path: root/classes/fossology-rest.bbclass
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-25Enable network in fossology-python.bbclass and fossology-rest.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2021-09-13fossology-rest.bbclass: Only for target has necessary task of spdx.Lei Maohui
2021-08-27Fix NameError:Lei Maohui
2021-07-27fossology-rest.bbclass: Skip check if spdx already existsMarco Cavallini
2020-12-03fossology-rest: To remove the denpendence of nopackages.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2020-08-07fossology-python: Fixed some error in multitask running.Lei Maohui
2020-05-11If the package has been uploaded, try to get spdx first.Lei Maohui
2020-04-03Fix build bug for config of NO_PROXY.Lei Maohui
2020-04-02Add localhost to noproxy list.Li, Xiaoming
2020-04-02Fix comment info.Lei Maohui
2020-03-18Added some important file's license to PackageComment.Lei Maohui
2020-01-15Support upload packages to different folders.Lei Maohui
2020-01-06Fix some bugs and impove the success rate when get spdx report.Lei Maohui
2019-12-03Fix the following issues.Lei Maohui
2019-10-14Fix an error.Lei Maohui
2019-10-10Fix a bug.Lei Maohui
2019-10-08Delete tar ball after scanning.Lei Maohui
2019-10-06Added default FOSSOLOGY_SERVER.Lei Maohui
2019-09-11Improve for huge source code.Lei Maohui
2019-09-09Reduce failures during multitask of do_spdx.Lei Maohui
2019-09-03Added prototype of fossology REST API to get spdx files.Lei Maohui