AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-03CVE-2018-11652 nikto: arbitray OS command injection via http server field.rockoNagalakshmi Veeramallu
2017-11-06trousers: allow overriding localstatedir mandir sysconfdirAndré Draszik
2017-11-06trousers: make initscript more reliableAndré Draszik
2017-10-24fscryptctl: add v0.1.0André Draszik
2017-10-16openscape: fix ptest compile errors and updateArmin Kuster
2017-10-10keynote: update the SRC_URIDengke Du
2017-10-10openssl-tpm-engine: add packageArmin Kuster
2017-10-10tpm2-abrmd: add packageArmin Kuster
2017-10-10tpm-quote-tools: Add packageArmin Kuster
2017-10-10pcr-extend: add new packageArmin Kuster
2017-10-10README: update with basic infoArmin Kuster
2017-10-10swtpm: fix cuse dependsArmin Kuster
2017-10-02README: add rocko maintatinerArmin Kuster
2017-10-02linux-yocto/4.12: update path versionArmin Kuster
2017-10-02bastile: fix QA issueArmin Kuster
2017-10-02lynis: move recipe to correct layerArmin Kuster
2017-10-02openscap-daemon: fix QA issueArmin Kuster
2017-10-02suricata: update to 4.0.0Armin Kuster
2017-10-02redhat-security: remove PR and fix styleArmin Kuster
2017-10-02checksecurity: fix recipe styleArmin Kuster
2017-10-02libenv-perl: add recipe removed from coreArmin Kuster
2017-10-02layer.conf: update layer dependsArmin Kuster
2017-10-02libewf: fix build issueArmin Kuster
2017-09-30oe-release: add oe-release file for openscapArmin Kuster
2017-09-30os-release: needed by openscapArmin Kuster
2017-09-30openscap: Add oe specific filesArmin Kuster
2017-09-30openscap: add dameonArmin Kuster
2017-09-30openscap: add scap-security-guideArmin Kuster
2017-09-30openscap: add packageArmin Kuster
2017-09-30lynis: add auditing toolArmin Kuster
2017-09-30meta-security-compliance: add new layer for compliance and audit applicationsArmin Kuster
2017-09-30clamav: update llvm to use 5.0 to match version in coreArmin Kuster
2017-09-15packagegroups: fix invalid license fileJackie Huang
2017-09-15samhain: fix QA issue for GNU_HASHJackie Huang
2017-09-15samhain: avoid searching host dir for postgresqlJackie Huang
2017-09-15samhain: fix for the PACKAGECONFIGJackie Huang
2017-09-15samhain: depends on attr when selinux is enabledJackie Huang
2017-09-15apparmor: fix a few build issuesArmin Kuster
2017-09-15Apparmor: add apache2 to PACKAGECONF and check for webserver layerArmin Kuster
2017-09-15tpm2.0-tss: fix systemd package listPatrick Ohly
2017-09-13nmap: update to 7.60Armin Kuster
2017-09-01fail2Ban: Add new packageArmin Kuster
2017-08-31sleuthkit: fix No GNU_HASH in the elf binaryArmin Kuster
2017-08-31linux-yocto: drop all 4.1 contentMikko Ylinen
2017-08-31linux-yocto: add 4.12 bbappendsArmin Kuster
2017-08-31tripwire: update to Kuster
2017-08-31samhain: update to 4.2.2Jackie Huang
2017-08-13apparmor: Additional runtime fixesTom Rini
2017-08-13libmhash: add new recipeJackie Huang
2017-08-13libgssglue: add new recipeJackie Huang