AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 dayslayer.conf: fix up layer dependancies.HEADmasterArmin Kuster
3 dayspackagegroup-core-security.bb: fix suricata inclusionArmin Kuster
3 dayssuricata: drop nfnetlink from pkg configArmin Kuster
3 daysarpwatch: add postfix to pkg configArmin Kuster
3 dayspackagegroup-core-security: add dynamic python pkgsArmin Kuster
3 dayspackagegroup-core-security: add perl pkgs grpsArmin Kuster
3 dayspackagegroup-core-security: remove pkgsArmin Kuster
3 daysmeta-security: move perl and python recipes to dynamic layers structureArmin Kuster
3 daysfscrypt: add distro_check on pamArmin Kuster
2022-05-01Add EROFS support to dm-verity-img classJosh Harley
2022-04-13LICENSE: update to SPDX standard nameskirkstoneJoe Slater
2022-04-13samhain.inc: Correct LICENSE to GPL-2.0-onlyRanjitsinh Rathod
2022-04-13tpm2-pkcs11: update to 1.8.0Petr Gotthard
2022-04-13tpm2-tss-engine: fix version string and build with openssl 3.0Petr Gotthard
2022-04-13tpm2-abrmd: update to 2.4.1Petr Gotthard
2022-04-13tpm2-tss: update to 3.2.0Petr Gotthard
2022-04-13tpm2-openssl: update to 1.1.0Petr Gotthard
2022-04-13tpm2-tools: fix missing version numberPetr Gotthard
2022-04-13Upgrade parsec-service to 1.0.0 and parsec-tool to 0.5.2Anton Antonov
2022-04-07fscrypt: update dependecy from go-dep-native to go-nativeDavide Gardenal
2022-04-07clamav: add COMPATIBLE_HOST to fix build errorDavide Gardenal
2022-04-07samhain: update to 4.4.7Armin Kuster
2022-04-07linux-yocto_security.inc: add lkrg kfragsArmin Kuster
2022-04-07lkrg-module: covert to git fetcherArmin Kuster
2022-04-02python3-fail2ban: fix compile issue on some hostsArmin Kuster
2022-04-02LICENSE: adopt SPDX standard namesRobert Yang
2022-04-02meta-security : Use SPDX style licensing formatAshish Sharma
2022-04-02openscap-daemon: use renamaed python_setuptools_build_metaArmin Kuster
2022-03-13kas-security-alt: drop rust layerArmin Kuster
2022-03-13python3-privacyidea: drop old package ref.Armin Kuster
2022-03-11Subject: [PATCH] Subject: python3-fail2ban: switch to legacy setuptools3Ashish Sharma
2022-03-11python3-fail2ban: fix SPDX license.Armin Kuster
2022-03-11tpm2-tss: fix user permsArmin Kuster
2022-03-11tpm-tools: Fix pod2man raceArmin Kuster
2022-03-11ima-evm-keys: don't use lnrArmin Kuster
2022-03-11libtpm: update to 0.9.2Armin Kuster
2022-03-11swtpm: update to 0.7.1Armin Kuster
2022-03-11openscap-daemon: fix wheels and License issues.Armin Kuster
2022-03-11python3-privacyidea: update to 3.6.2Armin Kuster
2022-03-11python3-privacyidea: fix QA ERRORArmin Kuster
2022-03-11meta-security-isafw: Fixes to work with oe-core masterAkshay Bhat
2022-03-11parsec-service: Only enable TPM is layer and DISTRO_FEATURE is defined.Armin Kuster
2022-03-11layer.conf: enable apparmor for qemu machineArmin Kuster
2022-03-11apparmor: update to 3.0.4Armin Kuster
2022-03-11packagegroup-security-tpm: Fix QA ErrorArmin Kuster
2022-03-11README.md: fix typoArmin Kuster
2022-02-25Upgrade parsec-tool to 0.5.1Anton Antonov
2022-02-22smack: Use new CVE_CHECK_IGNORE variableArmin Kuster
2022-02-22chipsec: fix WARNINGArmin Kuster
2022-02-22recipes: Use renamed SKIP_RECIPE varFlagArmin Kuster