3 config: fix ns leak in parse_join_ns a8dd7d290 ci: run criu-config tests 1c54c45fc zdtm: drop redundant config_inotify_irmap test d2073cd4d zdtm: add --criu-config option fc38a01e5 zdtm: use long form cli options 0734fc807 zdtm: sort import lines 0b7965397 zdtm: refactor main 1b4a9df9c sk-unix: fix uint32_t id variable printf format specifier 09fa32a75 tun: fix tun_link leak in dump_tun_link 7e9a9dc34 cr-dump: fix cr_imgset leak in dump_one_task 2747bb2a7 mount: fix e_str leak in ext_mount_add be78b853d proc_smaps: remove useless nonlinear check 97a998567 compel: set mxcsr during error injection to zero ef98a71b1 zdtm: fix missplacement of err=True 6b842635b test: disable rseq also on Archlinux 51099d2bb test: remove test for LOCK_MAND flock 247cdc90d bpfmap: handle new field in fdinfo 56df8aeeb ci: skip MAP_HUGETLB tests in stream test 2dc6d146b zdtm: Add MAP_HUGETLB mappings test for parent-child relationship processes 87a5694b4 zdtm: Add shm hugetlb test d22e472cf zdtm: Add memfd hugetlb test ffa268896 zdtm: Add MAP_HUGETLB memory mapping test a26b692c4 uffd: Skip lazy-mode restore on hugetlb mappings 456e50b59 mem: Skip premapping hugetlb mapping 8941b63a4 proc_parse, files: Add support for hugetlb memory mapping e4fb1dd5f memfd, shmem: Add support for checkpoint/restore memfd and anon shared memory 4d77b19eb ipc: Add support for checkpoint/restore hugetlb System V shared memory f69c36591 kerndat: Collect hugetlb device numbers 9c7bbfa69 check: Add a check for using memfd with hugetlb e8087fcff files: generate unique transport socket names 408a7d82d util: add an unique ID of the current criu run b13b95e52 compel: fix how PTRACE_GET_THREAD_AREA errors are handled b2ba14a15 restorer: Fix sys_mmap's returned value check 7177938e6 criu-ns: use os.waitstatus_to_exitcode() bb1b1681a criu-ns: fix exit code o for criu dump fdf4fda20 pstree: when updating sid for shell job also update matching pgid 89267dbcc ci: install libbsd dependency 48d53b699 Fix formatting in criu documentation 73d6a2c0e test/autofs: fix use-after-free 4d31105c7 ci: set continue-on-error for cross-compile 0568889ee compel: fix parasite with GCC 12 db352ca48 criu: fix configuration file scanner with GCC 12 bf6975c3e compel: fix GCC 12 failure (out of bounds) 6be10a232 zdtm: fix zdtm/static/maps00 case in arm64 6cfad77f0 pagemap: tiny fix on truncating memory image 908e5dd95 lib: added tests for feature check in libcriu b00b61f0e lib: introduce feature check in libcriu 4c4b2159d ci: added .lgtm.yml file 7f4265dc0 ci: update to latest Vagrant and Fedora images 7400d91f8 contributing: remove old badges and logo 29e221bb7 readme: add docker test badge 6f9d62eb3 ci: test criu-image-streamer with all tests 8ec214d3c mount/btrfs: make check_mountpoint_fd fallback to get_sdev_from_fd bbf5f642d proc_parse: add helper to resolve sdev from fd 15c42696c mount: remove mnt_fd argument of __open_mountpoint 1e7c62047 mount: split check_mountpoint_fd from __open_mountpoint 1b912802d zdtm/static/uffd-events: add more log messages ebd03383f zdtm: print tails of all logs if a test has failed f65098746 test: log testname.out.inprogress if a test has failed 8775cf3a5 ci: reenable the lazy-thp test in the lazy-remote mode c59abfa81 page-xfer: stop waiting for a new command after a close command 13b726ebc tls: allow to terminate connections synchronously 73d1d0769 uffd: call disconnect_from_page_server to shutdown a page-server connection 4fdf3db31 tls: add more comments 5a2250b1a tls: use ssize_t for return value 89e8e8e69 tls: fix typo 0da88b6da zdtm: Add SOCK_SEQPACKET variants to unix socket tests 530ad9c89 sk-unix: Add support for SOCK_SEQPACKET unix sockets 3d618d0f4 crtools: check that cpuinfo command has sub-command 233f1f1d0 crtools: use new opts.mode in image_dir_mode 3fa85bcdc crtools/rpc: export current criu mode to opts.mode 1b015df9b crtools: remove excess always true condition be092e25a zdtm: remove mntns-deleted-dst test leftover from git f92c7f1af zdtm: zdtm_ct fix compilation error with strict-prototypes on e62e05c2d zdtm.py: clean up MAKEFLAGS env variable before running make instance af4b26519 tests: added test for single pre-dump support 51a1adbc0 libcriu: add single pre-dump support 119a79885 ci: disable glibc rseq support 9fd000c58 ci: use unstable release for cross-compile 0e04a3c6a libcriu: add setting lsm-mount-context to libcriu af298353d usernsd: UNS_FDOUT should not require an input descriptor efe5d9a12 Add documentation for --timeout option 583e8ca05 ci: enable x86 xsave fault injection tests back 1ba443982 x86/compel/fault-inject: print the initial seed fc1eb01ff x86/compel/fault-inject: bound xsave features set 6186bfa0c test: another try to correctly fix the kernel version d79d73e3a ci: install procps in Alpine 3eba68089 ci: Enable disabled unix socket related tests 94111596f sk-unix: Fix TCP_ESTABLISHED checks in unix sockets 6930d6a32 util: make page-server IPv6 safe d57f27bc9 