AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-18jdepend: Set protocol=https and branch=masterhonisterhardknottgatesgarthdunfellJacob Kroon
2021-11-18cacao: Set git branchJacob Kroon
2021-11-17README: mention contributing via GitLab MRsRichard Leitner
2021-11-17openjdk-build-helper: Use python raw string for regex patternDouglas Royds
2021-11-17icedtea7-native: -Wno-error=format-overflow for all gcc >= 9Douglas Royds
2021-11-17README: remove Maxin John from MaintainersRichard Leitner
2021-11-17openjdk-build-helper: fix arm64 buildJerome Brunet
2021-11-17jikes: Avoid append override together with += operatorJacob Kroon
2021-11-17jamvm: Set git branchJacob Kroon
2021-09-22junit/xom: Fix task dependency typoJacob Kroon
2021-09-22openjdk7: Use bb.parse.vars_from_file()Jacob Kroon
2021-08-24xerces-j: Whitelisted CVE-2018-2799Saloni Jain
2021-08-11layer.conf: Update to new honister release nameAJ Bagwell
2021-08-11all: manual fixes for new override syntaxAJ Bagwell
2021-08-11all: run convert-overrides (0.9.3) script to convert to new override formatAJ Bagwell
2021-04-27openjdk-8: Workaround TOPDIR not getting expanded in configure.acMike Looijmans
2021-04-27layer.conf: Mark as compatible with hardknottAnthony Bagwell
2021-03-22ecj: exclude BB_NUMBER_THREADS from sstate hashWes Lindauer
2021-02-21oeqa: runtime: java: Add package check for javaWes Lindauer
2021-02-21classpath-native and friends: inherit native lastDouglas Royds
2021-02-18openjdk-8-cross.inc: exclude BB_NUMBER_THREADS from sstate hashMichael Ho
2020-11-09openjdk-8: fix changed upstream checksumsRichard Leitner
2020-11-03layer.conf: Mark as compatible with gatesgarthGeoff Parker
2020-11-03icedtea-7: add fix for deprecated sys/sysctl.h includeRichard Leitner
2020-10-22openjdk-8: update to latest ga version 272Richard Leitner
2020-10-22openjdk-8-native: Don't warn for stripped libfreetype.so.6Jonatan PĂ„lsson
2020-10-22openjdk-8-common: fix soundless evaluationRichard Leitner
2020-10-22openjre-8: add ALTERNATIVE for "keytool"Richard Leitner
2020-10-22openjdk-8: add ALTERNATIVE for "keytool"Richard Leitner
2020-08-24openjdk-8: update to latest ga version 265Richard Leitner
2020-08-24cacao: update to latest git versionRichard Leitner
2020-08-20openjdk-8: add a glibc 2.32 compatibility patchAlexander Kanavin
2020-08-20openjdk-8: refresh patchesRichard Leitner
2020-07-02icedtea7-native: set ALT_CUPS_HEADERS_PATH to stagingJeremy Puhlman
2020-07-02icedtea7-native: set unique download file namesVyacheslav Yurkov
2020-07-02jlex: set unique file name for downloadVyacheslav Yurkov
2020-06-10openjdk-8-native: Build cups-native when using cups packageconfigFabio Berton
2020-06-10openjdk-8-native: Add libxtst-native to x11 packageconfigFabio Berton
2020-06-10WORKDIR and ARCHIVER_WORKDIR supportRobert Berger
2020-05-09icedtea7-native: host gcc-9, extra CFLAGS neededRobert Berger
2020-05-06openjdk-8: remove -WerrorRichard Leitner
2020-05-06openjdk-8: require GCC >= v6Richard Leitner
2020-05-01openjdk-8: Fix building with GCC 10Jacob Kroon
2020-05-01icedtea7-native: Fix building with GCC 10Jacob Kroon
2020-05-01openjdk-build-helper: Fix decoding GCC major versionJacob Kroon
2020-05-01openjdk-8: update to latest ga version 252Richard Leitner
2020-04-28docs: UPDATING: pipe curl calls to "head"Richard Leitner
2020-04-09layer.conf: Mark as compatible with dunfellJacob Kroon
2020-02-10openjdk-8: Don't set TOPDIR bitbake variableJacob Kroon
2020-01-28openjdk-8: update to latest ga version 242Richard Leitner