AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-20dbus-java: do not build any documentationsumoYevgeny Popovych
2018-04-10layer.conf: Set LAYERSERIES_COMPAT markup to layer.confMaxin B. John
2018-04-09jamvm: refresh patchesMaxin B. John
2018-03-15openjdk-8: fix build with --as-needed host toolchains (Ubuntu 16.04)André Draszik
2018-03-13openjdk-8: fix MAKE detection patchAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: add aarch64 supportAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: fix musl buildAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: stop passing obsolete make variables (freetype)André Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: rename PACKAGECONFIG zip -> zlibAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: build against system libgif & zlib by defaultAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8-native: really use system libgif & zlibAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: add patches to support building against system libpng & libjpegAndré Draszik
2018-03-06openjdk-8: add patch for compiling with enabled security flagsAndré Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: fix a compiler warningAndré Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: rework do_patch (pt 2 - use bitbake variable overrides)André Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: rework do_patch (pt 1 - X11 wrappers)André Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: Upgrade to u162b12André Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: doesn't compile on aarch64André Draszik
2018-03-05openjdk-8: clarify a bitbake warningAndré Draszik
2018-03-01jdepend: give the downloaded file a reasonable nameAndré Draszik
2018-03-01classpath: remove unused patchMaxin B. John
2018-02-26openjdk-8: strip leading non digit chars from GCCVERSIONrockoMax Krummenacher
2018-01-09ant-contrib-native: add recipeMing Liu
2018-01-09jamvm: avoid checking x11 distro feature for native buildMing Liu
2018-01-09commons-httpclient: extend native bbclassMing Liu
2018-01-09commons-codec: extend native bbclassMing Liu
2018-01-09commons-cli: extend native bbclassMing Liu
2018-01-09meta: drop deprecated virtclass-nativeMing Liu
2018-01-09meta: drop redundant DEPENDS_virtcalss-native definitionsMing Liu
2017-12-22openjdk-8-native, icedtea7-native: use JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS from environmentHaiqing Bai
2017-10-09Revert "openjdk-8-common: Fix the issue of building failed adlc on host with ...Maxin B. John
2017-10-02openjdk-8-common: Fix the issue of building failed adlc on host with gcc < 6Fupan Li
2017-09-26openjdk-8-common: Fix warning evaluating CFLAGSRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2017-09-26openjdk-8-native: Fix sigsegv with gcc7Ricardo Ribalda Delgado
2017-09-26icedtea-native: Fix segmentation build during buildRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2017-09-23Move from ${COREBASE}/LICENSE to ${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/MITOtavio Salvador
2017-07-21java-library.bbclass: compatibility with per-recipe sysrootsS. Lockwood-Childs
2017-06-02java-test-image: drop ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP varTim Orling
2017-05-29jdom: unblacklist and update to v1.1.3Tim Orling
2017-05-29dom4j: unblacklist and fix buildTim Orling
2017-05-29jaxen: unblacklist and update to v1.1.6Tim Orling
2017-05-29xom: unblacklist and update to v1.2.10Tim Orling
2017-05-29inetlib: cleanup and fix RSS regressionTim Orling
2017-05-29openjdk-8-native.inc: add coreutils-native to DEPENDSTim Orling
2017-05-29cacao-native: fix configure RSS regressionTim Orling
2017-05-29openjdk-7: fix compile errors with current poky master (gcc6)Richard Leitner
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: fix a libpng build issueMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8/openjre-8: merge some redundant codeMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: tweak PACKAGECONFIG default valueMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: fix wrong sysroot pathMing Liu