AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-16keyutils: fix library install pathwarriorArmin Kuster
2019-06-16python3-fail2ban: Fix build error of xrange.leimaohui
2019-06-10python3-scapy: solved the conflict with python-scapyZang Ruochen
2019-06-10python-scapy: solved the conflict with python3-scapyZang Ruochen
2019-06-10python-scapy: Remove redundant sed operationsZang Ruochen
2019-06-10bastille: solved the conflict with perl-module-text-wrap and base-filesZang Ruochen
2019-06-10samhain: add rconflict for client and server modeChangqing Li
2019-06-10apparmor: fetch from gitAlexander Kanavin
2019-05-01meta-tpm/README: updateYi Zhao
2019-05-01meta-tpm/conf/layer.conf: update layer dependenciesYi Zhao
2019-04-14clamav-native: fix new build issueArmin Kuster
2019-04-14clamav: add clamav-cvd package for cvd dbArmin Kuster
2019-04-13clamav: runtime fix local routingArmin Kuster
2019-04-13libldb: add waf-cross-answeresArmin Kuster
2019-04-13clamav: fix llvm reference versionArmin Kuster
2019-04-13clamav runtime: add resolve.conf supportArmin Kuster
2019-04-07libmspack: update to 0.10.1Armin Kuster
2019-04-07ccs-tools: move to reciped-macArmin Kuster
2019-04-07layer.conf: Add warrior to compatible release seriesArmin Kuster
2019-04-01linux-yocto/5.0: add apparmor fragmentsArmin Kuster
2019-04-01linux-yocto: make bbappend version neutralArmin Kuster
2019-03-31apparmor: add basic runtime testArmin Kuster
2019-03-31apparmor: update to 2.13.2Armin Kuster
2019-03-31reorg ids: move ids recipes to recipes-idsArmin Kuster
2019-03-31reorg: move mac recipes to recipes-macArmin Kuster
2019-03-31clamav: add basic runtime testsArmin Kuster
2019-03-31clamav: drop llvm version settingArmin Kuster
2019-03-31samhain: add basic runtime testArmin Kuster
2019-03-31samhain: fix runtime errorArmin Kuster
2019-03-31suricata: add runtime testingArmin Kuster
2019-03-31tripwire: add runtime testArmin Kuster
2019-03-31sssd: update to 1.16.4Armin Kuster
2019-03-31sssd: fix a few runtime issuesArmin Kuster
2019-03-29sssd: Add basic runtime testArmin Kuster
2019-03-29Revert "sssd: fix libcrypto version used"Armin Kuster
2019-03-25sssd: fix libcrypto version usedArmin Kuster
2019-03-25keyutils: fix pulling in glibc when musl enabledArmin Kuster
2019-03-25tpm2.0 prefix: rename to tpm2 take2Armin Kuster
2019-03-23packagegroup-security-tpm2: update to name changeArmin Kuster
2019-03-23meta-tpm: add maintainers fileArmin Kuster
2019-03-23tpm2.0 prefix: rename to tpm2Armin Kuster
2019-03-23tpm2simulator: replaced by ibmswtpm2Armin Kuster
2019-03-23meta-tpm: add runtime test for tpm2Armin Kuster
2019-03-23ibmswtpm2: Add new recipeArmin Kuster
2019-03-17packagegroup-security-tpm2: add new packagesArmin Kuster
2019-03-17tpm2-pkcs11: add new packageArmin Kuster
2019-03-17tpm2-tcti-uefi: add new packageArmin Kuster
2019-03-17cryptsetup-tpm-incubator: add new packageArmin Kuster
2019-03-16maintainers: add inc file to work with current schemaArmin Kuster
2019-03-16keyutils: fix QA WARNINGArmin Kuster