AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-15swupd-image.bbclass: add another missing expand arg in getVarsHEADmasterAaron Zinghini
2017-02-18swupd-http-server: simple Python-based serverPatrick Ohly
2017-02-17README: update maintainerPatrick Ohly
2017-02-17bsdiff: fix bzip2 dependency issuePatrick Ohly
2017-02-17bundles.py: fix copying of full image to full bundle when no SWUPD_BUNDLESAndré Draszik
2017-02-17path.py: always clean up temporary file in copyxattrfiles()André Draszik
2017-02-17swupd-image.bbclass: don't fail parsing if SWUPD_BUNDLES is undefinedAndré Draszik
2017-02-17swupd-image.bbclass: split out swupd-client and config specific bitsAndré Draszik
2017-02-17swupd-image.bbclass: add missing expand arg in getVarsAaron Zinghini
2017-01-23swupd-image.bbclass: avoid depending on time commandPatrick Ohly
2017-01-13meta-swupd: support rm_work.bbclassPatrick Ohly
2017-01-05bundles.py: fix "no bundles" special casePatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: allow directory -> symlink transitionPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupdbundle.bbclass: speed up mega image creationPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08do_swupd_update: support format changesPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: enhance OS_VERSION sanity checkPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server/client: remove 2.x versionsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: fix build issue with libmagicPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08do_swupd_update: run swupd_make_pack in parallelPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-client: speed up download of large files when using IMAPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd_create_pack: enable delta computationPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08do_swupd_update: pseudo database under deploy directoryPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: avoid pseudo xattr removal bugPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: fix delta computation with xattrsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: avoid segfault when nothing changedPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: per-OS_VERSION swupd databasePatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-client: fix Manifest hash mismatch errorPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: archive mega rootfs with bsdtarPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: create update based on previous buildPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: per-image swupd client configurationPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: revise delta computationPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: automatically recreate swupd inputs after removing deplo...Patrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: remove special cases with SWUPD_IMAGE_PNPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08path.py: better error handling in copyxattrfiles()Patrick Ohly
2016-12-08utils.py: list files with leading slash in manifestsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: separate pseudo DB for do_swupd_updatePatrick Ohly
2016-12-08fix meta-swupd: avoid splitting up mega rootfsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: make sstate-support optional and disabled by defaultPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd input: compress with gzPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: put compressed rootfs into sstatePatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-image.bbclass: show swupd log outputPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: support logging to stdoutPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08rootfs.py: adapt to IMGDEPLOYDIR changePatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: fix virtual image dependenciesPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08meta-swupd: avoid splitting up mega rootfsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: enable support for single input rootfsPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-server: update to 3.2.5 and use libarchive directlyPatrick Ohly
2016-12-08swupd-client: don't unconditionally depend on bashAndré Draszik
2016-12-08oe-swupd-helpers: convert scripts to posix shellAndré Draszik
2016-12-08bsdiff: update to latest versionAndré Draszik