AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-10clamav: Update source mirrorfidoIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2015-04-16README: update with fido infoArmin Kuster
2015-04-15libseccomp: add testsArmin Kuster
2015-04-15libseccomp: add ppc supportArmin Kuster
2015-04-15samhain: update client and server to 3.1.5Armin Kuster
2015-04-09clamav: fix ncurses configure optionHugo Vasconcelos Saldanha
2015-04-09libmspack: update to version 0.5Hugo Vasconcelos Saldanha
2015-03-20suricata: update to 2.0.7Armin Kuster
2015-03-20libseccomp: update to version 2.2.0Armin Kuster
2015-03-20tomoyo: fix typos in scc fileArmin Kuster
2015-02-14tripwire: Add aarch64 support to config.subArmin Kuster
2015-02-14nmap: add aarch64 config supportArmin Kuster
2015-02-13libcap-ng: remove from layerArmin Kuster
2015-02-13sleuth: add sleuthkitArmin Kuster
2015-02-13libewf: add packageArmin Kuster
2015-02-13afflib: new packageArmin Kuster
2015-02-13suricata: update to 2.0.6Armin Kuster
2015-02-13suricata: add new ids and pds engine for meta-securityArmin Kuster
2015-02-13libhtp: add support lib for suricataArmin Kuster
2015-02-13README: update layer informationArmin Kuster
2015-02-13layer conf: update to include meta-networkingArmin Kuster
2015-02-13packagegroup: remove libseccompArmin Kuster
2015-02-13libseccomp: add COMPATIBLE_HOSTArmin Kuster
2015-02-01nmap: fix QA issueArmin Kuster
2015-02-01nmap: update to version 6.47Armin Kuster
2015-02-01clamav: remove interal libmspackArmin Kuster
2015-02-01clamav: updated recipedArmin Kuster
2015-02-01libmspack: add new packageArmin Kuster
2015-02-01samhain: fix aarch64 build issuesArmin Kuster
2015-02-01checksec: fix rdepend issueArmin Kuster
2015-02-01libseccomp: fix rdependsArmin Kuster
2015-02-01ccs-tools: remove unused variable.Armin Kuster
2015-02-01samhain: client fix rdependsArmin Kuster
2015-01-13nikto: fix SRC_URI for multilibPaul Eggleton
2015-01-13libseccomp: fix SRC_URI for multilibPaul Eggleton
2015-01-13libcap-ng: fix checksumsArmin Kuster
2015-01-03nikto: fix launching errorsArmin Kuster
2015-01-03libwhisker2-perl: fix build issueArmin Kuster
2015-01-03nikto: fix dependsArmin Kuster
2015-01-03perl: reorg recipes to match meta-perl.Armin Kuster
2015-01-03remove: libcurses-perl, libhtml-parser-perl, libnet-dns-perlArmin Kuster
2015-01-03libcap-ng: update to 7.4 plus security fixArmin Kuster
2014-11-28samhain: update to 3.1.3Armin Kuster
2014-11-28packagegroups [v2]: add a few more catagoriesArmin Kuster
2014-11-28pinentry: remove from layerArmin Kuster
2014-11-28libseccomp: add package for tests.Armin Kuster
2014-10-26checksecurity: update to version 2.0.15Armin Kuster
2014-10-26isic: Add new packageArmin Kuster
2014-10-26samhain: update to 3.1.2Armin Kuster
2014-09-13README: update layers referencesArmin Kuster