AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-30libarchive: Enable xz and xattrs in native buildsDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-30swupd-client: Update patch fixing quotes in os-releaseDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-30swupd-client: Update Upstream-Status for Fix-build-failure-on-Yocto.patchDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-30swupd-client: Tweak os-release to conform ClearLinux formatDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-30swupdbundle.bbclass: support -dev bundlesPatrick Ohly
2016-03-29bundle images: create .rootfs.manifestPatrick Ohly
2016-03-29swupd-image: don't remove bundle image manifestsJoshua Lock
2016-03-24swupd-image: fix bundle image manifest removalJoshua Lock
2016-03-23layer.conf: exclude bash dependency from oe-swupd-helpers signatureJoshua Lock
2016-03-23swupd-image: delete some detailed documentation commentsJoshua Lock
2016-03-23Add initial documentationJoshua Lock
2016-03-23swupd-image: remove manifests for bundle imagesJoshua Lock
2016-03-23swupd-image: preserve permissions in copyxattrtreeDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-23swupd-image.bbclass: work around pseudo hardlink issuePatrick Ohly
2016-03-23swupd images: support creating images that contain os-core + additional bundlesPatrick Ohly
2016-03-23virtual image recipes: stop generating imagesPatrick Ohly
2016-03-23virtual image recipes: reduce polution of the recipe namespacePatrick Ohly
2016-03-21swupd-image: unify logic for copying from mega rootfsJoshua Lock
2016-03-21swupd-image: factor out method to create bundle subscription fileJoshua Lock
2016-03-21swupd-image: ensure the groups.ini is always createdJoshua Lock
2016-03-21swupd-server: always use xattrs when calculating hashesJoshua Lock
2016-03-21swupd-image: preserve xattrs when copying filesJoshua Lock
2016-03-21Remove editor backup filesJoshua Lock
2016-03-16swupd-image: pass expand parameter to all getVar() callsJoshua Lock
2016-03-15swupd-image: various code enhancementsJoshua Lock
2016-03-14swupd-server: Add patch fixing freeing dangling pointersDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-10swupd-client: don't generate mega image when SWUPD_BUNDLES unsetJoshua Lock
2016-03-10swupd-image: fix debugging statementJoshua Lock
2016-03-10swupdbundle: don't raise an error if SWUPD_BUNDLES is emptyJoshua Lock
2016-03-03swupd-image: remove commented out logicJoshua Lock
2016-03-02swupd-image: populate bundles and base image rootfs from mega imageJoshua Lock
2016-02-29swupd-image: preserve 'mega' as a reserved bundle nameJoshua Lock
2016-02-29swupd-image: remove transient virtual image outputJoshua Lock
2016-02-29swupd-image: remove the shared pseudo database after running swupdJoshua Lock
2016-02-25Initial populationJoshua Lock