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2012-11-19excalibur-image: inc RVHolger Behrens
2012-11-19packagegroups: Remove license file as packagegroups use layer licenseAndrei Gherzan
2012-11-19ivi-image.inc: Don't inherit sd image class as we use IMAGE_CLASSES for thatAndrei Gherzan
2012-11-19packagegroup-core-boot-genivi: Add procpsAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-18Convert recipes names to lowercaseAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17excalibur-image: prepare 3.0.0Holger Behrens
2012-10-17Drop dev/dbg from packagegroups as those are added in packagegroup classAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17packagegroup-discovery-core-p1.bb: Fix DESCRIPTIONAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17packagegroup-excalibur-core-p1: Remove AudioManager as we have it in core-p1Andrei Gherzan
2012-10-17packagegroup-discovery-core-p1: Remove AudioManager as we have it in core-p1Andrei Gherzan
2012-10-17excalibur-image: Remove LICENSE as it is included in ivi-image.incAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17discovery-image: Use ivi-image.inc and PV = 2.0.2Andrei Gherzan
2012-10-17cassini-image: Remove imageAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17ivi-image: Drop usr-mergeAndrei Gherzan
2012-10-17discovery-image: Drop usr-mergeAndrei Gherzan
2012-09-20Replace tasks by packagegroupsAndrei Gherzan
2012-08-30task-excalibur-core-p1.bb: Modify DESCRIPTION and remove PREFERRED_VERSION vr...Florin Sarbu
2012-08-29Removed dhcpFlorin Sarbu
2012-08-13excalibur-image: set PV to correctly reflect the version been buildHolger Behrens
2012-08-13node-startup-controller: choose version 1.0.0 for Excalibur buildsHolger Behrens
2012-08-10boot-manager: renamed to node-startup-controllerHolger Behrens
2012-08-06start refactoring IVI imagesHolger Behrens
2012-08-06start refactoring IVI imagesHolger Behrens
2012-07-12Fix task excalibur recipe nameE-0.1Florin Sarbu
2012-07-12excalibur-image: Created task-excalibur-core-p1 with obex-client, obexd and b...Florin Sarbu
2012-07-02dhcp: Add systemd service for dhclientAndrei Gherzan
2012-06-07task-core-p1: Include modules in final imageAndrei Gherzan
2012-06-05Create excalibur-image using 'discovery-image' as a starting pointAndrei Gherzan
2012-06-01task-core-p2: Add ofono and ofono-systemdAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-16usr-merge.bbclass: Define class to implement first (dirty) usr mergeAndrei Gherzan
2012-05-09task-core-p1.bb : add systemd related rpm packages that would install service...Sebastian Proca
2012-04-20Redo initial populationFlorin Sarbu
2012-04-19Initial PopulationHolger Behrens