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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-28poky-ivi-systemd.conf: use miranda codename and versionYong-iL Joh
2016-04-15Bump version to Joh
2016-04-15packagegroups-*: fix up for "WARNING: Could not copy license file..."Yong-iL Joh
2015-11-10poky-ivi-systemd.conf: use leviathan codename and versionYong-iL Joh
2015-09-09ivi-image.bb: Switch on Kronos versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-09-09jupiter-image.bb: Switch on kronos name and versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11ivi-image.bb: Bump PV to match the Jupiter versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11intrepid-image: Replaced by jupiter imageAndrei Gherzan
2014-12-09bluez5: uprev to 5.22 including Service APIHolger Behrens
2014-12-05ivi-image: Replace base-passwd bbappend by extrausers usageAndrei Gherzan
2014-11-18neard: added to baseline imageHolger Behrens
2014-09-04glibc: follow eglibc 2.19 -> glibc 2.20 migrationHolger Behrens
2014-08-26packagegroup: Move PACKAGE_ARCH before inherit packagegroupHolger Behrens
2014-08-22meta-ivi: prepare 7.0.0 releaseHolger Behrens
2014-08-20gstreamer: upgrade to 1.4.0Holger Behrens
2014-08-18persistence-administrator: add to packagegroup-abstract-component-p2Holger Behrens
2014-08-18wireless-tools: remove from packagegroup-specific-component-p2Holger Behrens
2014-08-13packagegroups: add weston-examples to install binaries referenced in weston.iniHolger Behrens
2014-08-13Use weston version 1.4% from meta-iviFlorin Sarbu
2014-06-20ivi-image: prefer weston version 1.4.%Holger Behrens
2014-05-09horizon-image.bb: set PV to 6.0.1Holger Behrens
2014-05-09ivi-image.bb: set PV to 6.0+snapshot-${DATE}Holger Behrens
2014-05-09meta-ivi: refactor layer structureholger