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README: Update README of meta-qt3
The README is about the following two respects: 1 How to build a lsb-image including qt3 library 2 How to Add qt3 library for user to their custom image Signed-off-by: Xiaofeng Yan <xiaofeng.yan@windriver.com>
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-README for meta-qt3
+This layer provides Qt 3.x libraries. Its intended use is for passing LSB tests
+as Qt3 is a requirement for LSB; however the libraries may also be used for any
+other purpose requiring Qt3.
-To use this branch, add the path to this directory to your
-conf/bblayers.conf file.
+Build an LSB image including Qt3
-You may also have to set DISTRO = "poky-lsb" in your conf/local.conf
+You can build an LSB image including Qt3 using the following steps:
+1. Add meta-qt3 path to COREBASE/build/conf/bblayers.conf file
+2. Set DISTRO = "poky-lsb" in COREBASE/build/conf/local.conf file
+3. Build lsb-image including qt3
+ $ bitbake core-image-lsb-qt3
+Note: "core-image-lsb-qt3" is the image prepared to meet the demands of LSB.
+Include Qt3 in your custom image
+If you only want to add Qt3 to your custom image, then you should perform
+the following steps:
+1. Add meta-qt3 path to COREBASE/build/conf/bblayers.conf file
+2. Add task-core-qt3 file to your custom image.
+ For example, if core-image-custom.bb is your building image file,
+ then you should add task-core-qt3 to IMAGE_INSTALL in core-image-custom.bb
+3. Build your custom image in build directory
+ $ bitbake core-image-custom