path: root/classes/fossology-python.bbclass
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-25fossology-python.bbclass: Added pr to the name of spdx.HEADmasterLei Maohui
2022-08-01Improved gcc-source support:langdalekirkstoneLei Maohui
2022-07-21fossology-python.bbclass: Added gcc-source support.Lei Maohui
2022-05-18fossology-python.bbclass: Updated for fossology-python upstream fixed an issue.Lei Maohui
2022-02-09fossology-python.bbclass: Correct the method for using foss.download_report.Lei Maohui
2022-01-25Enable network in fossology-python.bbclass and fossology-rest.bbclass.Lei Maohui
2021-09-08fossology-python: Fix an error.Lei Maohui
2021-07-27Added CREATOR_TOOL.Lei Maohui
2021-06-25Separate do_upload to two tasks (creat tarball and upload), aim to be compati...Lei Maohui
2021-05-27Deleted repeated function.Lei Maohui
2021-05-24Added delay after create_folder.Lei Maohui
2021-03-24Needn't to create spdx files for recipes that don't supply packages.Lei Maohui
2021-02-24Make it can work with fossology-python1.3.0.Lei Maohui
2020-12-03WAIT_TIME: Reduce to 20s.Lei Maohui
2020-11-30Modified the following:Lei Maohui
2020-09-09Added some error capture from fossology-python.dunfellLei Maohui
2020-08-07fossology-python: Fixed some error in multitask running.Lei Maohui
2020-04-30Fix a miss.Lei Maohui
2020-04-24Added fossology rest API of python.Lei Maohui