AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-03swupd-image: prevent buildhistory failurepre-sstateJoshua Lock
2016-09-12swupdimage.bbclass: ensure that do_rootfs gets executedPatrick Ohly
2016-08-30swupd-client_git.bb: Make pinned pubkey configurableDmitry Rozhkov
2016-08-19swupd-client_git.bb: fix typo in config files creationDmitry Rozhkov
2016-07-26swupd-image.bbclass: fix special code path for "no swupd bundles"Patrick Ohly
2016-07-12Bump swupd-client recipe to 3.6.0Igor Stoppa
2016-07-12Drop use of oe.path.check_output()Joshua Lock
2016-07-12swupd-image: fix swupd_replace_hardlinks() for python3Joshua Lock
2016-06-01swupd-image: also write os-core to groups.ini fileJoshua Lock
2016-05-13swupd-server: fix fullfiles patch for swupd-server-2.53Joshua Lock
2016-05-13swupd-client: update to 3.5.3Joshua Lock
2016-05-13swupd-server: bump to 3.2.3Joshua Lock
2016-05-04swupdbundle.class: fix image features of mega bundlePatrick Ohly
2016-04-27swupdbundle.bbclass: support arbitrary bundle featuresPatrick Ohly
2016-04-26swupd-image: remove unrequired utilities from IMAGE_INSTALLkrogothJoshua Lock
2016-04-26swupd-image: ensure bsdiff-native is in the native sysrootJoshua Lock
2016-04-22swupd-image: weak assign default value for SWUPD_FORMATJoshua Lock
2016-04-21swupd-image: set weak default for SWUPD_IMAGE_SANITY_CHECKSJoshua Lock
2016-04-19Update and improve documentationJoshua Lock
2016-04-18swupd-client: recognise and update changed config files in v3.xJoshua Lock
2016-04-18swupd-client: backport tar protection fix for 3.x recipeJoshua Lock
2016-04-18swupd-client: update Upstream-Status for bundle removal fixJoshua Lock
2016-04-18swupd-client_2.87.bb: Protect tar command against special charactersDmitry Rozhkov
2016-04-18swupdbundle: don't try and build bootimgJoshua Lock
2016-04-18Revert "swupdbundle: disable image construction differently"Joshua Lock
2016-04-17swupd-client: recognise and update changed config filesJoshua Lock
2016-04-17swupd-client_2.87.bb: Fix bundle removalDmitry Rozhkov
2016-04-17swupd-client_2.87.bb: Avoid using real distro URL as defaultDmitry Rozhkov
2016-04-14swupdbundle: disable image construction differentlyJoshua Lock
2016-04-14swupd-client_2.87.bb: improve file downloadingPatrick Ohly
2016-04-13swupd-image: also reserve the bundle name fullJoshua Lock
2016-04-13swupd-client: Check filename for NULL before logging itDmitry Rozhkov
2016-04-13docs: move HOWTO.md to docs/GUIDE.mdJoshua Lock
2016-04-13swupd-image: implement image qa checksJoshua Lock
2016-04-12swupd-server: inherit pkgconfigJoshua Lock
2016-04-12rsync: remove bbappend, the native variant is provided by OE-CoreJoshua Lock
2016-04-07swupd-client: move 2.87 specific patches to 2.87 directoryJoshua Lock
2016-04-06swupd-image: make the swupd format number a variableJoshua Lock
2016-04-06swupd-client: better align 3.3.0 recipe with 2.87 recipeJoshua Lock
2016-04-06swupd-server: better align 3.1.2 recipe with 2.53 recipeJoshua Lock
2016-04-06swupd-image.bbclass: fix remove of symlinks to directoriesPatrick Ohly
2016-04-06swupd-image.bbclass: always update rootfs of base imagePatrick Ohly
2016-04-04swupd-client: add recipe for 3.3.0Joshua Lock
2016-04-04swupd-server: add recipe for 3.1.2Joshua Lock
2016-04-04bsdiff: add new recipeJoshua Lock
2016-04-04os-release: patch in OS_VERSION during rootfs creationPatrick Ohly
2016-04-04swupd-image: make debugging function for long-running tasks changeableJoshua Lock
2016-03-30swupd-image.bbclass: remove assumption about OS version numberingPatrick Ohly
2016-03-30swupd-server: work around pseudo xattr hardlink bugPatrick Ohly
2016-03-30swupd-client: Update the client and server to use bsdtarDmitry Rozhkov