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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-11layer.conf: Update to new honister release nameAJ Bagwell
2021-04-27layer.conf: Mark as compatible with hardknottAnthony Bagwell
2020-11-03layer.conf: Mark as compatible with gatesgarthGeoff Parker
2020-04-09layer.conf: Mark as compatible with dunfellJacob Kroon
2020-01-21layer.conf: add LAYERDEPENDS for openembedded-layer aka meta-oeRichard Leitner
2019-11-05layer.conf: remove compatibility with thud and warriorRichard Leitner
2019-11-05layer.conf: Mark as compatible with zeusAlistair Francis
2019-04-03layer.conf: Add warrior to compatible release seriesRichard Leitner
2018-10-22layer.conf: change LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to thudRichard Leitner
2018-10-02conf: distro: add mejate{,-musl} distributionsRichard Leitner
2018-08-21layer.conf: stop OpenJDK-8(native) build dependencies from being installedAndré Draszik
2018-06-12layer.conf: add ca-certificates-java to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFEAndré Draszik
2018-04-10layer.conf: Set LAYERSERIES_COMPAT markup to layer.confMaxin B. John
2015-12-11rxtx: put license to LICENSE_PATHJan Remmet
2011-11-26meta-java: initial commitHenning Heinold