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2016-08-16machines: move TI_SECURE_DEV_PKG and add UBOOT_* vars for fitimage supportDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-08-12machine/k2*-evm: disable uncompressed cpio by defaultDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-08-10machines: drop tar.gz images in favor of tar.xzDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-08-10am57xx/dra7xx: disable UBI images by defaultDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-07-27conf: set lower DEFAULTTUNE across machinesDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-07-04machine: bump max_leb_cnt numbers againDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-06-20am57xx-hs-evm: add AM5 HS platform configDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-05-26machine: explicitly list ubifs in IMAGE_FSTYPES, so RM_OLD_IMAGE worksDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-05-26k2g-evm: add opencl featureJacob Stiffler
2016-05-22machine: bump max_leb_cnt for am3 and am4 platformsDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-05-22machine: add opencl feature to corresponding platformsDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-05-04machines: configure all used consoles regardless of UART driverDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-04-28am335x-evm: bump max_leb_cntDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-04-28am335x-evm: handle omap vs. 8250 uart gracefully b/w EVM and IDKDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-04-19conf: update old machines to use linux-ti-staging and u-boot-ti-stagingDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-03-11conf/machine: enable tar.xz images for current machinesDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-03-09am335x: use ttyS to check for actual device, while 8250 is disabledDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-03-07k2g-evm: add alsa to machine features listDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-03-07am335x-evm: add ttyO3 support for ICE variantDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-02-17conf/machine: add initial configs for HS platformsDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-02-16omap5-evm: increase max_leb_cntDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-02-09ompa5-evm.conf: bump max_leb_cntDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-02-08k2hk-evm: increase max_leb_cntDenys Dmytriyenko
2016-02-08conf: change GUI_MACHINE_CLASS to MACHINE_GUI_CLASSThomas Perrot
2016-02-01conf: machine: am57xx-evm, dra7xx-evm: Increase max_leb_cntJacob Stiffler
2015-11-30omap5-evm: bump max_leb_cnt once moreDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-11-24omap5-evm.conf: bump max_leb_cntDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-11-10u-boot-ti-staging: update to the latest, change am57/x15 defconfig nameDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-11-03k2g-evm: add K2G platformDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-10-28am57xx-evm,dra7xx-evm: Increase max_leb_cntJacob Stiffler
2015-09-08keystone: with the switch to latest u-boot, update UBI volume nameDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-09-04u-boot-ti-staging, keystone: update with latest fixes, switch keystone overDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-08-28am335x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt to fit larger imageGou, Hongmei
2015-08-28am437x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt to fit larger imageGou, Hongmei
2015-08-25machines: bump max_leb_cnt to fit larger imagesDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-08-07am335x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt to fit larger FSDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-08-07linux-ti-staging, keystone.inc: update, add keystone support to staging kernelDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-05-06omap4/pandaboard: switch from outdated 3.4 kernel to 3.14-stagingDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-04-20am57xx-evm: ubifs: Increase max_leb_cnt.Jacob Stiffler
2015-03-19omap-a15, dra7xx: add mmip feature to entire SOC familyDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-02-10keystone: stop backfilling rtcDenys Dmytriyenko
2015-02-02dra7xx-evm: ubifs: Increase "max_leb_cnt"Karthik Ramanan
2015-01-08am57xx-evm, dra7xx-evm: ubifs: Increase "max_leb_cnt"Jacob Stiffler
2014-11-03dra7xx: add "mmip" to MACHINE_FEATURESDenys Dmytriyenko
2014-10-10Revert "dra7xx: add "mmip" to MACHINE_FEATURES"Denys Dmytriyenko
2014-10-08dra7xx: add "mmip" to MACHINE_FEATURESJacob Stiffler
2014-09-11dra7xx: add "pci" to MACHINE_FEATURESDenys Dmytriyenko
2014-08-29machine: clean up MACHINE_FEATURES for omap5, dra7, am57Denys Dmytriyenko
2014-08-12beaglebone.conf: use correct UBOOT_MACHINEDenys Dmytriyenko
2014-08-11beaglebone: use the am335x_boneblack u-boot configurationAlexandre Belloni