AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-22icedtea-native: Fix segmentation build during buildpyroRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2017-12-22java-library.bbclass: compatibility with per-recipe sysrootsS. Lockwood-Childs
2017-06-02java-test-image: drop ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP varTim Orling
2017-05-29jdom: unblacklist and update to v1.1.3Tim Orling
2017-05-29dom4j: unblacklist and fix buildTim Orling
2017-05-29jaxen: unblacklist and update to v1.1.6Tim Orling
2017-05-29xom: unblacklist and update to v1.2.10Tim Orling
2017-05-29inetlib: cleanup and fix RSS regressionTim Orling
2017-05-29openjdk-8-native.inc: add coreutils-native to DEPENDSTim Orling
2017-05-29cacao-native: fix configure RSS regressionTim Orling
2017-05-29openjdk-7: fix compile errors with current poky master (gcc6)Richard Leitner
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: fix a libpng build issueMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8/openjre-8: merge some redundant codeMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: tweak PACKAGECONFIG default valueMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: fix wrong sysroot pathMing Liu
2017-05-29openjdk-8-cross.inc: change a dependency alsa-lib-native to alsa-libMing Liu
2017-03-30commons-collections3: upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2Zhenhua Luo
2017-03-14jikes: fix absolute symlink errorMaxin B. John
2017-03-03jamvm: add missing dependenciesAdrian Calianu
2017-03-03libecj: fix build issues by adding missing dependencieskrogothAdrian Calianu
2017-03-03classpath-native: fix build dependenciesAdrian Calianu
2017-03-03jdepend: fix URLsJed
2016-12-06ant-native: Fix random build failureAmarnath Valluri
2016-12-06icedtea7-native: Fix segmentation faultRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2016-12-06move from bb.data.getVar(x, d, 1) to d.getVar(x, True)Cody P Schafer
2016-12-06openjdk-7: ignore the readdir_r deprecation already ignored in openjdk-8Cody P Schafer
2016-10-21icedtea7-native: fix source archive checksumsRichard Leitner
2016-10-10icedtea7-native: Fix IOException constructor compile errorRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2016-09-16icedtea7-native: Add missing dependenciesRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2016-09-16xpp3: Fix bashismRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2016-09-12xpp[23]: fix/remove bashismChristopher Larson
2016-08-30Reimplement helper method for parallelizing JDK buildsKyle Russell
2016-08-30rhino-native should depend on classpath-nativeKyle Russell
2016-08-30openjdk-7: update to IcedTea 2.6.5 OpenJDK 7u99b00Richard Leitner
2016-08-24openjdk-8: Fix QA error caused by a missing hashErkka Kääriä
2016-08-24openjdk-8-release-102b14.inc: Ignore deprecationErkka Kääriä
2016-08-24openjdk-8: Upgrade from u72 to u102Erkka Kääriä
2016-08-24openjdk-7: disable IcedTea's auto-downloadingRichard Leitner
2016-08-24README: mention master in supported branchesMaxin B. John
2016-08-12README: fix branches of openembedded layers we depend onRichard Leitner
2016-08-09javasqlite: add supportFeng Mu
2016-08-09openjdk-8: ignore wrong GCCVERSION-flagSven Ebenfeld
2016-07-22do_unpackpost: explicitly set working directoryPatrick Ohly
2016-07-22openjdk-8: fix compiler detectionPatrick Ohly
2016-07-18java.bbclass: change a warning message to noteJackie Huang
2016-07-18openjdk-8: Detect compiler versionDaniel McGregor
2016-07-18openjdk-7, openjdk-8: use vardeps to fix shared stateDaniel McGregor
2016-07-08rxtx: Add remove-libtool class to remove all .la filesFabio Berton
2016-06-30openjdk-8: make GCC6 happyDaniel McGregor
2016-06-30icedtea7-native: make GCC 6 happyDaniel McGregor