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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-04userland: Fix weston build with userland graphicsKhem Raj
2020-11-30userland: add knob for ALL_APPSTrevor Woerner
2020-11-25userland: Upgrade to latest as of 20201027Khem Raj
2020-07-14userland: Update to 2020-06-24 top commitKhem Raj
2020-04-03userland: Fix build with gcc10Khem Raj
2020-04-03userland: Update to 20200316 snapshotKhem Raj
2020-01-24userland: add pkg-config for openmaxil and add virtual/libomxil to PROVIDESMartin Jansa
2019-07-28userland: Upgrade to latestKhem Raj
2019-05-29userland: Update to 20190501Khem Raj
2019-02-24userland: Upgrade to latest as of 20190114Khem Raj
2018-11-21userland: Update to latest masterKhem Raj
2018-11-07userland-nogl: Add recipe which does not include GL librariesKhem Raj