BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfossology-python.bbclass: Added pr to the name of spdx.Lei Maohui7 weeks
kirkstoneImproved gcc-source support:Lei Maohui10 months
langdaleImproved gcc-source support:Lei Maohui10 months
honisterMerge branch 'master' into honisterLei Maohui16 months
hardknottFix issue of Document Information.Lei Maohui22 months
gatesgarthREADME.md: Updated.Lei Maohui3 years
dunfellAdded some error capture from fossology-python.Lei Maohui3 years
devel/jsmoeller/phasedAdd WIP phased variant of fossology uploaderJan-Simon Moeller3 years
zeusUpdate README.Lei Maohui3 years
KrogothAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-20Added MAINTAINERS file.MortyLei Maohui
2020-02-20Rename LICENSE to COPYING.MIT.Lei Maohui
2017-05-15Fix a error, otherwise, dosocs2 will use nomo of host.Lei Maohui
2017-05-10Fix an error to make dosocs2-native work.Lei Maohui
2017-03-07Fix a bug in meta-oeLei Maohui
2017-03-01Fix depends errorLei Maohui
2017-02-20Add TODOLei Maohui
2017-02-20Update.Lei Maohui
2017-02-16Delete dedundant recipesLei Maohui
2017-02-16Add python-dosocs2-native and dependenciesLei Maohui