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2019-08-30u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc4 tagDan Murphy
2019-08-20sciclient-rtos: Adding mcu1_1 to LIMIT_CORES for am65xx targetsMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-17udma-lld-rtos: Adding support for J7-evmMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-17board-rtos: Updating dependencies for j7-evmMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-17i2c-lld-rtos: Updating dependants for j7-evmMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-17sciclient-rtos: Adding support to j7-evmMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-14u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc2 tagDan Murphy
2019-08-09emac-lld:SRCREV bump to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-09qmss-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07pru-swuart-fw: add PRU Software UART Firmware recipeDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-08-07pru-icss: also install headers and library into dev packagesDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-08-07ipc-lld-fw: fix ALTERNATIVE use as package-specificDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-08-07u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc1 tagDan Murphy
2019-08-07wdtimer-rtos: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07tsip-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07transport-rtos: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07traceframework: SRCREV udpate to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07tcp3d-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to 0- Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07srio-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07serdes-diag-rtos: SRCREV udpate to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07sa-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07rm-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07pktlib: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07pa-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07nwal-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07mmap-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07iqn-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07hyplnk-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07fftc-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07faultmanagement-rtos: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07edma3-lld: SRCREV updateMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07cppi-lld: SRCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07bcp-lld-rtos:SCREV update to Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07aif2-lld: SRCREV update t Radhakrishnan
2019-08-07ipc-lld: firmware binary updates with WFI fixBergsagel, Jonathan
2019-08-03ipc-lld: add AM65xx IPC echo_test firmware binariesBergsagel, Jonathan
2019-08-03cuia: suppress texrel warningDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-08-03recipes: suppress potential host contamination warnings due to ownershipDenys Dmytriyenko
2019-08-03ti-img-rogue-driver: Update recipe to pick newer versionGowtham Tammana
2019-07-26ibl-boot-rtos: SRCREV updateMahesh Radhakrishnan
2019-07-22cadence-mhdp-fw: fix firmware license pathPraneeth Bajjuri
2019-07-22profiling-rtos: SRCREV update to Mannan
2019-07-22trace-rtos: Adding trace utilities for PDK driversTinku Mannan
2019-07-17u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc4 tagDan Murphy
2019-07-16amx3-cm3,u-boot-ti: Pin to gcc compilerKhem Raj
2019-07-16amx3-cm3: Use COMPATIBLE_MACHINE instead of COMPATIBLE_HOSTKhem Raj
2019-07-16ti-display-sharing-fw: Do not strip during staging sysroot stageKhem Raj
2019-07-11emac-lld: bump SRCREV to Stiffler
2019-07-10arm-trusted-firmware: update to the latest in 2.1Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-07-10u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc3 tagDan Murphy