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2017-07-21java-library.bbclass: compatibility with per-recipe sysrootsS. Lockwood-Childs
2016-12-06move from bb.data.getVar(x, d, 1) to d.getVar(x, True)Cody P Schafer
2016-08-30Reimplement helper method for parallelizing JDK buildsKyle Russell
2016-07-18java.bbclass: change a warning message to noteJackie Huang
2016-01-04java.bbclass: java missing classes during compileAmy Fong
2016-01-04Revert "meta-java: rely on well known bootstrap-path"Jackie Huang
2015-12-08meta-java: rely on well known bootstrap-pathJens Rehsack
2015-02-17java-library: inherit allarchMax Krummenacher
2013-09-29jamvm-native: separate bootclasspath out into shell scriptHenning Heinold
2013-09-29java-library.bbclass: Export BOOTCLASSPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATHKhem Raj
2013-09-29java-library.bbclass: consider multilibKhem Raj
2012-03-05java-library.bbclass: do not fully replace do_install with oe_jarinstallOtavio Salvador
2012-03-05java-library.bbclass: allow for regular packages generationOtavio Salvador
2012-03-05java.bbclass: use bbwarn as oewarn is now unsupportedOtavio Salvador
2012-02-28meta-java: Fix quote errorsKhem Raj
2012-01-06java.bbclass: oenote -> bbnote transitionHenning Heinold
2012-01-06llvm, openjdk: Use bb.error instread of oefatalKhem Raj
2011-11-26meta-java: initial commitHenning Heinold