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2022-02-22meta-ti: create a sub-layer meta-ti-bsp from existing contentDenys Dmytriyenko
2022-02-22doxygen: remove outdated version in favor of upstreamDenys Dmytriyenko
2022-02-22meta-ti: remove remaining Keystone1/2 overridesDenys Dmytriyenko
2021-12-15recipes: update github SRC_URIsDenys Dmytriyenko
2021-08-17meta-ti: convert to new override syntax in honisterDenys Dmytriyenko
2021-05-04gdbc6x: bump SRCREV for kernel 5.10 build fixPraneeth Bajjuri
2021-04-05gdbc6x: suppress gcc10 multiple definitions of *_varobj_opsDenys Dmytriyenko
2021-01-08k3conf: Update to latest commitLokesh Vutla
2021-01-05k3conf: Update SRCREV to latestDan Murphy
2020-11-13k3conf: Update SRCREV to latestSuman Anna
2020-11-06recipes-devtools: k3conf: Update SRCREV to latestNikhil Devshatwar
2020-02-20ion-tests: move back to meta-arago-extrasDenys Dmytriyenko
2020-02-17k3conf: add diagnostic tool for K3 platformsDenys Dmytriyenko
2020-02-17gdbc6x: suppress gcc9 -Wstringop-truncation warningDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-12-19libion: Fix build for multilibbed environmentKhem Raj
2019-10-08ion-tests: Fix build with muslKhem Raj
2019-09-18libion: update to fix musl builds by avoiding __BEGIN_DECL/__END_DECLDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-09-13ion: add libion and ion-tests packages for ION supportDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-05-11gdbc6x: bump SRCREV for build fixJacob Stiffler
2019-04-30gdbc6x: update with gcc8 warning suppressionDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-10-16doxygen: Set DISABLE_STATIC to be emptyKhem Raj
2018-08-23gdbc6x: gcc7 related fixes got accepted upstream, removeDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-01gdbc6x: update compatibilityDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-01-17gdbc6x: flex and bison dependencies should be nativeDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-12-21ti-xdctools: extend to native and nativesdkMertz, Timothy
2017-12-19doxygen: import from meta-aragoDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-11-13gdbc6x: fix gcc7 implicit fallthrough, format overflow and format truncation ...Denys Dmytriyenko
2016-04-20gdbc6x: Bump SRCREV for AM57xx EVM PG2.0Jacob Stiffler
2016-03-22gdbc6x: Bump SRCREV so that all machines use same branchJacob Stiffler
2016-01-27gdbc6x: Extend support to keystone SOCsJacob Stiffler
2015-09-11gdbserverproxy-module-drv: Fix build issue with fidoJacob Stiffler
2015-06-01gdbc6x: Add version 1.1.0Jacob Stiffler
2015-06-01gdbserver-c6x: Add version 1.1.0Jacob Stiffler
2015-05-22gdbserverproxy-module-drv: Add version 1.1.0Jacob Stiffler