files-reg: try dump_ghost_remap if link-remap failed with error ENOENT 14075baf7 test: do not use --keep-going for single zdtm tests a52185ffe ci: disable broken tests until fixed 4ab2facb2 make: Explicitly enable FPU on ARMv7 builds d514bacb4 ci: Run cross compile with debian testing 4c1330bb0 ci: Run cross compile on debian stable 718eb06be clang-format: disable wrong struct pointer declaration format 858002483 zdtm: add ro-mount check after c/r to mntns_ghost01 17357d67f files-reg: temporary remount writable the mount we do unlink on bd219b69a ghost/mount: allocate remounted_rw in shmem to get info from other processes cfed6f35e files-reg: fix error handling of rm_parent_dirs 5a0943c90 files-reg: fix error handling in open_path 64b58b514 check: cleanup child processes 156cce78c ci: switch to centos-stream-8 c2fd81903 crtools: ignore SIGPIPE in swrk mode a491706cc ci: Use latest Fedora for lint ci runs again eb0dee408 seize: restore cgroup freezer to right state 781676f10 clang-format/zdtm: fix clang complains about strange elseifs d2b6faf8f tests: improve the deterministic behavior of the test suite 94092ce00 zdtm.py: make tests with --link_remap exclusive 1f9e2c420 ci: disable socket-raw test on centos8 a9d9fb8aa clang-format: make x86_ins_capability_mask human-readable 4ff252656 cr-dump: fail dumping when zombie process with sid 0 26db7adbb clang-format: do automatic comment fixups 206479322 clang-format: do several manual comment fixups bbfd9031a clang-format: enable AlignTrailingComments 718f4cae2 zdtm: make sock_opts02 also check lock change by SO_*BUF* 3a875cc4c zdtm: add test for socket buffer size locks e69be16db sockets: c/r bufer size locks ce5ce285a kerndat: check for set/getsockopt SO_BUF_LOCK availability 2bd709664 sockets: don't call sk_setbufs asyncronously 37a8090d8 tests: improve the image streamer process control dae0704b6 ci: use Fedora 34 for lint CI runs f7bc3bdc9 ci: fix userfaultfd test failures d17eb325c ci: replace deprecated codecov bash uploader c1659c386 net: optimize restore_rule() to not open the CR_FD_RULE image file twice e3a853ab9 criu-ns: make pidns init first do setsid c750e62ca util: use nftw in rmrf helper 485a83c11 tty: fix the null pointer of get_tty_driver 7ba4d3bf1 pie/restorer: remove excess hash printf specifier bffaa7d07 ci: enable coredump tests bf8382a80 make: enable lint for coredump 8aa769455 test/coredump: fix shellcheck errors 0b3cf5c9e coredump: lint fix visually indented line 3a689ed9a coredump: fix comparison to true c1eab7d06 coredump: fix too many blank lines baad88d5e coredump: fix missing whitespace around operator 579066633 coredump: lint fix for block comments 06306c8b1 coredump: drop exec permission 1b368238b coredump: drop unused variable a92a7887a python: replace equality with identity test c71a81a6b coredump: convert indentation to spaces bf8a3c9f6 coredump: sort imports a0b738cb8 coredump: remove unused import 1c866dbb5 Add new files for running criu-coredump via python 2 or 3 3180d35fa Add support for python3 in criu-coredump f24360658 criu(8): Add more detailed description about --tcp-close dump option abf6b15c1 zdtm: Dumping/restoring with --tcp-close on TCP_CLOSE socket 795973055 tcp: Skip restoring TCP state when dumping with --tcp-close 74d1233b5 criu/files: Don't cache fd ids for device files 7b6239b6d criu/plugin: Implement dummy amdgpu plugin hooks 17e2a8c70 criu: Introduce new device file plugin hooks dd46e7919 criu(8): add --external net option be239109a github: update the stale version Signed-off-by: He Zhe <zhe.he@windriver.com> Signed-off-by: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-containers/criu/criu_git.bb b/recipes-containers/criu/criu_git.bb
index 7d98dd1..4b616cc 100644
--- a/recipes-containers/criu/criu_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-containers/criu/criu_git.bb
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD = "1"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=412de458544c1cb6a2b512cd399286e2"
-SRCREV = "4a1731891e91e62f15c40c361aff2a8a54d91bb3"
-PV = "3.16.1+git${SRCPV}"
+SRCREV = "4f8f295e57e68740699479d12c1ad251e6dd859f"
+PV = "3.17+git${SRCPV}"
SRC_URI = "git://github.com/checkpoint-restore/criu.git;branch=master;protocol=https \
file://0002-criu-Skip-documentation-install.patch \
@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ export HOST_SYS
inherit setuptools3
+inherit pkgconfig
B = "${S}"
@@ -74,7 +75,7 @@ do_compile () {
do_install () {
export INSTALL_LIB="${libdir}/${PYTHON_DIR}/site-packages"
- oe_runmake PREFIX=${exec_prefix} LIBDIR=${libdir} DESTDIR="${D}" FULL_PYTHON=${PYTHON} PYTHON=python3 install
+ oe_runmake PREFIX=${exec_prefix} LIBDIR=${libdir} DESTDIR="${D}" PLUGINDIR="${localstatedir}/lib" FULL_PYTHON=${PYTHON} PYTHON=python3 install
# python3's distutils has a feature of rewriting the interpeter on setup installed
# scripts. 'crit' is one of those scripts. The "executable" or "e" option to the