AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-06-11extras: move things to extrassplitDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-06-11extras: create an empty (sub-)layer for extra or best-effort stuffDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-06-11beaglebone-tester: bump SRCREV to fix failure reportingKoen Kooi
2012-06-11linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: turn on CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND to fix usb mass storageKoen Kooi
2012-06-11beaglebone-capes: add support for weatherstation capeKoen Kooi
2012-06-11beaglebone-capes: add support for 4.3" LCD capeKoen Kooi
2012-06-11linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: backport PM and USB fixes from PSPKoen Kooi
2012-06-11linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: fix buttons on LCD capesKoen Kooi
2012-06-11linux-ti33x-psp: enable TSL2550 driver for beaglebone weatherstation capeKoen Kooi
2012-06-11linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: switch ADC to 16x averaging, disable 275MHz, add 4.3" LC...Koen Kooi
2012-05-31linux-mainline 3.2.18: build in usbhid and tsc2007 and run 'make oldconfig'Koen Kooi
2012-05-31linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: set PV accordingly, when not using tipspkernelDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-31tipspkernel: add extra level to FILESPATH with major version in the nameDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-30linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: fix pin free check once and for allKoen Kooi
2012-05-30linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: sgx fix from PSP + dvi cape audio fixKoen Kooi
2012-05-30linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: update to 3.2.18Koen Kooi
2012-05-30linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: i2c and cape fixesKoen Kooi
2012-05-29linux-mainline: Add patches to enable libertas firmware loading asynchronouslyAndreas Müller
2012-05-29linux-mainline: update to 3.2.18Koen Kooi
2012-05-29ti-hw-bringup-image: disable sdcard image classKoen Kooi
2012-05-29linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: merge in 6 musb patches from PSPKoen Kooi
2012-05-29linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: cape enhancements and patch cleanupsKoen Kooi
2012-05-29linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: silence useless omap4 hwmod warningKoen Kooi
2012-05-21linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: demote cpsw PHY message to INFOKoen Kooi
2012-05-21beaglebone-capes: add a powerdown script as wellKoen Kooi
2012-05-21omapfbplay: import from OE classic + api tweakRoger Monk
2012-05-17README: by popular demand add comment on how to avoid systemd breakageDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-17README: no longer depend on toolchain-layer, remove references to older gcc/b...Denys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-17linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: make st7735fb DMA safeKoen Kooi
2012-05-17beagleboard-getting-started: update for revision A6 releaseKoen Kooi
2012-05-15linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: updatesKoen Kooi
2012-05-11linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: avoid gold linker for Thumb2 kernelDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-11omap3-sgx-modules, ti-staging.inc, ti-linuxutils: change PACKAGE_STRIP = "no"...Koen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: for beaglebone set default Asm architecture to armv7-aDenys Dmytriyenko
2012-05-10uim: userspace app to manage wl12xx firmware loadingKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: rebase patches onto latest gitKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: bump SRCREV for 2 CPPI1.4 fixesKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: switch to userspace governor for beaglebone, ondemand s...Koen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: add patch to disable heartbeat LED trigger on shutdownKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: use proper irq fix from VaibhavKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: add support for CAN, RS232 and Battery beaglebone capesKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: update to 3.2.16Koen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: bump SRCREV to head of v3.2-staging and add 2 irq patchesKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-mainline 3.2: shut down heartbeat LED on halt/reboot/panicKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-mainline 3.2: add ASoC fixes for beagleboardKoen Kooi
2012-05-10linux-mainline 3.2: add support for beagleboard wifi expansion boardKoen Kooi
2012-05-10sdcard_image bbclass: make ext4 the defaultKoen Kooi
2012-05-03u-boot 2011.12: switch beagleboard to ext4 to match beagleboneKoen Kooi
2012-05-03u-boot 2011.12: don't poke at uLCD7 settings from u-boot, it's handled in the...Koen Kooi
2012-05-03linux-mainline 3.2: fix build of external SGX modulesKoen Kooi